I've come to a point in my life where I am addicted to everything anime. I'm unashamed to say that I have watched this movie at least 7 times in the last few months and end up irritated with the ending each time. The only solution I could come up with: write a Fanfic about it and hope that others are grateful for my imagination. If it's good, it's mine; if it's bad, it's mine. Unfortunately, everything else about the movie I had nothing to do with. This is far from my first Fanfic, and I hope I do the movie justice. Read and Review please.

Chapter 1: Passing Years Chihiro POV

Five years. It had been five years since my life had been changed for good. Since I had met the spirits and people who would help me become the person I was today. Five years since I had gotten my name stolen and replaced within a 10 day period. A lot had changed since then, but thanks to everything I had experienced in the spirit world, nothing surprised me much anymore.

I was now 15, close to turning 16. It was a happy and sad occasion. It was happy because I was now able to make more decisions like getting a job, or getting my permit. But it was sad because I hadn't been in contact with any of my spirit friends in four years.

Yes, four years. I may not have seen any of them in five years, but the week after I came back from our little… "Detour", I soon discovered that there was an unusually large sinkhole incident out where we had moved from. My aunt had been living in one of the unfortunate houses, so we had to go back out there. It turns out that the sinkhole had actually been where the Kohaku River used to be, and it had destroyed the apartments on top of it. The city didn't want to build anything else on the dangerous ground, so they dug up and re-established the Kohaku River to what it had been before.

Two weeks after that, my parents and I went out there to help my aunt move to our house where she would stay until she found another home. While they were packing her stuff into our car, they let me go visit with a few friends that lived near the sinkhole area. They were glad to see me, but didn't seem to notice the change in me. I pretended it didn't bother me and left with a forced smile.

Before I went back to my family, I decided to stop by the River, secretly hoping that He would be there to greet me…

4 years ago…

I was going to miss my friends, but they didn't even seem to care that I was leaving again… as I turned down the street to find my family, I was distracted by the glimmer of the sun on the river water.

'One minute wouldn't hurt.' I thought to myself.

I walked down the bank slowly, looking both ways searching for any sign of life. There wasn't one person in sight. If there wasn't so much noise from traffic, then I could have believed that I was out in the middle of nowhere.

With a hopeful smile, I kept going forward.

"Haku?" I asked, in almost a whisper. There was no answer.

"Haku?" I asked once again, louder this time. Once again there was no answer.

I began to wonder if he was even here. He could still be with Yubaba, or with Zeniba. If he was here, would he even answer me? Did he remember me?

'Probably not.'

With another sigh, I sat down on a large smooth river rock near the water and took my shoes off. I was about to stick my feet in when I remembered that putting my feet in might be disrespectful; so I settled for resting them on the ground a few inches away.

"Sorry." I said. Even if he wasn't here, I wasn't going to be impolite and stick my dirty feet into his beautiful river.

Before I could let my heart ache from his lack of response, the water seemed to raise from its steady height just enough to cover my toes, and I thought I heard an echo of an all too familiar voice.

I wasn't sure what it was saying, but it was proof that he was here, and he knew I was too. I smiled widely, happy that if I couldn't see him, he was at least there. It was enough to make me stay and talk with him.

"I don't see you Haku, but I know you're here. I have a lot of questions, but I'll settle for telling you what's going on with me."

I launched into the memories of what had happened back at home when I left the spirit world. How my parents had passed off the missing week and a half as a mess up in the calendar, how they didn't remember anything, and how I remembered everything.

I explained that I made lots of new friends in the human world, but none were as close as the ones I had left in the Spirit World. I even added that I wore the gift from Zeniba and the others every day. There was no reply other than the bubbling of the River, and soon it had become late and it was time for me to go.

Reluctantly I got up and brushed the leaves and dirt off my pants.

"I have to leave Haku. I'm not sure when I'll be back, or when I'll see you again." Of course there was no answer. "Say hi to everybody for me please, and don't forget about me." I turned and began to walk away and when I was about a few steps away, there was a splash and a few droplets of water hit my back. I turned around quickly, but there was nobody there, but I heard an echoed laugh, and I couldn't help but smile before I turned once more and ran back to my family.

I hadn't been back to visit since then, and was getting very anxious about it. I wasn't sure if he would be angry about that, or if he had forgotten about me. I wondered if everybody else was angry about me not keeping in touch. Even though they did everything they could to help me get back home, I couldn't help but feel guilty about not visiting, or doing something to let them know that I hadn't forgotten about them.

It seemed even worse with the fact that with everything they did to get me here, I didn't want to stay here. To be honest, I wanted to go back to the spirit world and never leave. The friends I had made here were nothing compared to the ones I had in the spirit world. The ones I had here only cared about what I looked like and how I acted. They didn't help me with anything, they didn't ask questions about me, they only cared about what they saw. Even the friends that I had left in my old town stopped calling me after the first year. But no matter how much I wanted to return, I still had my parents to think about.

My aunt was still living with us and it seemed it was going to stay like that for a while. I didn't mind, but what really frightened me was the fact that she was trying to get us all to move to a different country. She hadn't made up her mind about which yet, but then again, she didn't really care. She wanted away from this country, and she wanted our family to pay for it all. I love my aunt, I really do, but she makes the worst choices.

Unfortunately, they think that I agree with them, they don't know that I am one hundred percent against moving. They don't know that I make it part of my daily regimen to sit and sift through the memories I have of my time in the spirit world. They don't know that I take daily runs to the entrance of the realm, but have never had the guts to go in again. They don't know that if we actually moved away from here, I would have absolutely nothing to live for.