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Number 100: Conner and Kira

I'll Love You Forever

Conner McKnight and Kira Ford were the perfect couple. Sure, they started out rough, but eventually they realized that they belonged together.

It was now the year 2005 and they both were no longer rangers. Kira traveled around the country on her singing tour with her new friends and former rangers Tanya Sloan and Cassie Chan, who were both singers as well.

Meanwhile, Conner stayed in Reefside and joined the local soccer team, while at the same time trying to raise money to start soccer camps for kids.

Kira really didn't care that much for soccer, but she stood by Conner every step of the way. One day, Conner was practicing, by himself, on the soccer field. Kira had returned to her hometown for a visit and she was standing in the shade of the sidelines watching her boyfriend. The only thing was that Conner had no idea that she was there, seeing how she was standing in the shadows of the late afternoon.

Once Conner had kicked the winning goal for his imaginary team, Kira walked out onto the field, "Whoa, awesome! You're getting better!" Kira congradulated him, Conner turned around and his face lit up!

"Kira, you're back!" Conner hugged his girlfriend, then he kissed her.

"I've missed you too Conner McKnight" Kira responded, leading her boyfriend over to sit with her on the nearby bleachers.

"So, how's everything with the business?" Conner asked. They used the term 'the business' when discussing Kira's music career.

"It's going pretty good, it's just that I hate being away from home and away from you! I wish there was an easier way." Kira sighed tiredly and rested her head on Conner's shoulder.

Conner had been thinking the same thing! He missed Kira so much when she was away and it seemed like time just flew by when she was home! But he couldn't tell Kira to give up her dream! It would break her heart and besides, Conner realized that music was a part of Kira, it made her who she is! If he destroyed her dreams, he'd destroy her as well.

"I don't think there's anything we can do to change the fact that we'll both be traveling a lot, but no matter what, I'll love you forever Kira Ford and nothing will ever change that." Conner answered.

Kira looked up at him and smiled, "I'll also love you forever Conner McKnight."

Then, as the shadows began to play on the grass, the young couple shared a long kiss.

The End

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