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Chapter 2

Family Tree

Advancing deeper and deeper into the tunnels Lelouch entered a second chamber similar to the first, but he felt something different about it as the room appeared smaller than the last. Soon flames similar to what had ignited the first room illuminated the dark chamber prompting Lelouch to go on the defensive and hold his Lightsaber ready for whatever else these caves could throw at him.

Darth Traya's voice boomed through the chamber once more.

"You have passed the Trial of Skill and you already have passed the trial of Courage before coming here, but making your way down here deep below the Earth is also proof of passage."

"Trial?" Lelouch said before moments later the true meaning of these traps became obvious to the young man. "As in the Jedi Trails…now I understand."

"This as you would have guessed by now is the Trial of Flesh…prepare yourself boy."

Lelouch steeled himself for the trial, but instead his mind was suddenly hit by a lash from what he could perceive was from the Force as another Force Phantom was being conjured to face him by the Sith Lord of betrayal. He was shocked when another Knight of the Rounds appeared before him, but this time it was a former member to be more precise.

Dressed in her old uniform as well as appearing as she did when she was a member of the Rounds Marianne vi Britannia stood ready to face her son with a rapier in her hand. At the sight of her everything Lelouch had been told of about her death came flooding back to him which virtually made his blood boil as his hatred for what his parents had done surged through him.

(2010 A.T.B. Hidden Empire of the Hand Outpost on Mars)

Lelouch sat before his grandfather recoiling from shock and revulsion at what had been revealed to him it wasn't long since their arrival at the base that acted as an observation outpost for an organization that their grandfather Dooku had allied himself with known as the Empire of the Hand. After arriving the aged Sith Lord gave Lelouch and Nunnally some time to rest before summoning Lelouch to a conference room used by officers in the base to discuss the matter concerning their mother's death, but also present in the room was a sixteen year old woman with long pale green hair, yellow eyes wearing a sunflower-pattern kimono.

"Thank you for coming Lelouch…this is C.C. she used to be an old friend of your mother's."

"Her?" The former prince said feeling rather surprised that a girl as young as her knew their mother despite having never seen her before.

"She is actually much older than you think, but I'll admit I was surprised myself when I found out the truth."

"I see…so what really happened that night?"

"Your mother received a message using your half-sister Cornelia as a messenger to deliver it. I suspect she knew what was already on the disc she received while Cornelia herself had no idea what was on it. On that same day your mother ordered her to withdraw her security escort."


"She withdrew her security escort to meet with your uncle secretly."

"My uncle?"

"His name is V.V. he is your father's older brother." C.C. explained.

"Yes apparently both she as well as your uncle was working on a project that was being spearheaded by your father. However it seems that your mother was being viewed as a hindrance by your uncle so he gunned her own when she turned her back. Then he set Nunnally up as a witness crippling her while making it look like the assassination was the work of terrorists." Dooku explained while his fist tightened in anger.

Lelouch on the other hand almost couldn't believe what he had just heard, but had a harder time believing it.

"Further more you father had discovered what happened and instead conducted his own cover up which involved using a special power he had to remove Nunnally's memories of the incident and replace them with false ones."

"But…but…how…how could he do that?" Lelouch said shockingly while Dooku continued.

"He had a power called Geass which C.C. had been explaining to me. The Power of the King as she refers to it as which she is capable of granting. She didn't give your father his Geass power, but rather your uncle did possessing the ability to grant such powers to others as well."

"I still can't believe it."

"Then allow me…" C.C. said as she took Lelouch's hand and in that moment began the establishment of their contract. Before the young man could even begin to comprehend what was happening Lelouch suddenly found himself in some kind of bizarre black and white space of some kind…nothing he could think of could describe it. "You have suffered and lost just about everything, but could you keep on going if you had power…a new reason to live. I propose a deal—in exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and you accept its conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other: a different providence, a different time, a different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?"

A moment of consideration Lelouch became convinced of the validity of the woman and so…he accepted.

"Yes! I hereby accept the terms of your contract!"

