Darien leaned against the rail as he stared out over the bridge that he often came to when he felt the need to think. Looking out across the water, Darien thought over all of the changes that had happened in less than two years. In that time he had gone from believing that he knew exactly what was in store for himself and his (at that time) girlfriend to not having a clue what to expect next.

Serena was not only about to marry another man but had also recently been stripped of her powers; something that he still couldn't get over. How could the powers that be allow for either of those things to happen? Still, taking Serena's inability to become Sailor Moon apparently was the price for her choice to defy destiny. A high cost indeed. Letting out a sigh, Darien watched the water beneath the bridge slowly move with the tide. The water moving in a hypnotic manner, Darien soon found himself under its spell.

Among the ripples of the water images of tall white pillars began to form as a regal figure began to take shape within the waterway's reflection. Darien squinted his eyes as the figure began to become clearer. He'd seen this person before but it was never easy to come face to face with the image of himself in another time. This man had haunted his dreams with cryptic messages yet never once gave him any warning that the future that he'd seen was not to be his. Well, not really; his in another lifetime but not in this one.

Darien glared at his doppelganger and threw out his question of why. Why had he not told him that this day would be coming? Surely he had deserved a warning so that he could have prepared himself. So that he wouldn't have based his life on a lie.

"There was a lesson that we needed to learn," the King of the Earth replied simply.

"A lesson?" Darien couldn't hold back the venom as he felt that his future self seemed to be treating him as a child. "And just what would that lesson be? That I end up being some cryptic bastard who won't speak clearly; even to myself?"

"The lesson was, sometimes you don't truly appreciate someone until they are gone," the king said sadly. "I dare say you'll not take the people in your life for granted again."

"If you had just told me what was going to happen I could have done something differently." Darien clenched his fist tightly as he stared at his reflection.

"But would you have?" came the response from the watery portal. "Remember, I know you as well as you know yourself. I am you. Once you saw how your destiny was lain out so far into the future you became very comfortable in your position; never even dreaming that there was more that you hadn't seen yet. But just because you know the ultimate destination at the end of the road does not mean that you know where every pot-hole and detour along the way are. During this time of your lives you will travel similar roads yet will be separate. It is through this that you will learn to navigate together and in time your paths will once more cross."

Later Darien sat on his couch thinking over all that the king had told him while not sure what to do about the fact that Serena was scheduled to get married tomorrow. It took everything in him to not plan to barge into the church and publicly object to the union that he still had a hard time accepting. The wiser part of himself knew that to do such a thing would only show him to be a fool.

Maybe it would have been easier if the man who had stolen Serena's heart was obviously not good enough for her. Not that he'd ever want to see her mistreated but if she was then he could feel justified in fighting this relationship that seemed to make Serena happier than he had ever made her. Then Darien could tell himself that he was rescuing her just the same way he always has. This time it was just from a different kind of enemy. Instead Darien was well aware of the fact that Kyle was very good to her. He had been exactly what she had needed in both lifetimes. He had supported Serena during her time of trying to find herself when she had felt lost and had continued to be there for her even after she had been stripped of her powers.

So what was he to do now that Serena didn't need him to protect her; not only from her own choices but from the forces of Darkness? Now that she was no longer Sailor Moon nor possess the Moon Crystal she quite likely would no longer show up on any potential enemy's radar. So didn't that mean that Serena was free to be happy with her new life? Shouldn't he be glad that she now had that opportunity? After all, if you truly love someone would you only want them happy so long as they are with you? Would it not be selfish to only want her happy if she was with him?

Letting out a sigh, Darien knew that he'd already answered his own questions. He just needed to accept the answer.

Serena Tsukino stared at her reflection nearly giddy that the day of her wedding had finally arrived. So much had happened since Kyle had first proposed. She had gone from not wanting to think on her life as Sailor Moon to having to go back and fight against an evil that had been unlike any that she and the other Scouts had ever fought. Then Kyle had been given powers to help her and the others fight only for Serena's powers to be taken away by the Cosmic Elders. The only thing that hadn't changed during all of that time was the fact that Serena never once doubted that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Kyle Garret.

Sitting in front of her vanity, Serena could hear her friends who had come to help her get ready for her wedding just behind her as they chattered about the upcoming events of the day. Molly, being her Maid of Honor, had been put in charge of the other women as they all prepared for their roles in the ceremony. Serena got a bit of a charge watching as the last minute details were attended to as she was literally faced with the last few moments of single life. In less than an hour she would be a married woman. That fact alone seemed a bit surreal. Married. That word brought a huge smile to her lips.

"Serena, now that we have your make-up done, it's time to finish with your hair." Mina walked over to the vanity and went to work primping Serena's hair. Fashion was, after all, her expertise. Mina began to set Serena's hair and wove small pink flowers in among the blond strains. "You just leave everything to me. You'll be the best looking bride that's ever been."

Serena giggled as the Scout of Love went to work on her hair. Meanwhile the others were finishing up the last minute details to their own hair and make-up as they all chattered away about the upcoming event of the day. Mina had just finished with Serena's hair when there was a knock on the door leading to the dressing room where the six young women were preparing in.

"Serena," Ikuko came into the room, wearing a dress that was very similar to the shade of pale pink that all of the bride's maids were wearing, carrying a vase with a single red rose and a card attached to the bloom. "This was left for you."

Serena turned toward her mother and took the vase from her and read the short note that had come with the single flower. It was very short. It only read:

Serena, be happy.



"Who's it from?" Lita asked out of curiosity.

Serena didn't know if she should smile or cry at the simple message that had come with the rose. Fighting back a little of both she handed the card to her friend and let her read it for herself. The very fact that Darien, her one time love, had even sent the small token on her wedding day surprised her. She knew that her marrying Kyle was not easy for him to accept but these simple words meant a lot to her. Serena only hoped that he too could be happy.

Surely if there was another heart that had been made to fit her own then there must be one for Darien. Serena hoped that he would find that heart someday so that he would not spend a lifetime alone watching a love that could not be from afar. Much in the way Kyle had done in his previous life. This was not the time for her and Darien to be together but they did already know when that time was to be. Even so, Serena did truly want Darien to be as happy as she was now.

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