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Chapter 6: Again

I sat in the seat that I had sat in only two weeks ago and waited for the Headmistress to come in. I couldn't stop wringing my hands together. I knew I was in trouble; I was just hoping that I would be able to get myself out of it.

I jumped a little when she walked in. I refused to meet her eyes as I heard her high heels clacking against the linoleum. I only looked up once she took a seat in her chair. Her gaze was concentrated right on me and she seemed mad.

"So, it seems that you've been up to no good Miss Ogino. When I accepted you into this school just two weeks ago, I hadn't known that I had been accepting a trouble-maker. I've dealt with fights and arguments before, but I've never seen a student knock another out then pull the fire alarm to get away with it."

My mouth fell open. Is that what she thought had happened?

"I didn't do it ma'am. I don't even know why she was passed out. I heard her scream and went to go see what had happened. I found her passed out on the ground and while I was standing back to make room for the others, a guy ran up and pulled the fire alarm then ran away."

She looked at me with a patronizing glare and I shut my mouth before I said something that would really get me into deeper trouble.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but I don't believe you." She said. I felt my throat tighten up. What was she going to do? "But unfortunately I have no proof that you did either. Normally, I would expel you right here and now, but seeing as I don't have the proof, I can only suspend you for two weeks. That is the longest I can possibly suspend you for; but you better believe me, if you come back here any time between tonight and your return date, you will not be coming back ever again. You hear me?" I gulped and nodded.

"Go and pack the things you need. I expect you see you back and well behaved in class in two weeks, Remember my warning." I stood and bowed, forcing myself to hold my tongue. I couldn't believe that I had been successfully framed for something I had not done. When I got back, I was going to hunt down that kid and have a long talk with him. That or have No-face eat him.

I walked to my room where No-face was waiting. I knew that he had heard everything that the headmistress had said because the bag I needed was all packed and there was a note on top of it.

I'm sorry Chihiro. I didn't expect her to walk in at the time and wish I could stop the one boy human that made you in trouble. But I helped by packing stuff you need.

I smiled a small smile at No-face. I knew that it wasn't his fault, I just wish that he hadn't been visible at the time; and it was partially my fault for standing right next to the fire alarm when I could have just gone to class.

I picked up the bag that were sitting down and made sure that I had everything I needed, just the basics. But there was one more thing I needed to do before I left.

I went out in the hallways and went to the phone. Lucky for me everybody was still in class, so they wouldn't hear this conversation and make new reasons to make fun of me.

I dialed the all-too-familiar phone number and waited for somebody to pick up,


"Hi mom." I said, trying to keep the fear and guilt out of my voice. I just knew she was going to be furious.

"Hi sweetie, how are you?"

I knew that it was a bad idea, and that I would probably regret it later, but I couldn't find it in myself to care at the moment. I lied.

"I'm good. I'm just calling to let you know that the phone connections are going to be down for the next few weeks. I won't be able to call you and no calls will get through here."

"Oh really?" She asked, sounding really sad, but not suspicious in any way. "Well, make sure that you call me when they're back up, alright sweetie?" She asked.

"I will mom. I promise." I replied.

"Love you." She said before hanging up. I sighed and put the phone back down before turning to No-face.

"Alright No-face, let's go home. I'll make us some tea. He nodded and we both walked outside. I took off the tarp that was covering my bike and made sure that No-face was on and invisible before I took off.

The ride home was quiet, but that's what I was hoping for. I wanted time to think about what had happened and about why my life was so hard lately. I was about to make a comment to No-face when I suddenly felt the bike pull.

'What?' I asked myself as I stopped pedaling and watched as the bike started going at an alarming speed. If I was to fall off at this speed, then there was a possibility of me breaking my neck. SO I did the only thing I could do: Scream.

I was screaming bloody murder as the bike pedaled by itself down the street and toward a little pathway that I knew too well. I had been expecting the bike to continue on forward, but as we were passing by the path, the bike started going sideways. I looked down to see the wheels had turned to face toward the path and we were now going faster than ever.

"What's happening?" I asked to nobody in particular. We kept going forward, the ground was hard and uneven and my bones felt the painful chattering of every movement. I had no clue what was happening and was about to just risk jumping when the tunnel came into view.

'If I hit the tunnel entrance at this speed, then the pain will be one hundred times worse than it has been.' I told myself. I had no other choice, I closed my eyes and waited for the pain.

I was surprised when I felt absolutely nothing, there was no pain, or anything else. But I was not able to open my eyes in time to see the rock in front of me. We hit it head on and before either of us knew it, we were flying through the air and landing on a soft patch of long grass.

I sat up and rubbed my sore head. "What was that?" I asked before opening my eyes and looking around. It took me a moment to realize we were in the Spirit World. When I finally did realize it, I was in complete and utter shock to what I saw.

This wasn't the same place I had left only a few years ago. It had changed drastically. The entire place looked dead or sick. All the plants were brown, the air was thick with what smelled like smoke or some sort of pollution. The only color I saw was the little patch of green No-face and I were sitting in at the moment.

"What happened here?" I asked. No-face stood and came over to pick up my back pack which had fallen off during the little accident. I stood and righted my bike, which seemed to be in good-enough condition considering the few past event.

I remembered what the note had said about No-face leading me to Zeniba where I would learn what I needed to know and about how I could possibly help. No-face was already walking towards a small worn path made of drag marks and reddish brown stains that I'd rather not learn about.

I ran to catch up and we continued walking for what seemed like forever. My shoes were a mess considering all the mud I had trudged through and I felt tired and worn. By the time we had reached Swamp Bottom, I felt like I was going to drop. Luckily, Zeniba was there to raise my spirits.

She looked happy to see me, like I was to see her.

"Chihiro, it's good to see you sweetheart. Why don't you come in and I'll fix us some tea."

We talked and laughed and caught up, and soon enough, I was starting to get really tired. It was already dark and had been for a few hours. The spirits would all be awake right now, but my clock was still in the human world.

"Why don't you go change into the nightgown I set out for you and meet me back out here before you go to bed. I want to give you a special tea so that you have a good night's rest and wake up tomorrow fully refreshed."

I nodded and walked into one of Zeniba's many spare rooms. There on the bed was a long silky sea-foam green night gown. It had frills and little flower decorations all over it; but what I found the most interesting was the little embroidery at the hem that spelled my name.

'Did granny make this for me?' I asked myself before putting it on and setting my bag and dirty clothes next to the bed. I was surprised with how comfortable the night gown felt, it was so soft I was almost falling asleep standing up, but I had promised to see her before I went to bed so that I could drink that tea, although I personally didn't think I needed it.

I heard a big boom and a blast of wind came through the door and windows blowing everything around almost violently. When it settled down, I went to go see what had happened. What I saw though, I certainly wasn't expecting.

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