Returning to the normal world Lelouch felt something in his left eye which he soon realized must have been the power C.C. had just given him. Having experienced just receiving the power himself alone the former prince began to give the words of his grandfather and the mysterious woman more weight which soon began knives that stabbed his heart as he found out that the mother who had loved them only loved them superficially especially as C.C. revealed that their mother possessed a Geass power of her own which allowed her mind to cross over into another's person thus surviving her death even through her body had apparently perished which turned any loved he had for his mother into hate.

"Lelouch I know there isn't much I can offer, but I can offer you and your sister a new future among us." Dooku began summoning his signature curved Lightsaber to him using the Force. "What I intend to instruct you in will require the utmost discipline since its lure will lead you to your own self destruction as well as Nunnally's so I have decided to take you as my apprentice."

"Your apprentice?" Lelouch asked slightly confused.

"Yes through me you will learn how to channel that anger, fear and despair into power you can wield for the sake of Nunnally and the galaxy while I will teach you how to resist the dangerous lure of the Dark Side and the whispers of power that destroy good men and women, so Lelouch will take up the mantle of my apprentice?"

Look upon his grandfather's face for a moment Lelouch as the older man stood up leaving his chair holding the weapon against his right side. It was that moment the ten year old boy knelt down before him feeling it was something he had to do.

"I pledge myself to your teachings."

"Very good…I see the potential in you Lelouch and you have the will needed, but most importantly the Force is strong with you. A powerful Sith you will become. Lelouch vi Britannia…" Dooku spoke igniting his lightsaber before holding the red plasma energy blade over the young man's left shoulder knighting him as he said. "I hereby declare you are now one with the order of the Sith Lords."

"Thank you…my master."

(Present Day)

Returning to the present Lelouch began grinning evilly as he looked upon the Force Phantom ghost of his mother before reaching out with the Force to begin choking the life out of her. After learning everything about her survival despite the loss of her body through the power of Geass which he possessed, but his was capable of compelling others to follow his orders without question left a venomous hatred in the young man towards both of his parents since they had abandoned them in a foreign land.

As such he felt no remorse in attacking the Force Ghost of his own mother in such as fashion which surprised Darth Traya's spirit that he would savagely attack his own mother like that. A smile appeared on her face as she observed the former prince using his telekinetic abilities to slam the woman repeatedly into the cave walls even after snapping her neck.

"I guess I underestimated you…I was certain facing your mother would cause doubts within you, but it seems all of the mental anguish you have endured up to this point as well as the physical pain of your training I suppose should suffice." Traya spoke as the way to the chamber beyond laid open with Lelouch pressing onward feeling that he was getting closer and closer to his goal.

Soon he reached another chamber mirroring the other two and after the room was lit using the similar lighting system of oils in the previous rooms the Sith Lord spoke again.

"Now prepare for the most dangerous trial of all…the trial of spirit."

Knowing what this trial likely held for the young man braced himself as a surge of darkness suddenly enveloped the room causing the young eighteen year old to black out for a moment. When Lelouch came to he found himself in a completely different place…more specifically the Britannian Royal Throne room inside the Pendragon royal palace. Taking a moment to collect himself Lelouch was horrified at the sight before him as he saw his own sister Nunnally dead with her head cleaved off while nearby were the decapitated remains of Suzaku Kururugi and judging from the head possessing long pink hair that he saw were the remains of his younger half-sister Euphemia li Britannia.

The bloodshed had an impact on the young man as he wanted to scream out, but his mind was working on calming the former prince as he tried to remind himself this was all likely a Force Illusion, but the smell of blood in the air accompanied by burnt flesh made the gruesome scene feel very real to the young man. Soon laughter diverted his attention as Lelouch looked towards the throne where he saw seated on the throne was someone who could only be described as his own twin.

He looked exactly like Lelouch except for the molten gold eyes the evil twin had and his attire. The Dark Side manifestation was dressed in attire different from what Lelouch currently wore while his obviously evil twin wore all black lined with gold while the cape he wore that covered one side of his shoulder and body was red on the inside and black on the outside. The emblem of Geass could be seen on the ends of his sleeves while he wore a multiple button purple vest underneath with black paints and matching boots.

