Modern Day

"That wasn't funny." David said. Spot shook his head and sighed. David had been giving him the silent treatment the entire way home. Of course, he would only break it to reprimand Spot.

"You're reading too much into this, Davy. It was just supposed to be fun. I wasn't trying to—"

"Wasn't trying to what? Make me look like an idiot in front of all our friends?" Dave demanded.

"I wasn't trying to embarrass you! Okay?" Spot said frustrated. He pulled into the driveway of their house and turned off the car, but neither boy made a move to leave.

"That was private. Something between you and me. Something I told you because I trust you." David's voice had grown quiet. He didn't sound angry anymore, just hurt. And that killed Spot more than anything.

"I'm sorry." Spot said. "Honestly I am. I never meant for it to be something… bad or embarrassing or whatever. I just…" Spot blew air out through his nose and put his forehead on the steering-wheel. "Christ Davy. I'm shit at this apologizing thing. But I feel awful for hurting you. If I could take it back I would."

David nodded. Spot sat up looked at David. There was an intense moment of eye contact as the two sat silently for a moment before David broke the silence.

"Why'd you say it?"

"Because it was cute. Because I thought it was the most adorable thing you'd ever told me, and you're cute and I wanted everyone else to see how cute you were and be jealous cause you were mine."

David snaked his hand over towards Spot and clasped the other boy's fingers in his own.

"Hey." Dave said. "I love you."

Spot leaned over and placed a kiss on David's temple.

"Back at ya, kid." Spot said with a small smirk. "Let's go inside."

David didn't need to be told twice.