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Chapter 6

Bounty Hunter and the Sith

Lelouch watched the onslaught led by Boba Fett as he was making quick work of the Stormtroopers, but he knew it wasn't going to be long before that Nightsister returned. The Sith had confidence in his combat abilities having heard of his fearsome reputation as a bounty hunter and having been told much about Mandalorian culture by his grandfather Dooku.

For now all the masked Sith could do was observe and see what the bounty hunter's true intentions were. He could only hope Boba had no intention of killing the child…which seemed to be the case since the former prince was observing that the bounty hunter was being careful by avoiding shooting around the tied up boy.

As the masked Sith gave it some more thought he realized that perhaps Boba's presence could work to his favor after all. He hadn't quite worked out a plan yet, but if he could only convince Boba to agree to what he had in mind then not only could he secure a potent ally, but also the prefect means to hide his existence which was critical to his plans in the future.

As the Force would have it the opportunity came when the Nightsister returned, but she wasn't alone…not only did more Stormtroopers accompany her, but a large number of men wearing black leather jumpsuits with robes mincing that of a Jedi. Drawing their weapons the Dark Jedi ignited their red bladed lightsabers followed by the Nightsister igniting her own black handled crimson bladed lightsaber.

I don't doubt Boba Fett could handle them, but…to ensure the success of my plan I'll intervene.

Reaching out with the Force, Lelouch seized one of the Dark Jedi with a Force Choke strangling the life out of the youth before throwing him into one of the other black robed dark side user. Emerging from his hiding place Lelouch launched himself at the Dark Jedi and began attacking them unleashing a Force Storm upon them viciously electrocuting those he had caught off guard.

Boba Fett seized the opportunity as well and began mowing down his enemies with laser fire. The Nightsister and a few Dark Jedi youths was all that soon remained with the Stormtroopers having been quickly dealt with by the combine efforts of Boba Fett and Zero. The Dark Jedi youths sent to confront the masked warrior charged the masked Sith with Lelouch swiftly sidestepping the obviously inexperienced Dark Jedi who may have been trained in the Force, but seemed to lack any real experience with a lightsaber.

Parrying one sweep of his foe's lightsabers, Lelouch thrust forward grazing one of his foes over the shoulder before evading another strike from behind while he quickly got behind his attacking foe slashing across the back serving the spine of the Dark Jedi. Using the Force the masked Sith seized another Dark Jedi by the throat before hurling him into the lightsaber blade of one of his allies.

The Nightsister stepped forward challenging Lelouch who engaged the enraged woman in a lightsaber duel while watching out for any of the remaining Dark Jedi and Stormtroopers.

Deflecting a blaster bolt, Lelouch tried to send it into the Nightsister, but she sidestepped it allowing it to pierce the forehead of an unfortunate Dark Jedi who failed to deflect it in time. The Nightsister and the Sith began exchanging blows while Lelouch being more well trained and skilled with his lightsaber was able to match the inferior dark side user blow after blow eventually forcing her on the defensive with his crisp and well executed swings.

His hammer blows eventually began forcing the woman back before he slid his blade cutting across her shoulder before bringing the blade around beheading her. With their leader dead it was only a short matter of time of clearing out the rest of the room…something that the most dangerous Bounty Hunter in the galaxy paired with a Sith Lord had no trouble doing.

When the dust settled with the air filled with the burning smell of blaster holes in armor and flesh while the charred smell of lightsaber wounds and amputations filled the room. But now that it was over Boba Fett and Lelouch pointed weapons at one another with the bounty hunter uncertain what to expect from the masked Sith.

"Hold on…I have no intention of fighting you Boba Fett…in fact your presence works out perfectly for me."

"Really now?"

"I only did this as a favor, but you saving the boy in my place works better for me since I wish to avoid notice by the public. In fact save the boy as prefer you client and I'll make sure you get paid extra…generously if you keep quiet about my presence here."

"How do I know that you'll keep your word Jedi?"

"Are you not the son of an honorable Mandalorian like Jango Fett?"

Taking notice of the pause Lelouch decided to continue.

"I'll make sure you are very well compensated including a fee for your silence. Double what you are being paid now and two hundred and fifty thousand credits for your silence."

"That is generous, but how can I trust you?"

