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SPOV (Sam)

When I woke up I could hear the pack down stairs waiting for Emily to get breakfast ready. I quickly got dressed and went down stairs. Once I walked in the kitchen I could hear the guys saying things like 'Finally' and 'Thank God'. I laughed to myself, they were always like this.

"Good morning." Emily said. Emily is my wife and imprint. She is also pregnat. The baby was due any day now. I told her that it would be a little girl, but she thinks it is a boy.

I went over to my wife and gave her a kiss on her scars then her lips. She smiled at me and rubbed her swollen belly.

"Any day now." I said quietly in her ear. She smiled and gave me another kiss.

"He better get here soon. I'm ready for him to be here." Emily said gently. I had to correct her.

"You mean she." Emily laughed at me and shook her head. She went to go get the food then. I followed her and helped her sit it out for everyone.

"Breakfast." Emily said grabbing her plate and sitting down. The boys were in the kitchen before you could say food. They quickly got there plates, sat down, and shovled the food into their mouths.

Once everyone was finshed and the dishes were done, we went into the living room to hang out. It was funny to watch everyone interact with each other. Jacob and Paul would always play fight and smart off to each other. The pack was always making bets on them. Jared would sometimes fight with them to, but he liked to sit by Kim. She was his imprint. Quil would be the jokester and make horrible, crappy jokes. Embry would do, well Embry would just sit there and watch what was going on. He would rarely joined the fights and he was really quiet and shy.

Jacob and Paul were starting to get into another fight when Emily suddenly gasped in pain. I looked at her and saw her grabbing her stomace. I knew instatly that the baby was coming. I gently picked Emily up and started giving orders.

"Embry, can you go get Emily's bag while I get her in the car? Jacob and Quil, go tell Billy the baby's coming. Jared, go tell Harry and Sue, and Paul, tell Old Quil. Meet at the hosipital." I said running out to the car. Emily was breathing hard and I could tell she was in pain. Suddenly I felt something wet on my shirt. I relized that her water broke.

"Hurry, this baby is coming fast." My wife said in a sort gasp. Her hold on one of my hands tighted and she let out a low scream. I finally got her into the car, when Embry came running over with her hosiptial bag.

"Hop in the back Embry. You can ride with us." I said starting up the car. Emily's breath was coming in short gasps now and I knew that our baby girl was going to be here in a matter of a few minutes.

~~~~~~~~~~~TIME LASPES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was holding my newborn baby girl. She was so pretty, with her dark russet skin and chocolate brown eyes. I knew I was going to have to beat the boys of her with a stick. No not a stick, I would have to phase and scare them to death to get them to leave her alone. I looked at Em and saw a bright smile on her face. She looked tired too, but I knew that after what she went through that she would be.

"She's beautiful." I said quietly. I didn't want to startle our little girl.

"She is. What should we name her?" Em asked. I thought about it for a minute. We had gone through a lot of baby name books together and I knew the one that fit her perfectly.

"How about Isabella?" I asked her. Em nodded, her smile getting bigger.

"That's perfect." Em said with a yawn. I handed her our baby girl carefully. Emily needed to hold her before she went to sleep. My wonderful wife held our baby gently, Isa looked up at her. Looking at Isa's eyes you could tell that she was very intellagent. Both of my girls yawned then. The smile on my face got bigger at that. They were so beautiful. Emily started to rock Isabella gently and Isa's eye lids closed. Emily looked about ready to pass out.

"Here let me take her, so you can get some sleep." I said carefully lifting my sleeping baby. Em gave me one more smile before she fell asleep. I sat down in a chair and watched my girls sleep.

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