Scenes of Torture, a Care Bear Fan Fiction Story.

Author's Note: This storyline has been in my head for about a year or two and begs to be written, so here it goes. Oh, yeah, and for those of you who are reading my story featuring the Pevensie children from the Chronicles of Narnia series, my protagonist isn't exactly the same one as in that story.

Disclaimer: If I owned the Care Bears, then there would be more of a focus on the Caring Missions than there are. The Caring Missions would be about the Care Bears helping all kinds of people through all kinds of problems, not just kids. Obviously, the Care Bear TV show never took Caring Missions this far, which proves that I don't own, or claim ownership to these wonderful creatures. American Greeting Cards and Those Characters from Cleveland do.

Chapter One

A Wish to Help

Miracle sat with her back to the backboard of her dorm bed with tears streaming down her cheeks. Ever since she was six years old, Miracle wanted to have a job that helped people. She knew that she wanted to be a writer, but unless if she made it big suddenly like J.K. Rowling did, she'd be dirt poor. The problem was, Miracle's only talent was writing. That wasn't the only reason she was crying, though.

Even though Miracle had four friends she'd made since starting college, which helped relieve the intense loneliness she felt during her elementary, middle, and high school years, she still felt empty. Being with her four friends helped to push back the loneliness for a few seconds, but then she'd got back to feeling like she wasn't part of the group.

"I wish I could have a career that helps people and allows me to make enough money to support myself. But I wish more than anything else to feel part of a group of best friends," Miracle choked out through her sobs.

Miracle felt some trepidation in speaking her wish out loud, fearing what the consequences. The last times she wished for something to happen to her were when she wanted some adventure and excitement in her life. The results of these wishes were to watch her one best friend she met at camp attempt suicide, and see her dad pass out at al wedding due to food poisoning.

But, because Miracle wasn't wishing for an adventure or any excitement in her life, she highly doubted that these wishes would come true, even though she put her heart into the effort. After all, Miracle had known loneliness since she was six, rejection since she was three. What made her think the downward spiral or life was going would change?