"Meet me at the capital tomorrow afternoon around eighteen hundred hours, head to space dock D-115 and meet me there. I'll have your money then."

The Mandalorian regarded him for a moment before nodding his head…he did make his job much simpler although, but he was weary of the Force User he was dealing with.

"Just don't try anything or I'll reveal your part in this to everyone else." Boba warned before leaving, but not before freeing the boy and taking him prior to his departure. A sigh escaped Lelouch's mouth as he also made his own hasty exit…he had one more job to complete. Later that night at his private sea-side estate Count Cortes Nalju was reclining in his large leather chair relaxing with a content smile on his face.

But something wasn't right…a cold wind was blowing through his office. Feeling the chill creep along his skin the Count rose up from his chair and began walking to the open window to close it to stop the chilling wind from entering.

"Blast it window…" Cortes snapped before closing it, but suddenly a sharp hiss alerted him to another within his study. A familiar purple lightsaber blade was being held along the side of the Count's neck from behind.

"Count Cortes Nalju."

"Who are you?"

"I am Zero." Lelouch spoke using the name he had chosen for himself. "I believe you have been associating yourself with rouge Imperials and Dark Jedi…not to mention involved in the kidnapping of a certain child."

"I don't know what you are talking about…GUARDS!" The Count shouted, but quickly found himself under the vice-grip hold of a Force Choke as the masked Sith calmly explained.

"Your guards as well as the rest of your security detail have been commanded to ignore all unusual activity for the rest of the night."

"How is that possible? What are you?"

"It no longer matters…" Lelouch began as the hidden eye panel on his mask opened revealing his Geass eye. "Zero commands you…become my slave…NOW!" With those words the Geass was cast and in an instant Count Cortes knelt before the Sith proclaiming his loyalty.

"How can I serve you master?"

"I have a series of instructions you must follow…will you obey them?"


"Then listen carefully."

The following morning shocking news coverage began to flood the holonet news feeds as word was spreading through Serenno and most of the Outer Rim that Count Cortes of House Nalju had been exposed for a large number of extortion, money laundering, smuggling operations and even illegal weapons dealing along with a large count of corruption charges. Not to mention he was behind the failed kidnapping of the grandchild of the Grand Count and the assassination of his son, but it was also discovered he was also supporting rouge Imperial elements although the specific identity of said Imperial elements have yet to be found and identified.

Before New Republic and Serenno Law Enforcement Officials could arrest him they discovered that Cortes had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a blaster pistol before he could be taken into custody. Watching the afternoon news on a holonet fed in his office Grand Count Duncan and Lelouch watched the news report end with the old man possessing a satisfied smile on his face.

Shutting off the holonet receiver the nobleman turned to Lelouch who had a similar smile on his face.

"I have to admit Lelouch that was quite impressive."

"Thank you…and I assume you took care of things on your part?"

"The New Republic confiscated all of Cortes's illegal holdings, but how shall we say non-illegal holdings we managed to seize since he had no other living family members. I have granted them to you and hereby reinstate you as a Count of Serenno…Count Lelouch Lamperouge."

"I thank you kindly for that."

"Although I regret we'll have to sponsor that fool's mining operation at the gas giant in the Yavin system." Duncan said feeling rather annoyed that Lando had interfered by hiring Boba Fett to rescue the child to gain his good favor…while it worked for Lelouch's benefit keeping him hidden it forced Duncan to agree to the transaction and financial support…only because he had blundered by allowing Lando to overhear the message.

And that blunder had almost been a very costly one at that.

"Everything should be in order then?"

"Yes they should…are you going to examine the estate? It's still standing and it has been left unused, but no one has been allowed to occupy it. However I do have men sweeping the place to make sure before you move in."

"Thank you, but before I do I have some business I must attend to first."

"Of course…" Duncan replied before handing Lelouch a credits clip card. "I found out the pay Lando had given Fett and ensured the rest of the proper amount you two agreed on is on the clip."

"Thank you." Lelouch said kindly before leaving to meet up with Boba Fett noticing his meeting was coming soon with the Bounty Hunter.

Meanwhile at the local morgue located in a town near where Boba Fett and Lelouch had wiped out the Stormtroopers and Dark Jedi, but the usual staff was out today leaving the handling of the corpses from the incident in the hands of assigned members of the Serenno Intelligence division under direct orders from the Grand Count to cover up as much of the incident as possible including the obvious use of a lightsaber against some of the collected dead.