A cruel smile appeared on evil Lelouch's face as he regarded his twin while the former prince held his lightsaber ready reactivating the blade while regarding his completely dark side consumed evil twin with disgust now recognizing the deaths around him were obviously his handiwork which further reinforced the reasons why his grandfather Dooku had warned him of the dangers of using the Dark Side.

Be wary my grandchild the dark side can make you strong, but ignore the whispers of power and seductive lure of its deeper nature. Before you realize it you will be consumed and turned into the very thing you hate the most.

Seeing what he could potentially become in this Trial of Spirit had successfully driven that fact home with the former prince.

"Well well if it isn't my goody two-shoes old self."

"You don't sound anything like me."

"That's because I am stronger and much more powerful for fully embracing the Dark Side."

"I see it has made you hopelessly power crazy and insane…I'll make note not to become like you then." The former prince remarked dryly.

"You idiot only by giving yourself over to the Dark Side can you attain true limitless power."

"Really I feel strong enough as it is!" Lelouch declared as he sent his evil twin flying through the air with a Force Push before rushing to engage his evil counterpart. His evil twin instantly became enraged and proceeded to attack his counterpart unleashing a torrent of Force Lightning against him. Lelouch countered by deflecting the oncoming lightning with his free hand as he closed in to deal with his evil twin.

Using Force Speed he rushed his counterpart decking him in the face knocking him to the ground.

"You won't kill me people like you wouldn't kill an unarmed man…since I am your evil side you Mr. Goody-two shoes won't…" The evil Lelouch's words died suddenly when Lelouch swiftly beheaded his evil counterpart.

"Good…evil…I am the one with the Lightsaber."

The entire room went black and soon Lelouch found himself back inside the cave with Darth Traya's laugher echoing through the cave.

"You have advanced in both your training and mentality than I had first thought, but your last test awaits you."

Without wasting a moment Lelouch moved onward heading into the next room ahead where the former prince guessed that the final test of the trials he was being forced to take part in would be the Trial of Insight. Not something that was normally included in the Jedi Trials, but it seemed he would be taking part in it regardless.

After descending down a final set of steps leading deeper underground Lelouch found himself in a somewhat later dome-shaped chamber larger than the previous chambers, but the difference was that at the other end of the room stood a large pair of stone doors…whatever he was led down here to find were beyond those doors.

However in front of those doors was the spirit of Darth Traya.

"You have done well, but to enter the crypt behind me you must pass one final trial to prove your worth."

"I am ready!"

"Then let us begin!"

A surge of dark side energies began to move through the ground below Lelouch's feet as well as through the walls and even the ceiling itself as the final trial was beginning. Another Force Phantom began to manifest, but this one felt very different from the other specters the Sith Lord had been creating using the power flowing through the tunnels they were in.

Something felt different, but as the phantom took form he was surprised by appearance of the phantom now standing before him.

Anakin Skywalker!

Lelouch thought recognizing the famed Jedi and original identity of the infamous Sith Lord Darth Vader who was standing before him as he had appeared before the faithful duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi which would leave him confined to the life-sustaining armor he would be placed in after the battle.

"What…how…how did I?" A confused Anakin inquired wondering exactly how he had regained physical form knowing that he had died years ago.

"Your return to this physical plane is temporary Skywalker, but it will be long enough for you to confront and battle this young man. You are his final test and so he must defeat you before he can proceed." Darth Traya explained.

"A Sith Lord…but you're in the same state as I am?"

"Indeed I am, but only within this place can I take physical presence for a short time as a phantom myself. As you are now you can fight him at the time when you were at your peak."

"I won't fight that boy." Anakin said defiantly.

"You're one to talk, Darth Vader…you'll confront this young man. He will need it, because it may determine if he either rises on the Galaxy as a Jedi, either a Sith, one that will surpass Sidious on power and wickedness or if he forges a path of his own, one that will change the Galaxy and the Force itself for countless generations to come…the choice it's yours, Hero without Fear." Darth Traya spoke before after a moment of careful contemplating the Jedi activated his lightsaber standing to face the young man before him.

