Sequel to Undercover

Ch.1 1 month later


I am so excited. We just got back from a case down in New York and finally got back home, but not only that, Spencer told me to dress up in a dress and get ready to have an amazing night! I have no idea what he has in store but I simply can't wait! This will be our... 8th date. A week after Edward got taken away me and Spence finally went out on our first ever date. He took me down to the river thats a few miles away from the office and we just walked around the park there. We eventually found an ice cream stand and got some ice cream. I got a double scoop of Cookie Dough while Spence got a double scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip. It was so cute watching him trying to lick the ice cream like a grown up but instead he devoured the whole thing in a couple of minutes like a kid. The best part though was when he got a head ache from eating it to fast. Isn't he adorable!

So here I am, about 3 weeks later getting ready, putting on natural colored eye shadow and a light pink lip gloss. When ever he decides to get all dressed up for something there is usually something worth the while. I remember once he told me to dress up late at night to find out he hired a small orchestra to play for us under the moonlight in a secluded part of the park we had our first date in. I still blush about the memory of me sitting down and wondering why these 'strange people were stalking us'.

I just finished curling my hair when the doorbell rang. I sat straight up and ran to the door, careful to not get my hair all messed up. I peeked through the hole and saw Spencer waiting there with a handful of yellow roses, my favorite. I opened the door with a big smile upon my face and looked at my date. He was wearing a black tux with a nicely pressed navy blue dress shirt underneath and no tie. I told him on our first date that I didn't like ties, they are an easy way of choking on if tightened and ever since he hasn't worn one.

He took a step towards and took in a deep breath. "Wow Bell, you look amazing. As usual" he told me as he bent down, kissing my hand. Told you, way gentlemen-y.

"You aren't sore for the eyes either hun, ready to go?" I asked as I turned the light off and closed the door behind me.

"As long as you're here I will always be ready" he replied as he threaded his arm through mine and lead me towards the exit where he then opened the door for me, both the exit door and car door, and sped down the streets in his 2011grey Viper. He finally parked in front of a Italian restaurant and were soon ushered to a secluded spot near the back, with violin music playing in the background and candle lights hanging everywhere.

"Here are your menu's and what may I get you to drink?" The waiter dressed in black asked us as he pulled a pen and paper out from his back pocket.

"Just water for me please" I told him as he nodded and jotted it down, starring at Reid. "A water for me to. Thanks" he said and then the waiter turned and walked through the door way.

I looked through the Menu quickly, figuring out what I want before turning to Spence. I looked up after I decided to see him with his Menu down just starring at me with a wonder filled smile on his face. I blushed, noticing that he probably was watching me since I pulled the Menu up. No matter what I hate to see people starring at me.

I looked up at him through my bangs and smiled shyly at him as he chuckled at my obvious discomfort and looked down at his menu that was lying on the table. He closed it not a minute later and placed it over mine, our way of saying we decided what we would like to dine on. Spencer starred right into my eyes then that always brought shivers all the way through out my body. We may not speak a lot of words but the stories we tell with our eyes always gives us away to one another. We did that in a park once by two old women and they just starred at us, smiling talking about young love. And of course after hearing them I just had to blush.

"So Bella, Do you wanna play twenty questions?" Reid asked and I simply nodded my head as an answer then a smile brightened my face. The waiter came in before we could start our usual game and took hold of the menu's before asking us what we would like to eat.

"Hmm... I will have the Chicken Alfredo with extra sauce please" I replied and looked up at our waiter then at Spence to see what he would order.

"I'll have the Classic Chicken Spaghetti, and no garlic toast for either of us please." he told the waiter, remembering the moment when I told him how my order usually gets cold waiting for the cooks to perfect there garlic toast so I usually don't get any. The waiter walked away after that and we started our little game.

"Favorite song at the moment?" Spence asked

"I will have to go with It Girl by Jason Derulo, it makes my heart swell, Favorite fast food dish?" I asked.

"Curly Fries. Favorite type of film?"

"Can never go wrong with a Comedy. Favorite writer?"

"William Shakespeare, you never know what any of his stories is about until you read it. First stuffed animal name and what type of animal?

"Dog and named it Cupcake after I accidentally got an icing stain on it from eating a cupcake. Favorite..." and it kept on going on.

After about 10 minutes the waiter came out with our orders and sat it down while we hushed down and ate the meal, enjoying each others presence and the soft music being played in the background. We were just finishing off when both of our cell phones vibrated. I looked up to him before quickly checking my phone.

Bad one in North Carolina, meeting in 15. JJ

I finished my noodles and then motioned for the waiter to come back. The waiter looked at us confused as we asked him for the check, quickly making sure that the food was to our liking.

"The food is amazing but we have an emergency to go to." I told him throwing on my light jacket and picking up my purse from beneath the table while Reid stuffed a few bills in the folder then grabbed my hand leading me out towards the Viper. As soon as we climbed into the car Spence started it up driving towards the BAU while I tried to get my head wrapped around our new case. Well this is diffidently a GREAT way to end the night from an amazing night. Sigh, could you hear the sarcasm? Ya thats what I thought. Boy do I love my job or what?

I'm Back...

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