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Sail 1- Forbidden Obsessions

Focused chocolate eyes scan the calculations on thinly ruled paper, meticulously searching for any errors. Errors he was certain would be nonexistent. His brother had always been sickeningly perfect in that way. He'd spent the past hour or so in the guise of sleep, simply watching Ichigo work. It was a miracle that his overactive brain could stay trained on one subject for so long, but he attributed the uncharacteristic length in his attention span to the enigma that was his twin, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Slow breaths, in and out, a steady hand for perfect penmanship, the ever-present scowl in wakefulness, and a posture that could shame the most prideful of royals, every little detail was tightly controlled and unchanging. Every once in a long while he'd be blessed with a long stretch of tightened muscles or the customary head rolling to relieve a stiff neck; each movement captivating him more. Long, long, jean clad legs leading to narrow hips and a firm rounded backside would extend first, followed directly by the tense stretch of all the lower muscles. Then his torso would pull tight as his arms reached toward the ceiling, black t-shirt riding up just enough to expose the muscular 'V' directly below the beautifully sculpted abdominal muscles. As toned, muscular arms descended, tan hands would pause over a stiff neck, pressing roughly into the muscles joining the neck and shoulder as a head of bright tangerine colored hair rolled in circular motions to alleviate the tension.

Briefly, he contemplates breaking from his sleep act to play the role of concerned and caring brother, offering his own pale hands to rub the knots out of those tight broad shoulders, but the thought is shattered by the offensive ringing of his own traitorous cell phone.

Assuming him to be asleep, Ichigo effortlessly rises from the swiveling computer chair and grabs the device from their shared dresser before stepping out of the room to answer, "Grimmjow, it's Ichigo. Shiro's sleeping, but I can tell him you called when he wak-" Despite his brother being in the hall, the door is still open and he can hear the conversation clearly enough. The silence following the broken sentence tells him that Grimmjow interrupted, which is no surprise.

"Fuck you, I'm not waking him up! You know how rare it is for him to actually get decent sleep." It's true, he never really slept well at night, but then again, he imagines that most men who's subconscious mind indulges in sexual fantasies with their twin rarely do. Perhaps it's karma finally getting back at him for secretly scaring away three of Ichigo's potential roommates before the start of their first semester. His brother thought that with the start of college, maybe it was time to break old habits and room separately, but despite agreeing on the outside, he had absolutely no intention of letting the love of his life shack up with another man. Three strikes and he had successfully secured the home plate.

"No. He'll call you- Correction, he might call you back when he wakes up. Gook luck asshole." He barely suppressed a laugh at the thought of how enraged Grimmjow would be at being denied, then hung up on. Most people feared the burly blunettes rage, but the twins weren't most people. Individually, both he and his brother were a force to be reckoned with, but put them together and they were damned deadly. Like yin and yang, his berserker way of fighting was complimented by his brother's thoughtfully calculated moves. They were unstoppable.

As said brother reappeared in the doorway, he decided to ditch the act, lazily opening his eyes the rest of the way, "Did he say what he wanted?"

"What the hell? You were awake?"

An equally lazy smile pulled at pale lips, "Obviously."

Orange brows knitted in confusion, "Why didn't you say anything? Could have saved me the trouble, Jerk."

Reaching over his head, he gave a long, languid stretch, not missing the pointed lingering glance of dark brown eyes. For all of their differences, the one major thing they seem to have in common is an unnatural attraction for each other. It really is a shame that his brother is ignorant to that fact. He contemplated for a long time forcing his 'innocent' sibling to realize what they shared was...deeper, but feared driving him away. Ultimately, he decided to wait for his brother to come to him. Unfortunately, that is taking much longer than he had anticipated, and his patience has been wearing thin as of late.

"Didn't wanna talk, don't plan on going anywhere, so I decided tah play dead."

The phone was carelessly tossed to him, "You have fun with that. I'm going out."

It took a moment for the words to completely sink in, but when they finally did he had to consciously work at staying calm, "You have plans on a Friday night?"

Ichigo snorted before throwing open the closet door, "Don't sound so shocked. I have friends too yah know."

"Oh, and which lucky friend gets graced with your presence tonight?" Who shall receive the brunt of his jealousy?

"You remember that guy I introduced you to from my Stats class? He came over to study-"

"Shiba Kaien." Took all he had not to throw the guy out the door on his ass, the way those two had been stealing glances at each other all night. He really thought he'd seen the last of that asshole though when Ichigo said he'd dropped the class. Why couldn't his brother see that the only reason he was attracted to that guy was because he resembled his older twin, only more colorful.

"Yeah, that's him. There's a free concert in the park tonight; wanted to check out the band."

There goes his night, looks like it's time to scare off another one, "Have fun."

He watched as dexterous tan hands tied black sneakers, "That's the plan. Don't burn the place down while I'm gone."

"Not likely." He won't be staying home tonight after all.

Forcing a smile, he waved his brother off before scrolling down his contacts list, and pressing send...

He doesn't have to wait long for the receiver to pick up, "Who the fuck is asleep at 8:30 on a Friday night?"

"Someone who has a long night ahead of them. Be ready in twenty minutes."

"Where're we goin' and do I have to bring my own booze?" Sometimes he envied the triviality of Grimmjow's problems.

"Unless they've started serving alcohol at the park, then yes."

"The fuckin' park?"

"Yes, dipshit. We're going to the park." Big brother needs to make sure his twin doesn't stray too far down the wrong path after all.

***Don't worry, I'm not ignoring my other work in favor of a new story. This one will be short and sweet (well perhaps not so sweet), kind of like the Killers Trilogy story. Lately I've been loving creepy Shirosaki...Gotta get it out of my system.