The Throne of Agony

It was Spring Break for the DWMA, and students were running wild in the streets of Death City. Though two students, whom everyone assumed would be causing the MOST damage are sitting on a porch.

"Dude I don't know how to say this," Soul began, "But I think we've completely run out of ideas to ruin the lives of our loved ones."

In complete shock Blackstar screamed, "DON'T SAY THAT, HELL DON'T EVEN THINK IT!"

They sat there for a couple more minutes when all of a sudden a twisted grin began creeping across Blackstars' face.

As Soul arched a brow he commented, "And they say MY smile inspires nightmares…"

Blackstar just kept grinning at Soul.

"(Sigh) Alright I'll bite, what do you have planned Blackstar?"

Blackstar then leaned over and began whispering something into Souls' ear.

"Dude, you're STUPID…" Then Soul continued, "I'm down," as he nodded his head.

"Then let's get going," Blackstar exclaimed.

We enter Dr. Stein as he's walking into his lab.

"The door's open…"

Back at Soul and Makas' apartment; where the two comedians sat on the sofa laughing and high-fiving each other for the best prank.

"Oh, death! Hahaha!"

Through his laughs Blackstar musters, "H-Hey, how long do you think it'll take till he sees what we did?"

"He loves that thing more than the idea of being able to dissect the student body, so he'll probably flip out about it in no time flat."

No time flat later

Stein kicks in the door, taking the weapon and meister team from hell by surprise.

"Soul! We're under attack," Blackstar screamed before getting punch in the stomach by his professor.

Once the teacher had the two, he dragged them both to his lab.

"Okay," Stein whispered into their ears, "Can either of you tell me why you did this to my chair?"

Blackstar responded, "What are you talking about? This isn't your chair."

Both Soul and Dr. Stein were giving the Bluenette ninja quizzical looks.

"This is… The Throne of Agony!"

Souls' jaw dropped as he heard this little gem. Then he immediately started laughing and decided to play along, because if he was already in trouble then he might as well milk it for everything it was worth.

Steins' vein on his forehead looked ready to burst as he listened to Blackstar.


"But like I said it's not your computer chair, it's… The Throne of Agony," Blackstar responded completely stone-faced.

Deciding it was missing a sound effect Soul chimed in with, "Dum-Dum-DUM!"

Fighting the urge to face-palm their professor asked, "Why, pray tell, did you two feel the need to hot-glue a razorblade dildo to my computer chair?"

"No, say it with me… Throne of Agony!"


It just went around in circles like this for the next couple of hours.

The Next Day in Class

Maka and Tsubaki raised their hands and asked, "Professor, have you seen Soul or Blackstar? They've been gone for a while."

Using all of his acting skills he got from his High School Drama Class he responded, "Who's this Soul and Blackstar you two are talking about I've never heard of them."


"NEVER… Heard of them… Now today we're going to learn about Retribution…"

This is a one-shot I thought up of after multiple viewings of "Charlie the Unicorn." For the record I AM aware that it has a weird ending, but I didn't know how to wrap it up. Hopefully you enjoyed it! Please Review and/or Favorite so I may have motivation to keep going! Thank you for reading! ~Traffic9991