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Chapter 6

40 minutes later

Brayden had been sitting in his car outside of Isaac's for almost 20 minutes listening to the rain pound angrily against the car, It had begun to drizzle on the drive over. which seemed appropriate given the nature of the discussion that needed to be had. He'd been trying to figure out how he was going to tell his best friend what was really going on and that he needed his help. Just then he was startled from his thoughts by a knock on the window, followed near immediately by the passenger door opening and one Isaac Lahey propelling himself into the seat.


"Hey" Brayden said putting on his best fake smile

"Seriously dude it's me, now cut the crap. You look like shit and have been sitting outside my house like some creepy stalker for a half hour." He let the smile go and returned to the somber expression he had on prior to his friend's arrival

"Sorry bro it's become a habit"

"Don't apologize to me, its mom who almost called the cops thinking you were gonna case the joint" at this Isaac finally got the response he had been hoping for in the form of a small fit of laughter, unfortunately his laughter soon turned into uncontrollable coughing resulting in him slumping over the steering wheel for support. 'Not now' Brayden thought, Isaac's concern was evident and growing exponentially by the moment. He scooted closer with furrowed brows doing his best to keep calm.

"Dude you ok? What's going on, what can I do? Should I call someone?" as he couldn't catch his breath all he could do was put his hand up and attempt to shake his head but he could also tell Isaac was beginning to lose it and panic. Thankfully the burning in his lungs was starting to lessen and his ability to breath was slowly returning. Though out of breath, pale and leaning heavily on the steering column he managed to squeak out a few words from his position. He rested his now pounding head against the steering wheel before he spoke.

"No, please don't…but…I…I do need your help" he slowly turned his head towards his last and only hope for pulling this off. Isaac's face was that of absolute bewilderment, concern and trepidation, all the while his mouth gaping like a fish out of water. Ultimately he closed and set his jaw firm before looking me directly in the eyes and giving me a curt nod telling me he was on board. This is my best friend my brother the one I can count on and I can't believe I doubted that for even a second I could trust him.

"Just… give me a minute, and I will explain" Isaac grabbed my arm and proceeded to drag my half limp body out through the passenger side door and into his house, roughly depositing me on his bed.

"Remind me… to kill… whoever… invented… the bench seat… would ya" Brayden huffed out

"Oh shut up you big baby, with the way you look right now your just lucky I didn't carry your ass" after what seemed like a few minutes Brayden was able to catch his breath and decided that it was time to sit up and make another attempt at this monumental conversation. No matter how much he was dreading it he knew it needed to happen and the sooner he got this over with the better.

"Well hey there princess, you going to pass out on me? Because, ya know…as your friend it's my job to tell you that you look like complete shit right now and you won't be able to take care of Lucas if you don't take care of yourself first." Isaac said as he flopped into his favorite ratty old chair by the bed picking up some old gamer magazine to flip through while keeping one eye on his friend. That sent a large pang of guilt straight through his already fragile chest but he knew that what he was doing was the right thing for his situation and he really hoped Isaac could see it from his perspective. So it was now or never, he shook his head in an attempt to shake off the ten tons of guilt, only to realize how bad of an idea that truly was moments later.

"Yeah, that was all super convincing lets go I'm taking you to the hospital"

"NO!" Brayden practically screamed startling both himself and Isaac, while also sending him into another coughing fit. Isaac again waited with baited breathe as he slowly regained his ability to breathe, thankfully didn't take nearly as long this time which left the door open for Isaac to give him a tongue lashing.

"Man what's your problem, there is no need to scream at me. I get your under a lot of pressure but I mean dude seriously, care to tell me what's going on? And dude we've been best friends for over a decade I know you something is seriously up so if you try to say that your fine or its nothing I will pummel you, now start talking." Knowing just how serious Isaac's threat was Brayden threw up his hands in defeat and fell back onto the bed letting out an exasperated sigh as his back hit the mattress.

"There is very little that isn't wrong right now man."

