Hi guys, this is my MI FF SYOSH ( Submit Your Own Shadowhunter) Forms will be at the bottom,as with the rules :) You can also submit a Downworlder

Summary~ The year is 3000. Shadowhunters and Downworlders have been at war for ages. Idris is Ground 0. A new batch of Shadowhunters come in - and Downworlders as well.

Weeelllll, that's the summary. Also, some Downworlders fight on the Shadowhunter side as well- one with the name Mangus Bane, but that will be explained later.

Prolouge- The Road To War ~

Jenny Herondale walked down the street, her red curls bouncing. Thunder shook the Heavens, and lightning flashed, making the blsck street appear yellow/white at sometimes. She hugged her black jacket close, her tawny eyes searching the shadows. Her mom, Clary, and her dad, Jace were going to kill her when she got home, she was at a dance club, and the time slipped. Riiinnnngggg!Riiinnnngggg! She pulled her phone out, wincing. '' Hi mom,'' she said, holding the phone away from her ear, waiting for the yells.

''Jennifer Rose Herondale, you are in so much trouble missy,'' her mom shouted.

'' I'm really sorry, Mom, time just got away from m-'' Just then, something came out of the darkness, and bit into Jenny's leg. She screamed, blood flowing from her leg. Her hand shot out, and grabbed a Seraph blade. She named it Rameal, and threw it down. It hit something with a 'oof', and she scrambled up. A huge wolf with red fur had the knife sticking out from it's side. A werewolf. '' This is breaking the Accords,'' she screamed, just as the thing bit into her neck, scilencing all words, all breaths, and thoughts. He licked his lips, and walked off.

'' Hello, Jenny? Jenny? Hello?''

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