Getting the Job

It had been a little under a year since the Kissin was destroyed by the students at the DWMA and Arachnophobia was defeated. Though many lives were lost in the struggle, some good came from it as well. Under the condition that the DWMA protect the young witch, Angela, her bodyguard agreed to become one of their teachers.

As Tsubaki was helping Angela learn how to read, Mifune was called to the Death Room to see what his new job would entail. Students would all stop and stare at the master swordsman as he walked past them in his sandals and semi-formal button-up shirt watching as he tried to avoid stabbing anyone with his carry-on filled with swords.

After finally making it to the Death Room, Mifune was greeted by Sid and another man he didn't know.

"It's good to see you Mifune, and that you've finally decided not to waste your talents. Seeing someone doing that always saddens me that was just the kind of man I was when I was alive."

Mifune just smiled and nodded looking at his new zombified colleague. Chuckling under his breath as he thought about the fact that not too long ago, during the battle for Brew, they were fighting to the death.

Sid then straightened up and continued, "Oh before I forget, this is Dr. Stein; he's the homeroom teacher."

"It's a pleasure," Stein smiled as he reached out his hand.

As the Swordsman shook the doctors' hand, he felt power… Not the power of a warrior that he, Blackstar, and Sid possessed. But the type of a man who's a demon trying to be human.

"We better get going, or Shinigami-sama will be kept waiting."

"Fine," Mifune muttered.

"Heh heh, looks like we finally got a word out of you," Stein laughed.

As they entered the Death Room, it felt like stepping into another dimension. It was a wide-open space, very desert-like, with a bright-blue sky and in the middle there were things you'd find in a typical office like a desk, some chairs, a mirror, and a file cabinet.

Then Shinigami suddenly appeared and exclaimed, "Hey there everyone, what's up!"

Completely taken by surprise Mifune only managed to muster, "H-Hello Shinigami-sama…"

For a quick second Shinigami squinted his eyes as to show confusion.

Then his eyes grew wide as he pounded his fist and yelled, "You're the new instructor for the DWMA!"

"Um, yes sir, that's why I'm here."

Shinigami then asked, "So… What will you be teaching?"

"Well, I'm not sure, you guys asked me. Does your school teach sword-fighting or do you need a training teacher?"

Shingami began rubbing his chin and said, "You see, the DWMA doesn't have a sword-fighting class. And as for training, it already covered by Sid and Stein… So I'm not sure where to put you…"

Mifune then glared at the two other teachers and barked, "Okay, do you guys plan things out THIS poorly!"

"Oh you have no clue. I still remember when we called for all of Death's Weapons, and we had no clue on what to do with Justin," Stein laughed.

"Or the time when we kept putting off what to do with Chrona after the Battle under Death City," Sid chimed in.

Then all three of them received a Shinigami Chop.

Shinigami then continued, "Since you're the most talented fighter to step into Death City, I think I have a plan for you."

Mifune gave a sigh of relief and asked, "So what will I be doing?"

"You can understand that not everyone is like Blackstar or Sid, as far as being able to handle oneself, right Mifune?"

"Right, so where are you going with this?"

"Well, I want you to be the personal trainer for any student who's at the bottom of the totem-poll, fighting skill wise, until it's been decided that they're no longer in need of your services and you move on to your next pupil."

Mifune arched an eye-brow, "So, you want me to teach and train your schools worst students until they can keep up with the others?"

Shinigami grinned, "Yep! A chain is only as strong as its weakest link!"

Mifune just laughed, "And here I thought it'd be too easy. So anyone come to mind as my first student?"

Everybody in the room gave a quick glance to one another and simultaneously answered, "Hiro…"

"Why do I feel I just bite off more than I can chew," Mifune questioned as a single sweatdrop bead fell from his forehead.

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