The girl was small, perhapse 15 at the most and dressed all in black. He paused crouching down on the rooftop he had claimed in the crowded city before launching himself down into the alleyway where she walked alone in the dark evening. Silently he landed in front of her before letting out his most terrifying hiss and waiting for the inevitable scream of fright.

The girl glanced up for a spit second before waving a hand in his face, "One minute".

The vampire looked slightly confused until his brain caught up with the fact that this tiny CHILD had the audacity to ignore him! He crouched and prepared to spring at his insignificant prey until the girl looked up once more. A terrifying smirk flashed onto her face as it seemed to light with joy.


The exited exclamation confused him further and before he could recover she had flicked to a new page in her notepad and grabbed a pen from the bag at her side. He stood stock still in shock as she approached him until she poked his arm with her finger.

"Ok, skin is rock hard and cold to touch, score one Twilight" She gazed up at him flicking her hair out of her face, annoyed.

"Do you sparkle in sunlight or turn to dust?" Just as he was coming back to his mid she looked up at him with such innocent curiosity his thoughts stuttered to a stop once more and the answer slipped from his mouth.

"It burns me but not the dust."

"Right." She made scratchy notes in her pad again muttering under her breath "Half a point to Young Dracula and Dracula: Original uumm, minus one to Twilight"

Her hand rose and brushed at his cheek until suddenly she lifted his top lip and stared at his fangs. He spluttered as she removed her hand and made further notes. "They appear to have fangs, another minus point to Twilight" This seemed to amuse her because that scary smirk crossed her face again.

Falling back to instinct in his absolute bemusement he hissed and stepped back preparing once more to sink his fangs into her neck but once again she took no notice still writing.

She reached back into her bag and rooted around a little before revealing a needle wrapped in black silk and a syringe that she pressed the end of the needle into. The tip was so sharp even he could hardly see its end.

"Now. All I need from you is a blood sample."

Those few words from the tiny girl that so mystified him were enough to send him scuttling back to his roof in fright.

She wanted his Blood!

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