"Things aren't that b…" in the middle of that sentence Brayden picked up his head and gave Isaac a look that said both don't interrupt and something so fierce he's pretty sure it could have stopped traffic in time square. As soon as he did this Isaac finally realized just how deep of trouble his best friend must really be in and moved so he could sit next to him on the bed. "Talk to me bro, is it Lucas did they figure out what's going on with him?" as he said this the color was chased away from his face

"Yeah they did but that's not why I'm here, they are stable, same as last we talked. That's for another time, although that is part of it and it is why I need your help… But first you have to promise me that what I'm about to tell you, stays between us until I decide otherwise. I mean it Isaac, and I am aware that this is and is going to be asking a lot of you once you know. I have to make sure your aware of that, however even if you decide not to help me you cannot say anything to anyone do you understand." His friends face was that of shock and bewilderment, nonetheless it only took him a few seconds to decide on his answer.

"You know you can count on me"

"Isaac Mathew Lahey I swear on all that is holy that if you betray this promise I will rip you to pieces starting with your favorite part, do you understand me."

"Ok first of all graphic much, secondly you should know you can trust me"

"It's not that I don't trust you it's just that this is so much bigger than anything I ever imagined I would have to deal with." He took a moment to fully collect his thoughts before deciding where to start. "Ok do you remember a few weeks ago how I was really sick and I couldn't shake it?" He was attempting to swallow around the lump that was growing in his throat.

"Yeah mono right?, we teased Lucas about it like crazy when he started getting sick he got so pissed." as Isaac gave a small laugh with his failed attempt to lighten the mood, he noticed something in his friends eyes he hadn't seen there before… despair. He was holding back tears he could see it now, how did he miss that…

"It… it wasn't mono…" Isaac stared with concern and confusion, I took a deep breath and attempted to recall the events of the past couple weeks as best I could.



"Brayden Anthony you better be up!"

"Oh and if that noise was your alarm clock I am not replacing it again!"

"OK MA" all I wanted to do was sleep, why won't the world allow me this one courtesy. I can't figure this out why do my eyelids feel as though they are made of led. Come on body wake up, move dammit! With that I was able to push myself into a seated position but staying there was definitely taking some effort. Especially with the room conspiring against me and becoming a tilt a whirl, I have to move. I can hear mom coming down the hall and I'm so not in the mood for another one of her lectures.

"Brayden you're going to be late, GET UP you sleepy head." the volume of her voice instantly died down as soon as she rounded the corner into her sons room seeing his face. "Hey buddy you doing ok?"

"Ye..ah I'll be f..f..fine ma just tired, really, really tired"

"I don't know how you can be tired all you do is sleep" while talking she was feeling all around his forehead and face assessing him just like when he was a small child and in some way he found it comforting.

"I just need a quick shower that should do it"

"Sorry hun but you are not going to school today I'm taking you to the doctor you are burning up. Ill be right back, I am going to go call the doctor and get you some Tylenol while I'm at it. See if we can break that fever, now back to bed."

"No need mom really I'll be fine" I tried to get up and that's the last thing I remember, before the sounds of sirens and my mother panicking.

"Ughhhh…. What's with all the noise?" I received no response, but I could hear my mother talking to someone. When I managed to open my eyes I realized I was on the floor and she was on the phone, just great. Having a mom that's a nurse is not all it's cracked up to be sometimes. I am too tired to fight this anymore so I just close my eyes next thing I know the paramedics are trying to wake me using a sternal rub which by the way is extremely uncomfortable and yes I am aware that is the point but still.

"Lucas *groaning* stop…" the paramedic gave my mom a questioning look

"That's his boyfriend, my sons a really hard sleeper" he gave her a kind of bemused look and continued on what he had been doing prior. Meanwhile she blushed furiously, embarrassed in spite of knowing there was no reason to be.

"Oh speaking of which I should probably shoot him a text or something letting him know what's going on"

"NO! Don't tell him he'll freak." apparently you mention Lucas and anything medical near each other no matter how out of it I am, I scream 'no' conscious or not. It's funny when you think about it really, no matter how much I want him with me right now, I refuse to drag him into this drama at least not until I know more; Besides I don't have the energy to sit up let alone fight anybody right now, so I let them take me without a fight hoping that maybe I'd get some answers.