However as the bodies that had signs of having been killed by a lightsaber or a Force power were being discreetly disposed of by means of incineration of the bodies after the intelligence officials of Serenno ensured they had skipped the autopsy process recording that…like most of those killed were either slain by blaster fire, explosives or flame projectile weapons.

However one member had left to dispose of one of the bodies and was holding it back for another employer he secretly worked for. During the shift change a hooded figure entered the morgue after managing to mind trick her way pass the guards without alerting anyone to her presence here. Once she was inside the room a lone man in his early thirties wearing a gray military tunic uniform with short brown box-style hair stood next to a metal table where a body laid covered by a sheet.

The hooded woman removed her hood revealing flowing black hair like a bird of prey with violet eyes and pale skin.

Seeing her nod the man pulled back part of the cloth to reveal the Nightsister who had been slain by Lelouch with her served head laid on the table above her corpse. A mixture of rage and sorrow pierced the woman's face knowing who the Nightsister was and having known her well in her life.

"My prized student…WHO DID THIS?"

"I am afraid that information isn't known to us, but what I do know is that the Dark Jedi with her along with some of the Stormtroopers were either slain by injuries given by a lightsaber, some were strangled to death without any signs of contact upon the neck while another collection of bodies were seemingly electrocuted to death by powerful burst of energy."

Taking the information and having already seen some of the reports she recognized some of the men who had been with her student were killed by someone using the Dark Side of the Force against them. Despite these details providing some hints to the identity the killer of the Nightsister might be it only raised more questions than answer especially given Count Cortes's traitorous actions the following morning which struck her as odd as well.

The Count was loyal and had helped her masters fund the construction of the new academy for her superiors…although he had done so unknowingly which it was then she felt fortunate that they didn't reveal who her sister had really been working for and the operations seized and shut down by the Republic were operations he owned that indirectly aided them without his knowledge since her superiors had feared possible discovery.

Now it seems their judgment had saved the Second Imperium from being discovered…had he been told of its existence their plans might have been ruined this day.

"My Lady I'll see what I can find, but even my superiors are not certain who did this."

"Very well…continue your presence and let me know if you find anything new I want the identity of the one who did this."

"As you wish...Lady Tamith Kai."

Later that day at the assigned time Lelouch was aboard his shuttle awaiting Boba Fett while HK-47 was on the bridge acting as a look out while the young man simply waited without his mask and armor on. When the time came HK reported on an overhead speaker that Boba Fett was approaching and nearing the ship. As the Bounty Hunter entered the ship Lelouch greeted him kindly.

"Welcome Boba Fett I am glad you could come."

The bounty hunter remained silent.

"I'll cut to the chase…here are the credits as promised."

Lelouch spoke as he handed Boba Fett a credit clip containing all of the credits promised.

"But I do have a proposition for you…" The former prince turned Sith began. "I wish to purchase information from you that you receive that could be useful to me. I'll pay whatever price you wish, but I will include extra to ensure that my identity and our business rearrangement remain confidential. Specifically speaking the information is anything in relation to potential dangers to the galaxy."

"What dangers exactly are you speaking of…Jedi?"

"Oh no…I have no intention of engaging in a war against the Jedi and I am sure someone who has lived to see the Jedi and the Sith have dominance over the galaxy at one point can understand when I say I have no desire to wage a pointless and ultimately useless war of attrition that wouldn't benefit the galaxy in anyway. No Boba Fett I speak of a dangerous force that is likely to appear in our galaxy within the next five to seven years although we have yet to determine when this entity will appear."

"What exactly are these people called?"

"They are known by some as the far-outsiders, but the galaxy will know them by their true name the Yuuzhan Vong."

"The Yuuzhan Vong?"

"They are a race that comes from another galaxy…in fact before the Clone Wars began the Old Republic encountered them, but they didn't realize what they were. Palpatine knew what they were and Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Chiss had encountered them as well. Unfortunately the galaxy at large remains unaware of them, but only a small few myself included are fully aware of how dangerous these creatures are and how ill prepared this galaxy is to deal with them."

"What exactly are they?"

