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Sail 4- The Best Kept Secrets

Red, red, red…It looked as though the entire block's population had been massacred, yet the lone body in the center of the kitchen told a different story. The thick scent of blood was fresh, as was the putrid combination of guts and other misplaced innards strewn across the tiled floor and granite countertops. Pallid, blood spattered hands reached up to eye level after verifying what could have been the only possible outcome of such a slaughter…Death.

The timing was no coincidence. The questions were too close to gaining truth, too pointed in his direction. They had been friends for far too long considering all of his misdeeds. He should have seen this coming, should have put an end to any relationship other than the one that started his trek down this darkened path. The fault for everything here rests solely on his shoulders. Glazed blue eyes still stared him down, even in death. An alien emotion took root from the spot he couldn't tear his eyes from; its cold, ruthless fingers reaching around his neck and stealing his breath…Guilt.

He had focused for so long on the only thing that mattered, how could he have missed something so blatantly obvious? Was this a recent development, or had his brother been pulling the wool over his unseeing eyes for far longer than he liked to imagine? Apparently, Kurosaki's make excellent liars, but perhaps now they would have something to share. He was now certain that they were linked in a way that surpassed brotherhood…Obsession.

12 Hours Earlier…

He had been contemplating the night before, willing away any approaching hard on as he attempted to dissect his brothers actions, or rather, reactions to the 'dream' he'd had and it's obvious participants. He was certain that his own name was the one to slip through the passionate moans of Ichigo's release. He was also certain his brother had no idea of the role his own pale hand played in the event.

His thoughts kept getting distracted by Ichigo's attempt at conversation while hovering over the stove. He wasn't hungry, for food anyway, but cooking provided a general distraction from his subsequent vague answers. He was most wary of answering any questions pertaining to where he was last night or how he got the bruise on his cheek. Especially since he told Ichigo that he was going to stay home.

Unfortunately, those answers came literally barging through the door just as breakfast was served…

"Drag my ass to the shitty-fucking, cold ass park, to hear some shitty-fucking band and leave me with some cheap looking, beer snatching whore!"

Ichigo's eyebrows shot up at that, though not because of the home invasion, "You guys were at the park?"

Gold eyes gave a brief glare to the blue headed, improperly dressed for the temperature outside, behemoth standing at the threshold of their kitchen. Can't let the conversation stir in that direction, "Seemed like yah two were gettin' along quite nice when I left…"

Grimmjow bristled uncomfortably and leaned against the doorjamb, were his cheeks turning pink? "Sure we were. Till the bitch quoted her rate per hour."

Both he and Ichigo took a second to process what the man had just said before small snorts of withheld laughter turned into full blown guffaws of hilarity. Meanwhile, the crass intruder helped himself to their breakfast and took a seat at the kitchen bar next to him.

Calming down slightly, he nudged Grimmjow with his elbow, "Don't suppose she offered a discount for the free beer eh?" To which he received a good smack to the back of the head, sending both he and his brother into another fit of laughter. The rest of the morning had been spent trading barbs and teasing the bluenette about his hooker magnetism.

Work didn't come easy to him that afternoon. Instead of concentrating on the car parts in front of him, the only thing he was still thinking about was how Ichigo's part felt under his hand. The hum of engines replaced with the memory of that panting voice and moan of his name. His lack of attentiveness to the job, he could tell was starting to piss off the service manager. Not that he cared. He was getting tired of this job anyway…just like all the rest. Maybe he should consider re-enrolling in classes. At least that way he'd be able to keep a closer eye on his man-bait brother.

Grimmjow left the shop early, feigning illness. Though he did look rather uncomfortable when the break room television broadcast the news of the death of a local man, found strangled in an ally. The picture was what seemed to trigger his strange behavior. Did Grimmjow know Shiba? Or did he see him with Ichigo at any point? Surely if that were the case he would have said something. He'd just have to confront his long-time friend about it later. He knew the man well enough to tell if he was lying about something. Hopefully, he just wanted to play hooky.

As if things were working in his favor, the manager finally seemed to have enough of his lack of productiveness and sent him home early with a warning, 'Shape up, or don't fucking come back.' He was still contemplating the latter when turning onto his street and seeing something out of place. Grimmjow's car was parked in he and Ichigo's driveway. That couldn't be right…outside of himself, those two did not have anything in common and tended to avoid each other whenever possible. Passing his own house, he parked on the next street over and hopped a few fences to their backdoor.

Hoping the two wouldn't be in the kitchen, he quietly opened the door, grateful for the overall lack of sound his actions created. Just as silently closing the door behind him, he crept to the hall where he could finally make out their respective voices, coming from the living room…

"You can't seriously believe that shit!" -Grimmjow.

"And what? You expect me to believe your shit? You have absolutely no evidence of-" Ichigo sounded tired and irritated. Has Grimmjow been here ever since he left work over an hour ago?

"He saw you there! And he didn't look happy about your date-"

"How do you even know that!? I thought you said he disappeared?" Their voices are escalating and he was obviously the topic of conversation. Apparently Grimmjow hadn't been as oblivious as he'd thought.

