Get a pack of playing cards. Take the Ace-9 of Hearts.

On the Ace, cross out the letter A's and replace them with the number 1.

Write the following on the back of the cards:

1 (Ace) - To Protect Us

2- To Inspire Us

3- To Define Us

4- To Teach Us

5- To Guide Us

6- To Lead Us

7- To Defend Us

8- To Guard Us

9- To Save Us

Now try and build a house out of them. Make sure 1 is at the top and 7 is as far away from 1 as possible. Also don't include 9.

Once you've managed to get it standing. Look at your structure and think "This was 1's sanctuary."

Now take away 7, 3 and 4.

If the first structure falls down, leave it. Use the 7, the 3 and 4 to make another structure.

Look at this three card building and think "This is their Library, Their home."

Now take the 9 in one hand and use the other to move the other eight cards into a messy sort of pile.

Drop the 9 on top and think "He will save them, he will awaken it, it will kill five of them, he will set them free, four will remain in physical forms, five will live on in soul state and he will save them."

Welcome to the world of the stitchpunks, amazing beings in a post-apocalyptic version of the planet humans now call earth as they did in the nine's time, you now know something you might not have. Don't let this knowledge go to waste. Use it. The time is now! Go to their world! Help 1 to protect them! Help 2 inspire them! Help 3 define them! Help 4 teach them! Help 5 Guide them! Help 6 lead them! Help 7 defend them! Help 8 guard them! Help 9 save them! You must help the first nine! You must bring them together or they will meet the fate you just thought of! The five who lived on to rest in their soul state were not destined to do so! Go back! To the beginning of their troubles!

Go back! To the source!