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"Too late for the otherside…

Caught in a chase, 25 to life…"

A middle aged cat, with tattoos on his right arm, was singing to his visitors, a woman, and a child; most likely the wife and child of him. Aeris was sitting a couple seats from them; she was sitting at the visiting area waiting for Jethro to arrive on the other side of the glass to talk. Finally the golden cat arrived and sat down on the chair, they both picked up the phone on their side of the glass, and gawked at each other for awhile, the typical way her visits start out. It's been at least five months since the incident, and Jethro's trial still hasn't happened yet.

"So…how do you feel?" Aeris finally said, to break the silence.

"Good actually, I feel a lot betta than I was back in my first week of jail…Well I mean back then I was detoxing, and it's the first week…but like my dad told me; no matta what situation you're in, if given enough time you'll eventually get use it."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"Yup." And then there was an awkward silence between the two, "So, what's the press been sayin' about me?" Jethro asked.

"Well, apparently they're saying that the prosecution is trying to stack charges against you, with all the assignations you did."

"Aw, shit…no wonda they were takin' so long with my trial, as well as my lawyer not visitin' me for the past four months…"

"You mean, you've haven't talked to your lawyer about the trial since your first month here?" Aeris said in disbelief.

"Yeah, and actually I honestly don't mind, guy's a real arsehole, probably spending most of his time at those pre-trial hearings or conferences or what eva they call those things."

"Sounds like you don't really like your lawyer." Aeris said jokingly.

"Tch yeah I don't, first time I met him, he wanted to plead insanity, I told him what I've done is what I've done and there's no reason to avoid it, I wanted to plead guilty, but he told me if I did then we won't have a trial at all. And with the insanity plea, I'll be sent to a nut house, and I don't want that, so we argued and then eventually I gave in…"

"Wow, he sounds like a real ass."

"Yeah no shit probably thinks I'm one too." Once again there was an awkward silence, "….How's Leo?"

"He's doing better, they got him on some physical therapy, and he's recovered quite a bit."

"That's good so, does he still hate my guts?"

"Yeah, although not as much as before, Leo's the kind of guy that forgives pretty easily, I didn't think he would stay madder than hell at you for long, but I swear he feels more betrayed than angry."

"Yeah, I don't blame 'em, had the same thing practically to happen me…" he said solemnly, he had his fingers pressed against the side of his face looking down, "…good friend ends up backstabbing ya, a real snake in the bushes…", Aeris looked at Jethro silently, then leaned back in her chair and took a deep breath, she opened her mouth to speak but paused, almost hesitant to say whatever she wanted to say. Jethro looked up and gave small laugh, "Go ahead, I'm fine with whateva." Aeris was somewhat surprised to hear that remark but also gave a small chuckle, however became serious quickly.



"Who…who was that guy you killed at your apartment?"

"Him…yeah I almost forgot about him…" he rubbed his face and leaned back in his chair, "his name was Angkor."

"Angkor?" Aeris asked with puzzle look.

"Yeah I know, it's an odd name, but the thing is, is that he said he forgotten who he was, lost his identity, and said that the mask he wore gave him life or new identity or somethin' like that… I really didn't understand the bloke a whole lot, talked weird, sounded weird, looked weird. But he was there to help me get me out of the hole I dug myself. I guess he was my final lifeline, my safety rope before I came crashing down, and I cut him loose…"

"…Just like an anchor?" Aeris interrupted, Jethro looked up and nodded.

"Yeah, just like that…" he said quietly to himself, "Actually some of his guys came over for a visit, they dress like him, suit and tie, mask over their faces. They came by and told me that maybe it's the time to end it…Not really sure what they mean by "to end it", maybe they're considerin' disbanding the AW…"a police officer came up behind Jethro and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Jethro your lawyer is on the line right now, he wants to tell you something real quick. Your visiting time won't be used up talking to him, so you can come back when you're done." The officer said.

"Oh okay," he turned to Aeris, "I'll be back." She nodded to him, as he got up and followed the officer. She hung the phone back on the receiver, and waited semi-patiently for him to return, the singing inmate was still singing to his visitors, but it was different song, Aeris decided to listen to pass the time.

"Is anybody out there? It feels like I'm talkin' to myself…

Nobody knows my struggle, and everything I come from…

Can anybody hear me? Yeah, I guess I keep talkin' to myself

It feels like I'm goin' insane, am I the one who's crazy?"

Jethro came back and sat down with a worried look on his face, Aeris picked up the phone.

"So what's up?" she asked as soon as Jethro picked up the phone on his side.

"Well, apparently they finally reached an agreement, and sorted all the evidence and shit out."

"That's good, right?"

"Well I guess so, but the thing is, is that my trial is a week from now."

"Wait, really?" Aeris almost shouted, everyone in the room turned and glanced at her, an officer came up and told her to lower her voice or else they had to take her out. Jethro was rubbing the inside of his ear, from hearing the shout directly through the phone.

"Eh keep ya voice down, I don't want to go deaf on one ear…"

"Sorry, but why so soon?"

"My lawyer told me that the judge is sick of the case, since they've been workin' on it for a long time, and wants it over with."

"Oh I see…So is that good news, or bad?"

"I honestly don't know, but I'm feelin' bad about it…" they both leaned back in their chairs at the same time, as though they were reflections in a mirror. After another long silence Jethro perked up, "Speakin' about my trial, I know Leo is already goin' to testify against me, but… what 'bout you, Aeris?"

"Me... I don't know, you're my friend, but Leo is too. I really don't know what I'm going to do."

"Well, honestly I don't really care, the verdict is pretty much clear as day. But Aeris, I know ya care and all but I'm just some random bloke who happened to cross paths with ya, and even though we all became friends, Leo is a lot closer to ya than me aight? His goin' to get betta, he's always goin' to be there for ya, I mean heck he's ya roommate ya goin' to see all the time…But me, I won't be able to see you or Leo, I'm already ill as I can be, I'll be in prison, and just cause I have a terrible life doesn't mean you have to worry about me…"

"So, what's your point?" Aeris asked cautiously.

"Aight, I'll cut to the chase, I want ya to testify against me."

"What?" Aeris almost shouted out, once again everybody stared at the pink cat, and an officer came up and gave her one last warning before they were going to ask her to leave.

"Damn, I'm really goin' to go deaf if ya keep that up…" he said, rubbing his ear once again, "But sounds like ya have problem with that."

"Well wouldn't you if your friend asked to go against him in court?"

"Look, ya not goin' up against me in court it's just that ya tellin' the truth whole truth and nothin' but the truth. Besides, I really got nothin' to lose, I have no family, no real occupation, no money, hell the only things I got are you guys and the apartment…and honestly I think I've lost the will to even care a long time ago."

"Jethro…" Aeris clenched her fist, but released it immediately, "Fine, I understand…"

"Thanks Aeris for understandin', I just wish Leo would feel the same…as well as everyone else."

"Yeah, well like I said, he'll forgive you eventually, everybody will."

"I hope ya right…" Jethro said dauntingly, another officer came behind Jethro and pointed his watch indicating that Jethro's time was up, "Anyways thanks again Aeris, I guess I'll see ya at court."

"Yeah, see you then." She said slowly, as Jethro got up and had handcuffs placed on him. Aeris sat there for awhile, pondering. She finally got out from her seat and walked out, not bothering to hear another song by the singing man.

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