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Chapter 1

I looked up at the house I would live in, it wasn't to big but big enough for me. It was a cute little two story house in a small town called La Push, the house was surrounded by a huge garden and behind that a forest . I moved here because I needed a quiet place to live, with not too many people around.

Even though it is a small town, I know gossiping has already started. It is natural for people to start asking questions when a seventeen year old lives all by herself. Well I'm not all by myself, my dog lives with me. I love my dog, she's really lazy, there are days she's even too lazy to go to her food-bowl. She's a Rottweiler and her name is Killah, and she looks eviler than she really is. My dad gave her as a puppy for my twelfth birthday.

When I entered the house I smiled, the house was good without any malfunctions but I really should do some decorating, good thing I still had a week before school starts. The walls were a creamy white, and the kitchen cupboards are a dark brown. After having inspected the first floor, which had a living room, kitchen, storage room and garage I walked upstairs. I had two bedrooms and one bathroom that's more than big enough for me.

I didn't have much furniture so I didn't had to worry about that too much. I started unpacking all my kitchen supplies after that I decided to give Killah her spot in the house and I grabbed the two boxes that said: DOGGIE! I started giving everything it's place and made sure she had water and food ready. I put her cushions on the floor, one in the living room and one in the kitchen, before placing all her toys on the one in the kitchen. She walked over to it immediately.

Then I started unpacking my clothes, IPod-docking, books, photos and all the rest. When I was done I plopped down in the couch and before I even knew it I was asleep.

The next morning I woke up early, it was only eight. I got up and made myself and Killah breakfast. I know putting it like this living on your own sounds boring, and believe can be. After breakfast I headed upstairs and took a long warm shower to relax my muscles a bit. I walked over to my closet and dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a red one shoulder shirt. I let my hair dry naturally so the waves fell gracious down.

I took a glance in the mirror and smiled, I'm not too tall only 5'2" and I'm rather slim. My black hair reaches the middle of my back and my eyes are an very light blue and I'm very pale. I have delicate features, but every one of my kind has them.

You want to know what I am? Well I'm a dark Angel, and much to my displeasure not any dark Angel, no, my dad is the head you can say so that makes me the dark princes. That's one of the reasons I moved to this little village, there were no angels here, no one would know me and I would be able to live my life like I wanted it.

I look like any other human and have the strength of a human while my senses are much better, but when I change, when I let my wings out that's when everything changes. I become much stronger, and I can fight like no other. I also change in appearance, my wings are pitch black and my clothes disappear and I wear a black dress, it can be floor-length or come eight inches above my knees.

When I came downstairs I grabbed my bag and car-keys and went in search of paint. I had chosen the colors quite fast; black, white, red, silver and burgundy red. I also bought some brushes. When everything was in the back of my sweet car, I drove back home. As expected Killah was lying on her pillow and looked up to see me enter.

I started with my bedroom. I cleared everything from the wall and started painting. One wall was entirely black and the others were red and the burgundy red. On the black one I painted a sentence on it in graceful handwriting. It said: 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'. When my room was done I moved to the kitchen and started painting the cabinets white.

And when that finally was done I moved over to the living room. Again the bright red and burgundy were the most important colors. But on the wall opposite of the door I started to paint another quote, but this time in black. It said: 'Judge me! And I'll prove you wrong. Tell me what to do, and I'll tell you off. Say I'm not worth it, and watch where I end up. Call me a bitch, and I'll show you one. Screw me over, and I'll do it twice as bad. Call me crazy, and you have no Idea.'

In the hall I didn't paint over the creamy white, I just added another quote on it, this time with the silver again 'Everybody is always so f*cking "fine". But we are not, sometimes, we are hurt and bruised and nearly completely shattered. And this, is not what one calls fine.'

I know I'm really into the quotes, they make my life better. When I still lived with my parents I used them all the time, and the people just couldn't understand what I meant so I started using them even more. They gave a little extra to my life.

I moved over to the bathroom and started painting the entire room bright red, and on the biggest wall I painted, yes here I go again: 'Tears are words too painful for a broken heart to speak'. After this was done I walked downstairs and saw it was dark outside. When I glanced at the clock it said 2 am, I wasn't tired enough to sleep. I walked into my backyard towards the woods, I liked the night, but then again every one of my kind does. I kept walking for a while, not really thinking where I was going, I would be able to track my steps back to the house.

Suddenly I heard noise around me, I looked but didn't see a thing. I closed my eyes and listened around me, I heard paws hitting the ground. A lot of paws were running, running in my direction. I couldn't stick around to see what would appear, I had to get away… Too late, the first muzzles were in sight, damn they were fast and huge.

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