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I didn't go to see the other wolves; Paul was missing so they weren't much help to me. My mind was racing through the possibilities of where he could have gone. I figured he wasn't in wolf form; otherwise the pack would've search his mind for his location.

Now I think of it, it must be some relieve for them… for once not having an angry, control issue wolf around. No wonder McKenzie, or the others weren't looking for him.

I ran out of the kitchen, ignoring the visitor I had, and took the steps two at a time. Hurriedly I put on some sweats and jumped out of the window. Not caring if anyone had seen me do it or not, my life didn't matter anymore.

The moment I was in the covers of the woods I changed into my true form, the short dress clung to my body. I didn't fly, the trees made that nearly impossible. Instead I jogged around, using all of my senses to pick up traces from my wolf.

The further I went into the woods the more obstacles I had to jump over. At this point flying was out of the option, the trees were thick and the higher up the more branches that got in your way. By now I had to have crossed the border.

I hoped deeply he hadn't done anything stupid after that fight we had, he was known for his temper. It wouldn't be beyond him to do something stupid like beat up some people. Maybe he was in some jail, locked away for eternity… but the cops would give him a phone call, right?

So far I hadn't found a trace of him, and the sun was already setting. But I wasn't planning on stopping, I had to find the basterd. Out of nothing I heard a noise to my right.

Cautiously I sneaked closer, ready to fight if that was necessary. When I rounded the big tree I saw something I never thought I would ever see.

The sight made me laugh and fume at the same time. Laugh because big bad Paul was chained to a tree and couldn't get away. Furious because some girl was placing kisses on MY man.

The girl wasn't human, it wasn't hard to figure that out.

She was touching my guy with her long skinny branch like fingers. The chains that restricted the man I love weren't from iron, but came from the tree itself. Her auburn hair held countless of leafs in it and her dress was made of many colored leafs.

The girl who was al goo-eyes about Paul was a nymph, they were known for their lust. They loved to trick hikers who explored the woods and use them for their benefit. Another thing about them, they couldn't fight… at all, not even with the branches they could manipulate in any way they want, they just couldn't.

Confident I stepped forward from my hiding spot. The nymph didn't notice me, but Paul did. His eyes held more than one emotion… something rare for him usually it was anger, lust, anger, hunger, and something more. There was love, gratitude, longing, sorrow and shame.

"Everyone's got plans, until they get hit." I said calmly.

The nymph turned and looked at me like I was competition for that man she held under her. "He's mine!" she screeched, and here I stand thinking her voice would be like bells… guess everybody makes mistakes.

"Might want to check that again…"

Slowly I took a step closer, she shifted and stood between me and Paul. "No he's mine!"

"Look sweetheart, I'm a vegetarian. But if you put your lips on him one more time I might make an exception. I'll think you would go well with baked potatoes and some carrots. Along with a nice glass of red wine." I took another step closer and showed my wings, that were hidden behind me, to her.

Her eyes almost fell out of her little head, the realization of what I am all over her face. "You're a Dark Angel." She said bowing. She knew who was higher up in the food chain and showed me that. After her bow she blinked and disappeared into thin air.

Paul was looking at me with big eyes. His mouth opened to say something but he changed his mind and closed it again.

I went to him and pulled the branches, which held him down, off. "If you think crossing some borders and a nymph is enough to get away from me you are wrong." I spoke with my hands on my hips.

A smile spread on his lips and his arms snaked around me. "That's about the last thing I would ever want to do." Softly he placed a kiss on my head.

"I don't know how to really say it but, well…" I took a deep breath "I'm sorry I guess for not asking you about the Cullens. I really think they aren't that bad."

He laughed a little at my attempt to an apology. I guess he knows it's a first to me. "I trust you, them a lot less, but I know you'll do the right thing. And I just want you to be safe."

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