"Calm down kiddo everything is alright I'm not going to say anything to Lucas, not just yet." You see it was that last part that scared me "..Yet" So what I am supposed to live every moment of my existence in the hospital knowing that at any second I could receive a call from my most likely NOW hysterical fiancée. Yeah no I think not, I have to find a way to signal them. It's about this time when I hear the paramedics start jabbering away on the radio presumably radioing ahead for my arrival "rig 713 to dispatch"

"Go for dispatch,"

"On our way in with an 20 year old male approximately 6 feet, 175 pounds patients mother called rescue services after a syncapal episode lasting several minutes with possible altered mental status. No known physical trauma, patient presenting febrile at 103.7, tachy at 134, BP 90/60. "

"E.T.A. rig 713?"

"Loading now, E.T.A., 8 minutes"

"Copy rig 713 we will clear a bay for you"

Not going to lie it was a little cool getting to ride in an ambulance not having to stop at red lights or like…ever talk about feeling important, although could do with some sound proofing. The sirens are a little loud and when you can't escape them it can make you a little crazy. Guess who was following the ambulance, yup my mother so she was right there freaking out all I wanted was more pain meds or even Benadryl. Yeah yeah 'We can't give you anything until we know what's wrong with you' well screw you too EMT, I'm sick and I hit my head that's what freaking happened!

"Mom was this really necessary?"

"Well sorry I panicked; you were on the floor unconscious and…"

"Ok, ok just go get something to eat and take my phone I have no service in here, let Lucas know I am ok he probably thinks I am dead or something."

"Alright baby I will as long as you promise to tell me what the doctor says"

"Deal, now go please I don't want him stressing out he already worries too much you both do" maybe 5 minutes later a doctor came in with what I assume where my results I assumed anemia and the flu but boy was I wrong.

"So Mr." he had yet to look up from my chart and was still flipping through papers of what I assume was lab work

"Brayden, please"

"Ok well Brayden how are you feeling today?"

"Tired, headache it's been fairly standard lately. I probably need to drink more water and get better sleep"

"I see, and do you hurt anywhere else?" about this time is when I really started to notice his line of questioning was unusual and I woke up a bit more enough to read his coat 'hematology oncology'

"Um my knee has been hurting but nothing I can't handle" he immediately put my chart down and began to examine my legs "Which knee?"

"Um, Left" I now have a million things going through my head including that I cant let Lucas or mom come in here while this doc is examining me and that I need answers now.

"So are you doing clinic today?"

"No" he answered simply "does any of this hurt?" I shrugged as it was sore but didn't really hurt "It's more stiff" he put down my leg and shifted to me, I could feel my heart begin to race his eye to eye contact was the next step in the process. Oh how I just wanted this to be over with already, I beat him to it I didn't even realize I had been the one to say it "I have cancer don't I?" he was silent for a moment.

"Your severely anemic and your LDH is high, but we aren't sure"

"Well then you better get sure doc, I have people that depend on me." Just then I catch a glimpse of Lucas out the corner of my eye he's still half in his Pj's eyes pink from worry. All the while mom is trying to point him in my direction. "and doc," I nod my head in their direction "they can't know anything about this got it" He looked me in the eyes before he clapped me on the shoulder and in doing so he made sure I saw his wedding ring letting me know he understood the commitment I have. He stopped at the door and turned his head speaking loud enough for just myself and him to hear.

"We will run some more tests, since they look to be coming this way I will use a code with you if I knock and say you have mono. that means you indeed have cancer and need to come back for further evaluation and treatment do you understand?" that was better than I could have ever hoped for even so I couldn't speak, I just nodded my head in gratitude and solidarity.

"By the way my names " and with that he left.


It was a good thing too as Lucas and mom crashed into the room not 2 minutes later. Lucas was stressed which is the last thing I ever want on him especially now, but not 3 hours later the doc knocked on the door to tell me I had "mono". I went back a few days later they did a PET scan and I lit up like a Christmas tree with a big old tumor in my left knee leading the charge. Brayden was now sat on the edge of Isaac's bed so they could face each other. Isaac had been trying to find his voice for some time now and when he finally did it came out far different than he had intended it to.

"Are you uh …(Throat clearing) you have…"

"Cancer?... Yes Isaac, I do and that's not all we need to discuss."

To be continued…