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Number 7: Blake and Tori

Total Trust

The early morning sunlight filtered in through the master-bedroom in Tori and Blake Bradley's home, and it played across Tori's face and which woke her up.

It's morning already? Tori thought to herself as she sat up in her and Blake's bed, then she looked over at Blake, who was still asleep.

"Blake, it's time to get up." She whispered quietly as she attempted to nudge him awake. But, like always, the former Navy Thunder Ranger didn't wake up at all.

So Tori, the former Blue Wind Ranger, just sighed and quietly creeped out of bed and dressed. She dressed very quickly because she wanted to be up and making breakfast by the time her three little boys woke up.

So after she dressed, she tiptoed out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. And she was careful not to wake the kids up. Now Tori really did love her sons, but most of the time they were hard to control and they gave you a headache trying to decide what they wanted for breakfast. So Tori had decided to get up before her kids and just make them something, so that they wouldn't have to spend the whole morning trying to decide what to eat.

So she pulled out a frying pan from one of the kitchen cupboards and some pancake mix, and she started to make breakfast.

A short while later, Blake finally woke up and the boys were right behind him.

"Morning Tor!" Blake casually greeted his wife with a quick kiss on the cheek, then he went over to the refrigerator to get some orange juice.

Tori just grinned slightly, "Morning Blake." She simply said, then she turned to the three little boys, "Morning sweethearts!" She spoke in a cheerful voice to the kids; and then she started to kiss them on their cheeks just as mothers do.

Hunter, who was the oldest son at seven years of age, held out his little hand to his mother, "Hi Mom!" He said in an attempt to sound grown up.

Tori almost laughed at the realization that her first child didn't want to be kissed by his mother anymore, so she calmly shook the little boy's hand. Indeed, little Hunter, who his family called him Hunt for short, was named after Blake's adopted brother, but he didn't act anything like his uncle.

Her two younger sons were Cam, who was five, and Dustin, who was three. They both warmly hugged their mother, "Hi Mommy!" The two chorused in unison.

Tori just smiled as she embraced them happily.

After breakfast, Tori dropped her boys at school (Hunt was in second grade while Cam, whose nickname was Speed because he liked motocross, was in kindergarten; and since it was 'Bring your youngest sibling to school day' at Hunt's school, Dustin got to go to that day to school with Hunt).

"Be good, boys!" She called after her sons, and of course Dustin wasn't too sure about leaving his mother!

"Bye bye, Mommy!" He whimpered as he gave his mother a hug and a kiss goodbye.

"Be good, Dustie! And I'll see you soon." She answered softly, then the boys entered the school and Tori drove on to drop Blake of at Storm Chargers. A few years earlier, the sports store had become very popular, so Kelly needed shift managers. And Blake applied for the job and was hired.

So finally Tori pulled the van up to the front of the store, "See ya later, Blake!" Tori said as she leaned over and kissed her husband goodbye.

Blake just smirked, "Yeah, see ya soon, Tor!" He said with one of his cocky expressions as he left the blue van and approached the shop's entrance.

Just then Tori remembered something important, "And don't work overtime because we're visiting my parents tomorrow, okay?" She reminded him about their long drive to the Hanson's the following day.

But Blake just nodded and entered Storm Chargers. And that reaction just made Tori shake her head, then she drove on.

Today Tori was supposed to teach a special training session at the Wind Ninja Academy, but at this rate it looked as if Tori was going to be late!

And indeed she was!

Once she arrived at the Academy, she cautiously approached a stern Sensei Watanabe, "Sensei, I'm sorry I was late! It's just that..." And then she began to give him a long explanation, but the Ninja Master just raised his hand to signal her to be silent.

"Tori, it's alright this time because I know you're a mother, but let's not let it happen again, alright?" He answered in his all-wise way.

Tori just looked to her feet, "Yes Sensei." Then she went to her training.

All through that day, things kept getting worse and worse for her and she didn't understand it at all! "What's going on today?" Tori asked herself as she took her first of two breaks that the school gave their teachers.

She had taken a seat that was under a nearby tree, and that's when Cam, who was Sensei's son, one of Tori's good friends, and was currently a teacher at the Academy, walked over and sat next to her.

"So, what's up?" He casually asked her as he glanced at the book he was holding.

Tori just shrugged dejectedly, "It just seems that nothing is going right today. Dustie seems scared to leave me, Hunt doesn't want me to kiss him anymore, Blake seems to be ignoring me, and I'm constantly late and messing things up!" She said hopelessly as she let her complaints roll out, then she looked over at her friend, "Cam, what's happening to me?" She sorrowfully asked him.

The former Green Samurai Ranger thoughtfully tilted his head to one side, then he answered, "Well, it's only natural that a child of Dustin's age would be afraid to leave their mother, and Hunt's just going through a natural phase and that's because he's growing up. And as for things going badly for you, well, that happens now and then, but things will get better for you. Especially if you organize for lifestyle. But as for Blake, I wouldn't know why he's acting irregularly. The only thing I can think of is that he feels that you're hounding him and he doesn't like it."

Hearing all this, it kinda made Tori feel better, except for the part about Blake, "What should I do?" She asked aloud, but it was more to herself then to Cam.

Cam shrugged in response, "Why don't you kind of let him do what he wants to do for a change, that might help." He simply suggested.

Tori nodded quietly. Ever since she and Blake had gotten married she had always thought that she should make all of the family's decisions because Blake seemed so carefree and kinda irresponsible at times. And up until that moment, she had never thought that Blake was tired of being ordered around and he was capable of making his own decisions, but now it seemed very likely. And Tori silently promised herself that she would make things better!

So that night, Tori called her parents and told them that she and her family would come visit them the following week; and the next day, which was Saturday, the family went to the local amusement park, then to the race track where Blake and the others would race their bikes, and then they went to several other places. And it was Blake and the boys who decided what they were going to do.

And then finally the family had a barbecue in their backyard. But after a little while, Hunt, Speed, and Dustin all fell asleep because they were so tired.

"Tor?" Blake asked as he looked over to his wife, who was sitting next to him on their porch swing with her head resting on his shoulder.

Tori, who had her eyes closed, simply answered, "What is it?"

"What exactly happened to you? I mean, just yesterday all you did was order me around and now today you're so quiet and letting me do the the ordering." He asked apparently very confused.

Then Tori looked up at him, "Well, I had a talk with a friend and that friend made me realize that a marriage isn't much without total trust in your spouse that they will make good decisions and things like that." She said in a low, but happy tone; then when she saw a mischivieous look come into Blake's eyes, she added, "And compromise between both spouses."

After hearing her explanation, Blake grinned, "That sounds good to me too." Then he kissed her and, of course, she happily kissed back.

And for a while after that, they looked up at the stars and talked about future plans and decisions.

The End

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