Meiko: You'll give him "The Talk", and you'll do it right already!

Kaito: But-! But-! I-! Okay...

Kaito: Hey... Len.

Len: Wait. *holds up hand* Just a minute. "Boop. Boop. Boop. Boop. Boop. Boo-" Awwww... Okay, so what did you want?

Kaito: Well... As you g-grow up... You'll notice-

Len: Oh, God, no. Please not this. Not again. We already went through it in school...

Kaito: You did?

Len: Yes. Of course.

Kaito: I'll... be going, then...

Len: No! *grabs kaito's arm*

Kaito: *le sigh* What now?

Len: Maybe we could talk about something else? Like... I dunno... *points at pillow* This?

Kaito: *eyebrow raised...* Pillow talk?

Len: Huh? P-pillow talk? *epic hopeful face*

Kaito: Sure. Why not?

Len: A-ah... Never mind! Con-continue! OuO

Kaito: There are all different kinds of pillows...

Len: *stares blankly* Lolwut.

Kaito: They come in many shapes and sizes. This one's a star. It's the colour of your hair... But it has ugly eyes, and seemingly chocolate ice cream spilt on it.

Len: You...

Kaito: This one's thick. I used to have a thick one. Then I replaced it with a thin one.

Len: *yawns*

Kaito: This one's a pink one. It's pink. *continues ranting about pillows for a few hours*

Len: *is asleep*

Kaito: Aww... He's asleep... How cute... What a shota... *lingers over said shota* Muahahahaha!

*dun dun duuuuuuun*