Re-igniting his own lightsaber in response Lelouch held it to his face in the gesture of a salute before assuming a fighting stance. Anakin attacked first leaping into the air behind him trying to run him through, but Lelouch successfully parried the attempted strike before the two engaged in a fierce exchange of lightsaber blows.

The two combatants utilized Djem So against the other before Lelouch began adjusting his fighting stance using Juyo and Vaapad instead against Anakin's Djem So fighting style using, but the Force Phantom soon noticed elements of Form II and Form III mixed in with his shifting and changing fighting style. Anakin countered by knocking Lelouch into the air with a Force Push before using his telekinetic talents to strike out against the boy.

Grabbing hold of a number of loose stones Anakin sent them flying at a recovering Lelouch who managed to bat some of them away with either his Force talents or cleave them in two with a swing of his Lightsaber. Lelouch leapt up to his feet and charged his foe using Force speed while he got close performing a feinting a diagonal slash from the left and then twisting the blade around to the right and surging forward. The former Jedi and Sith Lord quickly sidestepped the red blade as the former prince quickly countered with an upsweep to the Force Phantom's neck, but Anakin spun to the right with his blade held straight out in front of him as he completed the circle nearly cutting the former prince in half.

Somersaulting backwards Lelouch quickly steadied himself while stepping backwards as he parried a quick series of slashes. Soon Anakin switched to a one hand fighting style with his weapon as Lelouch tried to counterattack to land a blow, but found that the Hero without Fear parried his attack. The former prince was now on the defensive adapting more of a Soresu combat style.

But despite his best efforts Anakin kept hammering away at him.

I need an opening.

Drawing upon the Force the former prince began using the same stone projectiles that he hadn't destroyed against the Jedi which came after leaping backwards to give himself some wide breath from his foe, but as he went to make short work of the oncoming projectiles Lelouch hurled a torrent of Force Lightning at his opponent. As expected Anakin used his Lightsaber to catch and defuse the oncoming lightning, but it was just as the former prince was counting on. With his attention divided between his front and his back Anakin didn't notice the falling rock from the ceiling he had loosened and brought down upon the Skywalker's head.

The impact of the stone stunned the Jedi for a moment allowing Lelouch the opening he needed as he charged in blasting Anakin with a torrent of Force Lightning as he quickly closed the distance between him brining his lightsaber around to cleave through his foe, but Anakin recovered almost instantly and blocked just in time…however their blades were angled in such a way that the young prince would drag the weapon along the blade until it made contact with the hilt of the Lightsaber itself allowing the Britannian to cut through the blade emitter disarming Skywalker.

Using a powerful Force Push he knocked Anakin to the ground before approaching him to level his blade straight at his disarmed opponent's face.

"If you had been a Sith I would have destroyed you, but I don't feel much of darkness on you...only I feel past regrets, pains and hopes…I hope that you return to the Force, assured that I'm not a threat, Anakin Skywalker." Lelouch said before shutting off his weapon and walking away from the defeated phantom. Anakin smiled as his phantom disappeared with his spirit returning to the Force.

After completing the final trial and triumphing over Darth Traya's final test the young man was breathing hard as he was trying to compose himself while at the same time he remained alert for any possible counterattack or reprisals from the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord on the other hand seemed pleased and used the Force to open the large stone doors allowing the former prince access into the chambers beyond.

"Congratulations young one…you have passed all of the trials required so you have enter the tomb."

"Tomb…whose tomb is it?"

"Yes the tomb of my greatest students who died thousands of years ago as husband and wife after they both became stranded here…unable to leave they remained and eventually grew close and married after they began leading the people they encountered here. Of course like husband and wives usually do they have children and those children had children themselves and so forth over the next four thousand years. You child are one of their children…and now a child has finally found their way here."

