"Eric! Oh… ungh… oh God… so close… so… Gooooood!" Sookie panted loudly as I let her swollen clit go with a pop of my lips. I slid my body against the slim lines of her body until my painfully hard cock was nestled in the drenched apex of her thighs, steeling myself for the overload of sensation that would come next. After five years together Sookie was still as tight as the first time. All I could say was thank God for kegal exercises.

I growled a string of unintelligible words as I thrust my entire length into her still pulsating pussy and the sudden intrusion brought on another round of clenching for Sookie with her inner walls throbbing around my shaft and pulling me towards my own orgasm. Wanting to put it off for as long as I could, I had to stop moving for a few seconds, so I buried my face in her neck and the sweet saltiness of her skin tasted amazing on my tongue. Hesitantly, I moved my hips, up and in further, before I pulled out slowly, inch by inch, until just the head was still inside her. Sookie started to grind her mound against me and I grabbed her hips with both hands to hold her down and pulled out completely. I ran the head of my cock up and down the length of her slit, toying with her clit before I teased her hole only to refuse to give her what she so desperately wanted.

There was a lot to be said about patience when it came to making love, something that Sookie didn't fully appreciate at the moment. "Jesus Eric, just fuck me already, please. Stop teasing me, I need you,' she implored. Not one to deny her anything, I slammed my cock as deep as it would go and retreated only to repeat the action again and again.

I could feel my balls as they steadily pulled up and tightened, readying themselves to explode and I pushed harder, slipping my hand between our sweat-slicked bodies and homing in on her clit, pinching it lightly. She bucked up under me, causing me to hit yet another level of depth and for her to scream out. As her pussy started milking my cock, it was impossible for me to stave off my own completion and I let myself go, finding a rhythm where I slammed into her, as her inner spasms ebbed, and I got down to the pleasurable business of coming. Three more quick, but effective, thrusts was all it took to have me singing out her praises.

I collapsed over her and tried not to crush her under my weight, but she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down onto her. As my breathing slowed to a more manageable rate, I move off of her and tucked her into my side. She laid her head on my chest, placing open-mouthed kissed wherever she could reach without having to move. I ran my fingers through her hair, pausing to untangle the knots that our lovemaking had given her and listened as her breathing slowed and became even, smiling as she drifted off, wrapped in the shelter of my arms.

I had searched for years for this amazing woman only to have fate drop her in my lap once again when I least expected it. The last five years had exceeded all my expectations for my Miss Perfect and each day with her was more wonderful than the last. That's not to say that we didn't argue or have bad days, but they were far outnumbered by the good ones we shared.

Sookie was everything that I could've hoped for in a wife and partner. She was loving and kind, but she didn't put up with my bullshit either. She got along with Pam, which was a feat in and of itself, but they had forged a friendship that neither could live without now. Her brother and I got along pretty well too, though I sometimes still thought he'd like to shoot me for sleeping with his sister. Ever since he walked in on us a week before our wedding, he's given me this appraising glare when he thinks I'm not looking, almost like he was trying to decide if he could take me or not. No man like to be reminded that their little sister was having sex, whether she's married or not, but we got along great for the most part.

Pam was still my manager, as well as Sookie's, though she's had to slow down some lately. It was hard work managing two brilliant acting careers and chasing after twin toddlers. Yep, that's right; my big sister was a mommy. She met Hoyt at our wedding and it was done. Well, that's what she tried to get everyone to believe. The truth was that they got a little drunk, then a little handsy, then a lot more drunk and disappeared from the reception. When she found out she was pregnant two and a half months later, he asked her to marry him and she plainly told him no. It took him asking her every day of her pregnancy before she finally relented and with less than a week to go before the twins' arrival, she happily became Mrs. Hoyt Fortenberry. But now she was the epitome of happiness; well she was if you considered her looking harried and exhausted 'happy', which she did.

We were in the process of shooting our fifth season of Tales of the Dead, the show that brought her back into my life once more. Different variations on dead homicide victims had been on the show, but Bloated Blugo had lasted the test of time. After the first season when my character had confessed his 'issues' to Savannah and she had accepted and loved him, her father was able to make peace and move on, thus opening up the space for a new buddy. Zach became a permanent character, and after we persuaded the writer to have him stop saying 'Dude' all the time, it was bearable. I swear, I spent more time trying not to say 'dude' during normal conversations at first, a problem I still find myself dealing with from time to time.

I reached my free hand down to caress Sookie's slightly rounded belly. She was just under five months pregnant with our first child, and while I was slightly worried about whether or not I would be a good dad, I knew that she would be an amazing mother. The way I figured it, it was my job to spoil our child anyways, and I was sure I could do that. Sookie took that moment to shift her body, pushing her belly closer to my still moving hand, and smiled in her sleep. I tightened my hold on her and pulled the blankets up around us, closing my eyes and focusing on her relaxed breathing until my own matched hers, and I eventually fell asleep with a satisfied smile on my own face, cocooned in the happy knowledge that I would get to do this every day for the rest of my life.

Did I mention that Sookie and I still went back to Brooklyn, back to where everything for us started, every year on our anniversary?

~The End~

I've had more than a few readers PM me or leave a review asking about the jump from chapter 4 to chapter 5 and have decided to answer it this way: I hate drawing everything out and think that the one thing that many fanfics lack is requiring the readers to use their imaginations. I left that period of time alone for the simple reason that I figured that their relationship would progress in the manner most leading to marriage and childbirth do, but wished to let everyone fill in their own version in the blank provided.

My vision of a happy and strong relationship is not all roses and walks in the park, but filled with day to day minutia that would be too tedious to write. I often say that the hardest job I have ever had is that of a wife to my husband, not that loving him is difficult, but I have to work every day in order for my marriage to remain as wonderful 14 years later as it was on my wedding day, and that is how I envision life for them has been as well.

I could have added more sex to fill the gaps, but that is not the tone that I wanted to portray with this coupling, though I've done it for other stories of mine. I wanted this to be a story of unrequited longing and yearning for the other half of their souls and of the happiness that being reunited brought them, not a steamy PWP story.

I promise that I am not writing this as a way to lecture you or anyone else, but to let you know why there is a 5 year gap that does little to cover how they got from point A to point B. I do enjoy reading fics and stories that spell everything out for a reader, but I am far more intrigued when an author gives me just enough information to form my own vision of their storyline.

I thank you all for taking the time to read this fic, and for honestly submitting your questions and allowing me to explain. I also thank you for all of the reviews you have submitted, I have appreciated each of them.