Date: 2-14-2025

Scene 1: After the dance-Restaurant- The Cheese Cake Factory

(John and Cameron are sitting down at a table eating cheese cake)

John: Cam, you haven't spoken to me at all this evening. I wonder how may I have offended you.

Cameron(talking with food in her mouth): I love my cheesecake

John(laughing): I understand

Cameron: How do you like your cheese cake?

John(taking a bite out of his cheesecake): My cheesecake is delicious

Cameron: The cheesecake factory is becoming one of my favorite places. We should come here more often whenever we can find time.

John(with a smirk): I agree with you

Cameron(singing): OH girls just wanna have fun

John: If we keep on flirting with each other, people will assume that we are more than just friends.

Cameron: I am not afraid to acknowledge you as my husband. I want you to stop referring me as only just your lady friend.

John(kissing Cameron): I love you

Cameron(smiling): I love you too

John(squeezing Cameron's hand): I am here for you anytime that you may need a friend

Cameron: You can count on me to always look after you

Scene 2: John and Cameron's house-bathroom

Situation: John and Cameron are taking a shower together in the morning

John(pulling aside the shower curtain): Hello, love

Cameron(startled, she screams): AHA..AHA..AHA

John(stepping into the shower, he begins undressing himself): Do you mind if I take a shower with you?

Cameron(blushing out of embarrassment): No

John(kissing Cameron): I love you

Cameron(still blushing): I am crazy enough to love you back

John(admiring Cameron's beauty): You are beautiful even when you are soaking wet and naked

Cameron(laughing): Thanks

John(with a smirk): No problem, love

Cameron(pulling John close to her body): We can have sex right now if you want to

John: What if someone walks into the bathroom and catches us doing it?

Cameron(laughing): You are right

John(putting a towel around his body, he walks out of the shower): I will see you around, love

Cameron(putting a towel around her body, she walks out of the shower): John, taking a shower with you was fun

John(embracing Cameron): I love you so much

Cameron(smiling): I heart you as well

(Half dressed, Cameron then follows John into their bedroom where they make love until they fall asleep)