Uncertain and reasonably confused Lelouch entered the darkened room as several well placed torches set upon a number of gold torch stands and holders illuminating the whole room. What the former prince saw ahead mystified him as the entire room was adorned with gold upon its walls and ceiling while treasures and offerings were dotted around the room while in the center sat a pair of solid gold sarcophaguses. In-between them were a sealed golden chest that was large enough to stuff a small child into while against the wall behind the sarcophaguses were statues made in the likeness of the ones buried here.

One on the right was a beautiful woman depicted with short hair dressed in flowing robes holding what appeared to be a lightsaber while standing next to her was obviously her husband a man dressed in robes with a breastplate upon his body and a mask upon his face also holding a lightsaber.

"Step forward young one what you seek is in that golden chest." Darth Traya spoke standing behind the young man pointing him in the direction of the chest.

Hesitant at first Lelouch approached and using the Force he slid the heavy gold top off the chest revealing its contents for the first time in thousands of years since they had been sealed within this tomb following the deaths centuries ago. Inside Lelouch found a glowing lime green organic crystal-lattice device in the shape of a pyramid resting on top of a bundle of old black robes which had all but wasted away mostly while next to the device was an old red and gray Mandalorian helmet which was badly corroded from age.

Taking the pyramid into his hands the young man began to examine the device realizing what it was.

"A holocron…"

Suddenly Lelouch felt something poke his hand and draw a sample of blood from him.

"Urgh…what was that?"

"Part of the holocron's design it was made to draw a sample of the DNA of whoever touches it to verify if the person holding it is a descendant." Darth Traya explained as the holocron activated.

"You who have made your way down here holding my holocron…" A voice spoke as the avatar or rather gatekeeper of the Holocron activated revealing a man dressed in robes with armor upon his body identical to the man whose statue was in this very room. "I am Revan former Jedi Knight and former Dark Lord of the Sith…I had long ago foreseen the coming of one of my bloodline."

"Your bloodline?"

"Indeed child the genome examination of the sample of blood taken from you has confirmed that you are my descendant and therefore destined to follow an important destiny that will determine the fate of the galaxy a mantle I must ask of you to assume."


"In my vision I foresaw a terrible war that will tear this galaxy apart and lead to the deaths of trillions that will inevitability lead to serious consequences for future generations so I must ask you to step forward and follow in my footsteps to be what this galaxy will need in the coming war…however there will be important preparations you must undertake first."

"What must I do?"

"Follow the path I once walked you must begin your quest at Dantooine and then follow what you discover at these coordinates. The ruins may have been destroyed, but reach this location and the next half of the journey will be revealed." Revan spoke as a set of coordinates were displayed for the young man to see as he tried to memorize them for later. "Complete the journey and you shall have full access to all of my secrets and knowledge."

With that the holocron of Revan shut down until the moment the device will be brought to the location of the ruins Revan mentioned.

"The ruins he speaks of are the ruins of a small temple on the planet that belonged to the ancient and long dead Infinite Empire of the Rakatan people. Take the holocron to the site of the ruins and it will activate once more."

"But all this for what…I already know what war he is likely speaking of, but why all of this?" Lelouch inquired.

"It is to prove your worth…you will understand at the end of your journey. I'll be watching you." Darth Traya spoke as her spirit disappeared leaving Lelouch alone. Thinking for a moment the young man collected all of the remaining artifacts inside the gold chest including an old pair of lightsabers he had found before leaving the tomb and began the long trek back to the surface.

An hour later Lelouch made his way back to the surface where his grandfather as well as his instructor in the ways of the Force was waiting for him.

"What did you find?" Dooku inquired.

"A holocron including artifacts that belonged to Revan and possibility the Jedi Exile...what is down there is their tomb."

The older man was taken aback by this information as he found it almost difficult to believe that the tomb of one of history's most well known Jedi and Sith Lords was buried on this planet along with another who would gain fame almost as close as his.

"Furthermore it seems I am his descendant when his holocron took a blood sample to examine."

"Then we have much to discuss then."

"Indeed we do grandfather."

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