The Glorified Babysitter

We enter Hiro, the following day, in sparring class as Sid did his best to mentor all the students. The blue zombie thought it would be best to pair up Hiro with Soul; not to say that Soul wasn't a good fighter, he just wasn't particularly good at hand-to-hand combat. Though the dread-locked wearing teachers' plan blew up in his face when he looked over to see Soul completely dominating Hiro…


"Hmm? Oh, what is it?"

"Go practice with Kilik," Sid ordered.

The snow-haired weapon then grimaced under his breath, "Damn… And here I thought I'd be the cool guy in this class for once."

Sid ignored him and focused his attention on Hiro as he struggled to find the words as to what to say next.

"Look, uh, Hiro," Sid mustered, "(Sigh) do 10 laps at the track field and then come back to see me in my office…"

"Yes sir," the multi-pierced meister exclaimed.

As Sid went into his office he saw who would be Hiro's new tutor, Mifune.

The swordsman began, "Is that him over there?"

"Yep that's Hiro," Sid confirmed, "Were you watching the whole time?"

With a smirk Mifune replied, "Of course, any warrior knows to study the situation before going into battle. Hell, I've even studied to see how he performs in his classes here… Needless to say he participates but he doesn't follow directions… Avid note taker though, and I can respect that."

"True enough," the instructor agreed as he nodded his head.

Mifune continued, "If you've been the one teaching him all this time, why is he so hopeless all around?"

"What are you implying," the zombie growled as he edged himself face-to-face with the silver-haired swords master.

"I'm not saying anything about you, shit you trained Blackstar. What I'm asking is if I'm going to need to hunt him down and drag him to our lessons once they start?"

Sid sat back down in his chair and sighed, "If that kid weren't as enthusiastic about learning at Shibusen as he is, I don't think it would bother me as much that he's fallen way behind all of the other students. I would do this myself and help Hiro but I can't just allow myself to completely focus on one student to succeed, when actions like that would lead five other students to fail because I wasn't there when THEYneeded me."

"Heh, you are a teacher through and through Sid," Mifune laughed.

"Yeah," Sid smiled, "That's the kind of man I was when I was alive."

As they finished their conversation, the blonde-dyed meister came limping into the office as if right on cue.

"So, you finished your 10 laps at the track field," Sid teased.

"Y-Yes sir," Hiro gasped, "Pl-Please let me have some water."

"Oh, you going to reminisce on this moment fondly kid," Mifune joked.

"Um, what are you, uh, talking about, um, I'm sorry but I don't know who you are," Hiro managed still grasping for air.

"Heh," the swordsman chuckled, "Well what I'm saying is that once we start training, you're going to wish that I'll let you off one day with 10 miles."

"It was 10 laps; not miles," Sid corrected.

After finally coming back to his senses Hiro asked, "Wait? What's he talking about?"

"His name's Mifune and he's going to be your new personal trainer Hiro."

"What? Oh, come on Sid I don't need help! I'm doing fine all by myself," Hiro boasted.

Disgusted by his sudden proclamations, the samurai threatened, "Look kid, this is going to happen; now we can do this the easy way or we can do this the fun way…"

In complete shock Hiro stammers, "S-So, uh, wh-what time do we meet sir?"

With a grin growing on his face Mifune answers, "Every weekday morning from 5am-7am, every weekday afternoon from 6pm-9pm, and on Saturdays from 7am-3pm… I decided to be generous and let you have Sundays off so you can treat your wounds and deal with the mental scars you're sure to get."

"Okay, um," the pierced meister asked, "So, will you be willing to make a handout for so I can remember?"

A quick glare was all it took for the young meister to run out of Sid's office.

"So are you going to make a print-out of the schedule for Hiro?"

"Tch, of course not… I, kind of, already made him a calendar with when his sessions are already on it," Mifune answered while not making eye-contact with his blue-skinned coworker.

Sid just laughed, "I guess a teacher, through-and-through, is the kind of man YOU are as well."

"Oh, shut up Sid," Mifune snapped. Though he couldn't fight back the urge to smile for the bright future that he never realized he so-warily wanted.

As Mifune went to go pick Angela up from the Day-care, he asked her how her day went.

"Today teacher taught how to… Finger-paint," the child witch laughed as she ruined Mifunes' brand-new sweater.

The silver-haired man just sighed under his breath, "Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to reminisce on this fondly, when paint on my sweater was what annoyed me?"

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