Author note: This is my first story I'm writing, please, please, PLEASE leave some criticism for me, I'll like to improve and make this story as entertaining for the reader as best as I can. Thank you.

A bus, rumbling down the snowy road stopped at the corner, the doors flung open and out stepped a golden cat, with a grey flat cap, his name was Jethro B. Mundy. He looked around, inspecting the cold winter environment.

It's bloody cold out here… He started walking down the sidewalk; this was his first time with snow. He leaned his head back and stuck out his tongue, trying to capture the dancing snowflakes.

Then suddenly…WHAM! He was startled by the thud that hit his chest; he looked down to see a pink cat on the ground.

"OW! What the hell? Watch where you're going, dumb ass!" the pink cat snared.

Jethro look at the girl's blue eyes, and seemed shocked.


"What did you just call me?" the pink cat said, getting up.

The golden cat quickly recovered from his shock,

"Oh, sorry. My bad, I thought you were someone else."

"Well that's nice, now if you'll excuse me…..MY DS!" The pink cat, panicking like mad, started looking around for the handheld. Jethro just stared at her with a blank expression. "Hey! You need to help find it too, you know!" The golden cat was about to ask, why, but then realized that asking that would probably not be the best thing to say. So, he took a deep sigh, crouches down, and starts to sweep snow away lazily. About fifteen minutes later, he found the pink handheld, soaked in water, and snow.

"Oi! I found it!"

The pink cat rushed over and snatched the DS away from him, "Yeah, you're welcome…"

"ACK! It's fried!" she screeched. She instantly turn towards him and shouted "This is your fault! You're going to have to buy me a replacement!"

"Well, technically, this is your fault too. If ya haven't stuck ye eyes to that thing you coulda avoided me." Jethro said bluntly. Knowing that he had a point, she stumbled for words to say back.

"Yeah…well… I was the one who fell over and lost my DS, so you have more blame than me."

Jethro took another deep sigh; this sheila ain't gunna give up till I pay for her stupid thing….

"Aight fine, I'll buy you anotha DS."

"Yeah, about time!" the girl turned around, "Follow me, there's a GameStop close by here." The pink cat started to head down the sidewalk, Jethro kept a good distance between himself and the girl. About ten minutes later they arrived at the store. Jethro walked up to the counter, and ask for one DS.

"You want a certain colour?" the clerk asked. Jethro looked down at the impatient girl.

"Probably pink." He answered bluntly. The store clerk got the DS, and ringed it up.

"That'll be 154 dollars." Stated the store clerk, Jethro dug out his wallet, and pulled out two, one hundred Canadian dollars out of his wallet. The pink cat looked with astonishment at the amount of money. Jethro handed a plastic bag to the girl.

"Here ya go no hard feelin' eh?"

"Yeah, sure." She snatched the plastic bag, and headed out the store. The pink cat walked a few yards before she heard that same Australian accent once again.

"Oi! Sheila!" Jethro ran up to her. The girl pinched her fingers between her eyes, annoyed by the golden cat.

"Okay, look my name is Aeris, alright? So, stop calling me weird names." She said in an annoyed tone.

"Aight, Aeris… I need a new place to live. Ya know any houses o' apartments that I could rent out?" Aeris remember that the apartment next door to hers, is up for rent, but she had quite enough of this guy.

"Nope, sorry."

"Well, you think you could let me bunk at ya place?"

"Absolutely not."

"Come on, there's no way I'm sleepin' outta doors in this weather." At this point, Aeris was ready to sock him straight in the mouth. But then an evil smile came across her face.

"Okay, look…." She looked at him, her hand going in a circular motion, as if to cue him.


"Alright, Jethro I'll tell you were you can find a place to stay, but only on one condition."

Little bugga lied to me…"Okay, shoot."

"You hand me all your money."

Jethro looked at Aeris with the same blank expression as before.

"Fine." He reached into his pocket and gave Aeris his wallet. Actually surprised that he accepted the deal, she opened to wallet to see the contents inside.

There's like 900 dollars in here! She checked the license, Jethro Bentley Mundy, Age: 19, Resistence: New South Wales, there was another card in there yellowed from age; it read "Member of the AWP". She took two hundred out of the wallet and gave it back to him.

"Thought you were goin' to take all my cash." Jethro said, checking the wallet, and then putting back in his pocket.

"I changed my mind, follow me." She said. Jethro cocked an eye brow, then leaned his head back and followed Aeris. After about twenty minutes of walking, they arrived at the apartment complex. The two cats walked up towards the counter were an old grey cat was snoring away. Jethro was shocked to see the old cat.

