Spencer and I were just boarding the plane and taking our seats on the beige colored couch and because we were the first ones on board, per usual, we decided to flip through the case files and try to connect some points together. After about 15 minutes of silence Hotch steps in soon followed by Prentiss.

In a very short amount of time everyone else, minus Garcia, was on board and we were taking off. I just finished rereading the summary the new police station gave us when a thought occurred to me.

"I don't get it Hotch, why hasn't the new Vegas Police department contacted us sooner. Usually new stations tend to inform us after just one victim, why wait till seven?" I questioned as I stared at Hotch, hoping for some sort of answer.

"Yes, well. I did some digging around and the new Chief for that station is actually a Chief from Texas. And everybody knows what kind of Police they have down there.

(Never actually went to Texas before but Im just remembering an old case they had and etc etc etc. Sorry if I offended anyone)

"Yep, They all think they are the boss and despises the government." Morgan concluded. I nodded my head, understanding some of the reason but not liking the idea of just calling into the FBI after seven people were killed.

I sighed and leaned into Spence's side as he wrapped his left arm around my shoulders, petting my hair. He always knew what would help calm me down.

I turn back to Hotch then and continued my ideas of what the case file looks like to me.

"It looks as if the person is tormenting teens, if you look closely to the bodies you can see a sliver of an indent around the neck, meaning they were probably being chocked or was tied up somewhere. The bruises on the bodies are too big to be fists so they were beaten with some sort of object. On the fourth victim, Andrew Stiles, we found this on his body." I said and showed the picture to everyone, pointing to just around his neck where his hair would hide it, a tattoo.

"Wait a second here, wasn't that the quote found on…" Rossi started as he looked at myself and Reid.

"The quote we found on the bottom of the martini glass. Yes. We presumed that this was his favorite quote, why else get it tattooed to yourself. Garcia did some research and found out his dad was a bartender and was famous for his martini's, who recently died and so in remembrance of his dad he got the tattoo. Garcia also found some photo's on Facebook of the third victim with a Shakespeare quote written on her photo's posted on her wall. Of course this is Facebook so anyone can really get a glimpse of that information." Reid continued with our Hypothesis, as Prentiss, JJ, Rossi, and Hotch let the information sink in.

"So we are looking for a home grown stalker and killer. The type where they stalk you as much as they like while in the privacy of their own home and can find out about your daily routine there. Face it, everyone puts simple stuff on their Facebook page. Going to the mall, at the beach, going to the gym, relaxation time at the spa." Morgan added.

"Okay that should be all. We will review again ten minutes before we land" Hotch dismissed us to our own thoughts and myself and Reid just sat there, playing with each other's hair or fingers, etc.

\\ 2 hours later/

We touched down in Vegas and grabbed our personal belongings, we all hoped into two Jeeps and went to the new Police station on the West side of town. After a ten minute drive we reached the station and made our way into the lobby. Once we stepped in the Chief of Police greeted us with a frown and quickly lead us to our own room. Usually we get some large space with a table in Vegas but today we got a room, smaller than an apartment bedroom with a single desk in the middle of it. My own desk back in Quantico was bigger then this.

Hotch gave a slight glare to the man before setting our files down on the desk while JJ told the chief to get us a white board or a board we can tack our stuff onto it. The Chief was about to deny it when Hotch turned and gave a full out Aaron Hotchner glare at the man. We did not need this attitude when we have a serial killer out there waiting for more victims. The Chief huffed and turned out the door to return two minutes later with a white board, no markers or anything and thought that he stumped us.

Spencer beside me rolled his eyes and grabbed a erasable marker from his pocket and started writing the details we worked out on the plane. I turned to the Chief with Morgan at my back, "Can you have one of your officers lead us to the first victims house." I requested in the most polite way I could under the circumstances.

"Why we searched through all the houses and came up empty. They were all clean, smart individuals that's all we need to know." He hissed back. I was getting fed up with his attitude and walked out of the cramped room into where the officers had there own little offices.

"You, can you please lead us to the first victims house please." I asked a random man who quickly nodded his head and was ahead of us, not by much, until we reached the van. I hoped in the back, Morgan driving with the officer in the passenger seat. "What's your name?" I asked. Trying to be polite.

"Daniel Listern, ma'am. I worked here since we opened last year in March." He replied with a slight smile, glad that I wasn't going to treat him like we did to his boss.

We reached the first victims house, Lisa Anark. I knocked on the door and placed a light smile on my face. I didn't want to give off a stuck up presence that I am guessing Chief Saubury did. A woman opened the door, her hair was straightened and she was in black work pants with a dark purple long sleeved shirt and a black camisole peeking out just under the long sleeved shirt.

"Can I help you guys?" She asked in a small voice while still trying to sound polite.

"Hello miss, I am Agent Swan and this is Agent Morgan and Detective Listern. We know the Police already came over but I was wondering if I could take a look around and maybe ask you a few questions." I asked, still being polite as the family dog, a baby Dalmatian, came running to the front door.

"Yes, of course, please come in." She responded as she opened the door wider. We stepped inside, Morgan immediately taking a look around as I Questioned the mother.

"I honestly am sorry about this, but can I ask you a few questions about Lisa?" I asked as we entered the living room. She just sat down on the couch and nodded her head.

I sat down on the Chair with Listern looking around to join Morgan. I kept on asking Mrs. Anark questions at a steady pass, hopefully not frightening her until Morgan came back to the living room.

"My last question for you Mrs. Anark. Did Lisa have any favorite quotes?" I asked cautiously.

"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. It was by Thomas Jefferson and she heard that in class one day. She loved it ever since." Her mother told us quickly, not even taking a moment to think about it.

"Thank you Mrs. We really do appreciate it. If you can remember anything else please call us, even the smallest detail can help." I told her while giving her one of my business cards and headed back to the Jeep.

Once both myself and Morgan entered the Jeep I turn to look at him. "Well… looks like we got our next clue, books."