A couple of years ago there was this guy who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan headed to a Klan rally in Charlotte. Along the way, He was attacked by a few African-Americans, drug into a ally and left to bleed to death. As it happened, a pastor of the local Baptist Church was walking down that selfsame alley. He saw the Klansman lying there, naked and bleeding, but the Pastor, not wanting to get blood on his new suit, passed him by and continued on his merry way.

About five minutes later, a devout layman from Our Lady of Bethlehem Catholic Church came through the alley. He saw the Klansman in a pitiful and defenseless state, checked to make sure no one was looking and kicked him in the gut a few times before going on his way.

Ten minutes later, an African comes down the alley way and stops cold when he sees the Klanner, The sight brought back the memories of when the Klan lynched his parents. And then, God spoke to his heart "Love your enemies the same way I love you." Driven by the Love of God, the African man knelt down and pick the Klansman up, and took him to the nearest hospital, and paid for his room, promising to return and pay for any additional fees and treatments.

As this man loved, so must all Christians love.