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EPOV (Emily)

It was time to feed Isa. I just woke up about 30 minutes ago and my baby wanted milk. She was drinking happyly and at a fast past. It was weird breast feeding. Not that it was painful, it just felt weird. Isa seemed happy though. She was a wonderful baby.

When she was done, I put her on my shoulder and gently patted her back untill she burped. It was a loud guyish burp. I knew she was going to be one of the guys. Great another guy, why did I want a boy in the first place? I sighed, lets hope she's at least a little girly.

"Good morning." Sam said sitting up. He had fell asleep in a chair beside my bed.

"Good morning to you to. I just finshed feeding Isa." I said with a laugh, I was thinking about the burp still.

"What's so funny?" He asked me. He was probably thinking that I'm sleep diprived.

"I was burping her and she sounded like one of the boys. Then I started to wonder why I wanted a boy in the first place, we already have so many." I said with a smile. Sammy gave me a small smile and shook his head. I didn't care if he didn't get a laugh out of it the way I did. I still thought it was funny.

"I'm going to go get the doctor and see when you can leave and I'm going to go get the boys." He said getting up. I nodded my head. I know the boys are going to fall in love Isabella.


EMPOV (Embry)

Last night Sam had come out and told us it was a girl. I felt happy for Emily, she was going to have a big loving family for the baby girl. I wonder what she looks like. I couldn't wait to see her.

Now it is the next day and the pack was sitting around at Sam's house, just talking. We all wanted to see our... well I'm not really sure what she is to us. Jake and Paul were not fighting for a change and Jared had Kim with him. Kim was estatic about seeing the baby.

Suddenly Sam came into the house and we all jumped up with a worried expression on all of our faces. I was thinking that something bad had happened. Then I saw the smile on Sam's face.

"Come on guys. We're going to go get Emily. Let me go grab some clothes for her and we can go." He said ruuning upstairs. We went outside and waited for him.

When Sam finally got outside, he told us to follow him to the hosipital. All of us got into our cars and went to the hosipital. On the way there, I was thinking about what the baby would look like. Sam still hasn't told us what the baby's name is. I really wanted to know. The drive seemed to take forever and I was getting antsy. Nobody in the pack knows this, but I'm very closterphobic. I was fine in the house with everyone. It was just being in a small inclosed space for a long time that I don't like.

I could see the hosipital know and I was feeling slightly better. I parked the car and got out. I breathed in and out before going over to the others. The pack followed Sam in and up to Emily's room. We stayed outside the door until she was dressed and then we went in.

Emily was sitting on the edge of the bed rocking a small baby. I couldn't the baby's face though. Emily looked up at us and smiled.

"Do you all want to hold Isabella?" She asked us. We all nodded and Jared and Kim walked up to her first. Emily gave Kim Isabella and Kim smiled down at the baby. Jared got to hold her next and then Paul, Jake, and me. When Isa, I thougt it was a good nickname, got to me I looked down at her face. Her chocolate brown eyes looked up at me.

Suddenly Isa was the center of my world. I had imprinted on her. She blinked and gave me a small smile. I could not help the hudge goofy grin that spread across my face. Isa was so beautiful, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. My wolf knew that she needed a older brother and friend right now, so atleast I wasn't wanting to claim her.

When I finally could tear my eyes away from Isa, I looked up at Sam and Emily. Sam had a weird look on his face, like he wanted to be mad but he couldn't. Emily looked happy. She knew that someone was there to take care of her baby. I gave Sam a look that said, 'I'm sorry, but I love her and please do not kill me.' He just gave me a smile and that made me relax. Then Paul had to say something.

"Oh great another one." He said in a exsaperated voice. I gave a small growl and he just looked at me. I could feel Isa snuggle into me and I looked down at her. She had a tiny hand pressed lightly to my chest and her head was also rested on my chest. I had to smile at her.

"Come on guys, lets get back to the house and get something to eat. I don't know about you, but I'm starving." Sam said grabbing Emily's hand and leading the way. I pulled Isa closer to me and followed them to their car.

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