"They are a deeply spiritual, but an extremely aggressive race of humanoid like creatures who use organic technology…they have a radical hatred of all technology. Their entire culture is built around pain and death where death in battle was the highest glory you could attain and all of them are religious zealots in this belief. They enjoy pain to the point they inflict it upon themselves and to them this galaxy is full of impurities because of our dependence on technology so they intend to cleanse it."

Boba Fett didn't respond, but Lelouch could already tell he was listening inventively to what he was saying.

"The fact is the New Republic is not prepared to handle this threat and informing them is pointless at this point since it would risk alerting the invaders which wouldn't help the Galaxy in any way. Their agents have already infiltrated the galaxy doing what damage they can to prepare it for their coming. In fact the Imperial Remnant ending up as it is now was due to their efforts since the Empire was viewed as being more capable of fighting them than the New Republic a thought Thrawn had shared which was one of his motivations for trying to reunify it."

"Then why tell me this?"

"Because…due to the culture of your people you are most likely to be contacted by the invaders. They will likely recruit Mandalorians such as you to aid them in their invasion. When that happens we wish to form an alliance so we can deal with the invaders and any information you might get from them will be of tremendous value."

"You expect me to agree with you and form an alliance?"

"No I am merely putting a proposal on the table…I won't ask for an answer until you have seen the invaders yourself. I think these invaders are something you should see for yourself before you make your decision. If you do agree to work with me I will provide you generously with intelligence and strategic support."

"Basically in return I just provide you with information about anything that could be problem for the galaxy and keep your identity secret?"

"More or less, but you are correct."

"As long as the credits are good I'll agree to your business proposal, but as for your alliance I'll wait and see if these creature pay me a visit like you say they will."

"I have no doubt they will."

After concluding their meeting Boba Fett left prompting HK-47 to rejoin his master.

"Query: Are you certain it is wise to let him know your identity master?"

"He would have found out either way if he investigated it, but what is important is that I can gain his trust thereby paving the way for a number of primarily conditions to be cleared when the war begins." Lelouch explained.

"Response: If that is so…then what do we do now master?"

"We'll need to settle a few minor things here and with what has happened last night its best I lie low for awhile. I can't afford to draw any attention to myself."

"Response: Understood Master…"

Two weeks later back at Nirauan within the Hand of Thrawn Fortress; Nunnally had disembarked from her shuttle, but to her surprise while deep down she shouldn't be so surprised was that her grandfather was waiting for her. Nunnally kept a neutral expression while she was trying to hide any hint of her actions against Charles, Marianne and V.V.

"Welcome back Nunnally…"

"Hello grandfather."

"Could you kindly come with me please?" Dooku asked while Nunnally followed her grandfather into a vacant conference room. "I understand you went to Earth recently." The former Jedi Master said causally as Nunnally was surprised, but yet not completely. "I knew through the Force itself…as you dealt with them your satisfaction was felt like a ripple in the force, but that wasn't all I had felt."

Nunnally was a little dumbfounded as Dooku continued.

"You vented all of your rage and anger you kept contained within yourself….you released it all, so now I think you have less of a danger falling to the dark side now."

"You knew you knew what I was going to do?" Nunnally said picking up on what she correctly came to suspect.

"Did you seriously think you could have committed an entire droid army in such a fashion without anyone here finding out about it unless the crew and captain of your ship had previous advance approval from me to follow your orders?" Dooku answered with a knowing grin having anticipated what the young girl would do.

"But why then?"

"Because while my daughter was tragically without any talent in the force. Your mother was always very vain and selfish, but let's not to mention a betrayer at heart who quickly helped Charles overthrow the last Emperor so her future husband could be emperor." Dooku begin he failed in a certain capacity as a father to Marianne, but there was something he could be proud of at least. "I only can say that whatever good traits I gave to her, it passed her, in favor of you and Lelouch on a minor measure. In my eyes, the only two decent things of worth that she did brought into existence to this Galaxy."Dooku said while patting Nunnally's head as he would rather prefer Nunnally dishing out overdue punishment to Charles, Marianne and V.V as opposed to the young girl turning into a Sith Lord like Palpatine.

Lelouch knew this as well and the young man felt relief that her sister had vented herself allowing her to move on.

"Thank you grandfather…" Nunnally said quietly looking like a small child who had just lightly been scolded. "By the way how is my brother doing?"