"He did! Then re-appeared the next day with a bruised face you say he got from me-but didn't, and your boy toy found fresh in the alley!"

The following silence was deafening. Was Ichigo starting to believe him? Well fuck. Now what was he supposed to do?

"Look, Ichigo, I know he's your brother and this is hard to accept, but we need to continue this elsewhere. His shift should be ending soon."

He could hear his brother snort in disbelief, "I can't believe I'm resorting to this. Fine, your house. Just let me grab a few things."

The dialog ended there, but he could still hear the springs on the couch squeak as they got up, Grimmjow exiting the front door and Ichigo heading to the bedroom. He ducked back into the kitchen to avoid being seen by his brother and debated his next course of action. His 'friend' was going to be a problem, but how to get rid of this without Ichigo becoming more suspicious? Maybe he could just wait it out, it's not like there was any evidence pointing to him. But he couldn't risk Grimmjow filling his brother's head with more suspicion either, no matter how warranted. And what if Grimmjow tells someone other than his brother? Would he go to the police?

He heard the front door close and lock, alerting him that his brother had left with Grimmjow. He didn't know what his next course of action would be, but he knew that he had to follow them. Preparing for the worst case scenario, he grabbed his trusted 11'' hunting knife and re-dressed in his standard black on black, so red won't show, garb. He really hoped the knife wouldn't be necessary, but he refused to be separated from Ichigo. His brother was the only thing left keeping him sane…Well as sane as a murderer obsessed with his twin can get.

The blinds were all down, shielding his view from what was going on inside, but the only lights on were in the living room and kitchen. So he could at least deduce their location. Should he call Ichigo out and confront Grimmjow now, or wait until his brother left of his own accord. Waiting seemed like the best option, so he hunkered down in the tall bushes in Grimmjow's back yard and tried to ignore the cold.

It was a good hour or so before his brother finally exited the house, hunched over with his hands in his sweater pockets and head down, obscuring his face from curious golden eyes. Did Grimmjow make him a believer? Would he arrive home tonight with accusations to sort through? He stayed hidden in the bushes until his brother rounded the corner, clearly walking back home. Perhaps their conversation ended badly…Wouldn't Grimmjow have offered him a ride home otherwise? Good, it worked to his benefit that things ended up the way they did, with Grimmjow home alone.

Swiftly abandoning his post, he casually strode to the kitchen door, the one his brother just now exited and knocked. If Grimmjow thought his brother was returning, his guard should be down. Not waiting for an answer, he slipped his knife in his sleeve for easy access, and opened the door…




Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was dead.

Blood never bothered him; in fact to some degree it comforted him. Especially now. The guts and excessive gore was a little outside of his personal style, but overall he found that he kind of liked the expression. He would have taken a picture to capture the memory if it wasn't incriminating. But alas, he settled for simply cleaning the mess made out of the kitchen and worked his magic to make it look like Grimmjow disappeared, just like so many others. The morgue had to be the most useful job he'd ever had.

It took hours, but finally he was content with his work and tiredly stumbled up to his front door, curious and a little cautious about how his brother would react with all the skeletons spilling out of their shared closet.

Ichigo was curled on the couch with an anatomy book, and he took a second to appreciate the irony. Calculating brown eyes flicked up to meet his own as his brother stood, snapping the book shut, before dropping it to the couch behind him. "Should I even ask where you've been?"

Approaching his twin, he smirked, "Grimmjow made quite the mess out of his kitchen. Took a while to make it disappear…"

Brown eyes widened, but his brother didn't pull away from the powerful embrace as pale arms locked around him. On the contrary, the affectionate gesture was reciprocated with equal force, orange head resting on his black clothed shoulder, "Why on earth would you clean up Grimmjow's mess? No friend accuses another of murder…"

A silvery chuckle filled the room, "Even if it's true?"

The head lifted off his shoulder, so brown eyes could meet his own, "You know, this could have all been avoided if you had just said something-"

He cut his brother off, "What? That I'm in love with you and have the desire to slaughter any man that steals a mere glance from you? If you knew, you could've made things easier on us both-"

Warm pink lips covered his own, effectively interrupting every functioning brain cell he had, but the contact ended quickly. "That step would have initiated the point of no return. Not that it matters now, but it was our only real shot at any type of normalcy."

His own thoughts from earlier flitted through his mind, 'Kurosaki's make excellent liars.'

Giving a humorous snort, he realized that he'd passed the point of no return long ago.

"By the way Aibou, you make one hell of an artist."


This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because
I blame it on my A.D.D. baby…

This is how an angel cries
I blame it on my own sick pride
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby…


Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby…

Maybe I'm a different breed
Maybe I'm not listening
So blame it on my A.D.D. baby…


lalalalala oh

la lalalala
lalalalala oh

Sail with me into the dark
Sail with me into the dark
Sail with me into the dark
Sail with me, sail with me

-Sail, by Awolnation.


*Notice how Shiro was never shown actually killing Grimmjow? The hints are all over, but I think I made my point a little to encrypted. Grimmjow is already dead when Shiro enters the kitchen ;)

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