"Hey! Old man!" shouted Aeris. The old cat woke up, "Dude here wants to rent the place next door to mine."

"Oh, well that's splendid, how do you do?" Jethro still staring at the old cat muttered something.


"What was that, sonny? Cable? Well of course we got cable." Replied the old man, Aeris snapped her fingers in front of Jethro's face. He instantly phased back into reality.

"Damn, that was some serious spacing out there." Aeris said.

"It happens." Jethro said, shaking his head a bit. The old cat whipped out some paperwork for the golden cat to sign. Aeris waited near the elevator. When he was finished with the paper work and gave the first month's rent to the landlord, he then walked into the elevator with Aeris.

"Well now I'm broke." Jethro stated, pushing the third button.

"It happens" said Aeris in her best Australian accent. Jethro glanced at her and she giggled, and then rolled his eyes in an "I don't care" fashion.

At least she's getting' somewhat friendly…

They walked out of the elevator doors and headed down the hall to the right. Passing through doors that looked all the same, until they reached two doors, #314, and #315.

"Okay here we are neighbor." Aeris said, "lets try and get along." She stuck her hand out.

"Yeah sure." Jethro clutched her hand, and shook it.

"Hey, look I know we went on a bad start, but why don't you come over tomorrow morning, and meet my roommate, although I'll have to warn you, he's a major retard."

"That sounds like aces." He said sarcastically.

"Cool, g'night" Aeris said, as she opened her door and went inside. Jethro did the same, and enter his new apartment. He took off his shoes, and walked down the dark hallway and into the living room. He sighed and sat down, leaned against the wall and placed his bag behind his head to make a makeshift pillow.


Aeris walked into her apartment, a grey cat with a bell around his neck sat on the couch playing Mortal Kombat.

"Hey Aeris, what took ya so long?"

"Hey Leo, well I ran into some guy, who is now our new neighbor." Aeris said. The grey cat hopped off the couch and ran up to her and got up into her face.

"We have a new neighbor?"

"Yes! Yes! Calm down, Christ." She said, and pushed him away.

"So, what's he like?"

"I don't know, he's tall, has gold fur, pretty indifferent attitude, and he's from Australia. "

"Wow, he sounds pretty cool."

"Yeah, but he seems kinda weird you know, I mean they guy had about 1100 dollars in his wallet."

"DAYUM, he's pretty stacked!"

"Yeah, and apparently he's part of some group I never heard of, called the AWP."

"Whoa, he's like, got some major mystery surrounding him man." Leo said, impersonating Shaggy.

"Ugh, shut up." Aeris said as she took off her coat and hat. She then put the plastic bag on the kitchen table. Instantly Leo's attention went towards it.

"So, what's in the bag man?"Leo asked, still doing the Shaggy impersonation, Aeris gave Leo a death stare," Okay, I'll stop."

"Well it's my new DS." Answered Aeris, she walked into the living room, and sat down on the couch.

"I thought you already had a DS." Said Leo, Aeris placed her hands on her forehead and her elbow on her knees.

"It's a long story, don't even ask."Leo, curious, walked over and sat next to Aeris; he sat there and pondered for about nine minutes.

"So…. your prostituting yourself to get DS's?"

"What? Freaking A, Leo." Aeris turned around and punched him in the arm.


Back at Jethro's Apartment…

Jethro had his hands over his ears, bloody whackas, no wonda these people left… He moved to a different room, where it was quieter, and then lay back against the wall again. He sat there for a good ten minutes. He couldn't sleep,and then he remembers Aeris's eyes, and how they were like hers, and the old landlord, who looked just like him…


Then his entire life started going through his mind, like movie film, and he was the projector. He started to sweat and shake, and then he heard a voice:

Ya need that cough syrup dontcha?

"Nah, I don't need that, I don't do that no more…" he muttered to himself.

Haha yeh just keep sayin' that mate, but it won't help ya

"It's true, I don't need it, I'm different now…"

Fine mate, but just remember I'll always be here, I'll neva disappear. Just say when, and I'll be back to take over again…

Then he began to calm down, the voice was gone, the memories were gone, someone must of cut the film.

He sighed, placed his flat cap over his eyes, and slowly drifted into sleep.

That's all behind me now, all those people…tomorrow, is a new day for me, I'll start new, I'll start fresh, I'll forget what I've done, and go on from there…that's a promise…