"Well things were going fine, but it seems he was forced to wipe out some Dark Jedi and some rouge Stormtroopers in order to claim his heritance from my home planet."

Nunnally could help but face palm at the comment as she asked.

"Wasn't he supposed to lie low?"

Dooku himself couldn't help but sigh in response before noting. "I guess that it was a hopeless cause to think that the force would grant your brother a calm journey. Even if he is far more thoughtful and measured that Anakin Skywalker to his same age, it seems they share the very same gift or curse to be drawn into problems and adventures like him."

Speaking of whom Lelouch was currently still on Serenno deciding it was best if he laid low for awhile until the buzz surrounding recent events on the planet had quieted down. But that by no means meant Lelouch was idle as well as he was busy using a workshop inside the basement of the large structure as he and a few droids he had brought using his new found fortunate was giving HK-47 some very considerable upgrades to put it bluntly.

"Question: Master can you please assure me if you are upgrading my combat capabilities as well as adding more opinions for slaughtering Meat bags?"

"I am, but I promise will not install that unit you mentioned."

"Request: Give me weapons, new armor anything for slaughtering meat bags with, BUT JUST DON'T INSTALL THE HK PROTOCOL PACIFIST PACKAGE!"

"Don't worry for the jobs and tasks I have in mind a pacifist package has no place, but since we're on the subject how about a pair of additional arms so you can hold more weapons." Lelouch said as he switched tools before instructing one of the two droids helping Lelouch which was a WED-15-I662 to begin installation of the new chassis composed out of a mix of Cortosis alloy with a special experimental alloy the young Sith Lord had sent to him from the Unknown Regions. The Cortosis protecting areas a lightsaber wielding foe would strike while the rest of its body was made by the Empire of the Hand which also thanks to some modifications included special camouflage.

"I like you master."

"Just wait until we finish." Lelouch replied with a smirk.

It took about just over a full year of work and construction, which was mostly due to acquiring the rest of the parts and equipment to complete HK-47 overhaul and highly extensive upgrade oversaw by Lelouch and the two droids assisting him along with a third that was brought in for the more delicate and precise technical tasks involved in the new body HK now had. The parts and equipment in question were mostly acquired through a combination of black market and commercial connections while they were shipped and ordered through many different chains and shipping contractors to avoid being traced backed.

Once all final checks and inspections were complete Lelouch turned on HK-47 as his newly and state of the art photoreceptors turned on. Its new yellow photoreceptors possessed highly advance optical sensors and motion detection capabilities including the ability to see using ultraviolet, night-vision and inferred vision. Besides the highly advance eyes the assassin droid's new body also had a state of the art search-and-identify programming to enable locating cloaked and concealed targets.

His new advance sensor package added to the effectiveness of his search-and-identify programming leaving any target or quarry of the assassin droid with VERY few options since any foe hiding would have a high chance of being found and quickly killed before they could realize the assassin droid had known they were there. Naturally of course its optical sensors had telescopic vision capabilities too. Also in the event should HK-47 be beheaded by an enemy with a lightsaber or such, his torso included a hidden third eye which was to activate should he be blinded or his head cut off.

Drawing inspiration form the IG-100 MagnaGuard droid series Lelouch designed HK's new body with some assistance from data Dooku and the Empire of the Hand had from battles against Jedi and other foes that had faced the MagnaGuard droids as well as General Grievous. After some suggestions the assassin's droid's new and updated internal systems was given the latest in advanced combat learning programs, which, compared to most of the droids in the past who possessed the program which had seen been improved upon greatly would allow HK-47 to adapt to a highly diverse variety of tasks as well as vastly increasing his skills and adaptability ten-fold.

HK's entire body was literally rebuilt from the ground up with a brand new reinforced humanoid-type skeleton while drawing further inspiration from the MagnaGuard series gave HK's new body superior mechanical anatomy. Also the design had naturally been improved upon and the droid to possess superhuman acrobatics, speed, and combat ability above and beyond what the MagnaGuards and even the deadly cyborg General Grievous had possessed. The addition of repulsorlift boosters also added to the droid's newly frightening mobility. Yet it wasn't enough as Lelouch himself went further had requested a small supply of a experimental alloy which he applied to HK's new body now protected and encased within layered, self-healing laminanium armor.

The Laminanium armor was a brand new and highly experimental extremely durable metal alloy developed by Empire of the Hand after acquiring a design and formula for the alloy being devised by another company with the concept of it being based upon Qellan technology. The armor besides being durable was also being designed with the ability to melt and reform at almost any temperature which allowed it to repair damage. To aid in this nano-machines were infused into its body which were to assist in on the field repairs and internal repairs as well.

In conjunction Cortosis alloy was installed to protect limbs and other critical areas from possible lightsaber strikes. HK's highly advance skeleton like, but sophisticated and highly superior droid anatomy was furthered marked by its ability to split apart its limbs into two additional limbs to hold additional weapons and equipment for whatever the situation demands. Besides being able to wield a wide range of weapons the limbs themselves had built in weapons.

The right arms held a small concealed sonic blaster while the other limb held one variable-output blaster cannon. The left arms carried a flame-projectile weapon and sonic blaster adapted to deal with Jedi and Sith enemies. Its waist was also designed in a fashion to allow for the carrying of a supply belt to carry extra weapons or explosives, but its torso also had a micro-missile launcher too. Its overall color scheme was similar to its original shade, but it much cleaner and had a very new look to it.

"How are you feeling KH-47?"

"Joyful Response: How am I feeling master? That is a silly question…I have just finished running a full system diagnostics and I have to say master I am VERY HAPPY."

"Are all weapons and new functions working properly?" Lelouch replied while thankful for some of the technical suggestions and design suggestions he got from the engineers back home at the Empire of the Hand.

"I detect no problems master."

"Excellent in a week we'll head out to the next location of the Star Map to unlock the rest of the secrets of Revan's holocron I have decided we should stop by Kashyyyk next and then we'll go to Manaan." Lelouch explained while he spent his year on Serenno to solidify his position as one of the new Counts of Serenno. Count Lelouch Lamperouge was becoming known as something of a philanthropist on the planet as well as someone who was showing signs of being a natural born leader and politician with a keen and highly intelligent mind who was also very respectful to non-human species. In fact Lelouch displayed a curiosity about some of the non-human species he met especially Wookiees.

Suddenly a service droid designed and styled to look like a butler approached him with a data pad in hand.

"Scratch that it looks like I'll have a party I must attend…public appearances and all that after all." Lelouch replied with a sigh. It was perhaps one of the disadvantages of being a Count, but also Lelouch's own reputation he was establishing for himself was also catching up to him. It wasn't that it was bad, but Lelouch considered in the long term grand scheme of things it was best to get something of a reputation going.

The young man just didn't think he would do this well in establishing himself in one year.

"Query: Master do you mean the kind of party where I could engage in unadulterated killing of meat bags?" The assassin droid spoke with a very hopeful tone in his voice, almost like a child wanting to go to the candy store to satisfy its sweet tooth.

"Sadly HK not that kind of party, but you'll have a chance to try out your new functions in due time. Besides I wanted to have you go against some combat training droids to check out the weapons and make sure you are operating at peak efficiency before we head to find the next Star Map."

"Objection: But I feel brand new master."

"I know, but I want to be sure after all the time and money I spent in upgrading you I don't want to find out there is any faulty parts or weapons in the worse possible situation."

"Understanding Statement: I see master…to test my new capabilities is good idea for any extensive upgrades done to a droid with such a long service record like mines."

"I am glad you understand HK, but now in the meantime I better get my best attire ready."

"Query: If I may inquire master what is so special about this party?"

"Well how do I describe it? It's a clarity dinner between the counts and other noble families of the planet along with some off world special guests coming to collect donations for humanitarian purposes."

"Doesn't sound like anything special?" HK replied sounding depressed.

"Well two of the special guests are." Lelouch began as he paused before saying. "Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and her husband Han Solo, how is that for special guests?"

"Amusing Response: The leader of the New Republic…yes I would say that is special enough." HK-47 commented.

A/N: Well we have one year time skip and next Lelouch is going to meet Leia and Han as Count Lamperouge. Using some his new wealth and ties with the Empire of the Hand Lelouch has had HK-47 upgraded and completely rebuilt giving him a powerful brand new droid body using a new armor still being developed by certain company that has yet to take shape, but…who cares lol. HK-47 is now stronger and deadlier than before. The droid's time to shine will come during the Shadow Academy incident where HK-47 will get to show off his new upgrades and fighting capabilities.

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