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Chapter 5

It was the next morning; the sun wouldn't be rising for another few hours. Molly hurried to the docks, hoping that nobody in Harmonica Town would wake up early and see her. She carried only one bag with three days worth of clothes, her flute, a few pieces of sheet music to play, and money to be spent on food and a bus ticket. She felt that she didn't need to bring too much with her. After all, it would only take her a full day to get there if she didn't stop moving for too long, and whatever else she needed would waiting for her at her parent's house, along with other processions she left there when moving to Castanet Island.

She made it to the docks, where Pascal was waiting, huffing on his famous pipe.

"I'm here. Thank you again for doing this for me," Molly said to Pascal.

Pascal smiled and took his pipe out of his mouth to talk. "It's no problem. Are you all set? Did you say your goodbyes to everyone already?"

Molly remembered the note she left for Angela. "Yes, I did. Is it ready to run yet?" she asked, looking up at the white ship.

"It's ready to set sail as soon once we get on!"

Wanting to start moving as soon as possible, Molly boarded the ship with Pascal following close behind. Pascal disappeared to control the ship while Molly stood at the deck to look out at Harmonica Town. In no time, the ship had started moving, and Molly watched as the island gradually became a black speck far out into the ocean.

Angela slowly opened her eyes and sat up in her bed. She sleepily looked over at her sister's half of the room, half expecting to find Molly either drooling on her pillow or sleeping on the floor from falling out of bed during the night. To her surprise, Molly wasn't in her bed or on the floor sleeping. It was strange; Molly was never the first one out of bed.

But Angela didn't think too much of it. It could have just been Molly waking up early to do something. What could she have needed to wake up early for? Angela had no clue, but she brushed it aside anyways.

Angela got dressed and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. She poured herself a glass of water when she caught eye of a piece of notebook paper on the kitchen counter with her name written in huge, dark letters. Curious, she took it with her free hand and began to read as she sipped on her water.

Her brown eyes widened in shock. The glass in her hand slipped from her grip and crashed to the hardwood floor, breaking into pieces. She frantically read it again to make sure that she wasn't just losing her vision at an early age. Molly…

She suddenly began to search every room and closet of the farmhouse, hoping that this wasn't just a prank. When she found no sign of Molly, she darted out of the house, note in hand. She ran as fast as she could to the neighboring house on the farm and pounded on the front door.

"Kasey! Kasey, open the door. Please! It's an emergency!" she yelled.

It took a few moments until the door finally opened to show Kasey, who was still wearing his pajamas and bed-head. He scratched his head and groaned. "Geez, Ang. What is it?"

Angela merely shoved the note in his face. He blinked and cautiously took the piece of paper and read:


I'm really sorry about this, but I've decided to leave the island for a little while and tell Mom and Dad about your wedding in person instead of risking their invitation getting lost in the mail. I'll make sure Nana and Kevin know about the wedding too, so don't bother mailing their invitations. Just leave it to me!

I'm sorry for leaving out of nowhere without telling you or anyone else, but I knew that you guys would just tell me it's a bad idea.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine!

I'll see you soon!

Love, Molly.

Kasey's clenched teeth began to show. He hastily grabbed the closest pair of shoes he could find. "Anissa, something's come up! I'll be right back!" he hollered before hurrying out of the house. He crumbled the note up in his hands and threw it to the ground to let off some steam. "That idiot! What the hell does she think she's doing?"

Angela didn't say anything. She just stared at the note on the ground. "This is my fault… She's doing this because of me…"

"Don't be an idiot like her!" Kasey snapped.

Angela's head bowed lower. She felt her eyes filling up with tears. "But she's all alone, and if she gets hurt…" Angela blinked, causing the ripe tears to crinkle down her cheeks.

Kasey flinched at the sight of her crying. Maybe I was too harsh… He exhaled a deep breath in efforts of composing himself. "I'm sorry for yelling at you. You didn't deserve that," he muttered.

Angela sniffled and wiped her cheeks. "It's okay."

"But maybe she can still be on the island, you know?" he said. "She didn't give a time to when she was leaving the island, so maybe we can still catch her!"

Angela lifted her head up and nodded, a slight glimmer of hope appearing on her face. "Yeah, you're right."

"You go look around town. I'll go look in Flute Fields. Maybe I can get Chase to come look with us too. Be back here in one hour, okay?"

Angela watched Kasey head off to Flute Fields. In all honesty, Angela thought it was very unlikely for Molly to still be on the island anymore. But what else could she do? She couldn't just sit back and do nothing. What if her sister really was still on the island?

Angela bent down to grab the balled up note that Kasey threw down and started for Harmonica Town.

The first place she went to was Gill's house. She banged on the door until the jolly Mayor Hamilton opened it.

He gasped in awe with a glimmer in his eyes. "Angela! What a pleasant surprise!" he exclaimed, speaking at a hundred miles per hour. "It's not often I see you. I see your lovely sister, but never you! How's the wedding? Is everything going smoothly at the moment? We have so much to catch up on!"

"Nevermind that!" Angela cried, her eyes becoming moist again. She blinked hard to make it go away; she didn't want to cry in public. She knew she had to try stay calm.

The mayor, taken aback, stopped in his tracks, noting the severity in her voice. "Is something the matter, Angela?" he asked.

"Is Gill home? It's very important that I speak to him. It's an emergency!"

The mayor nodded and moved aside to let her inside. Gill then came into the room from his bedroom, not even noticing that Angela was in the room, as he was preoccupied with getting his tie on.

"Gill, have you seen Molly anywhere? We're trying to find her," Angela said, hearing her own worry in her words.

Gill must not have sensed the urgency of the situation, for he had yet to look at Angela in the face. He was still too concerned about his pesky blue tie. "What, like hide-and-seek? She isn't hiding here."

"This isn't a game!"

He quit messing with his tie. He looked up at her, concerned and wanting answers. Angela handed him the crumpled up note she had brought with her, rather than explaining herself. His blue eyes widened just as her eyes did when she first read the note.

Then, Gill snapped his attention back to Angela. "Did you check the docks yet?"

"No, I haven't checked anywhere else yet."

"Then, let's go!" He then, without thinking to wait for her, dashed past his father and out the front door.

Angela ran after him. She tried to catch up, but she had no idea that Gill could run so fast. Passed by villagers standing outside, whom stared at the two with concerned looks as they dashed past them.

Once he could see the docks from a distance, Gill stopped and bent over for a moment with his hands on his knees to pant and catch his breath. He glanced up to find the white ship still there. But he didn't find it. He straightened himself up and continued to look out at the docks.

Angela had then caught up with him and stopped right next to him to also catch her breath. "Goddess…you run fast…"

"It's not there," he muttered in response.

She looked at him. His eyebrows were digging deep and there was a pained, hurt expression on him. She looked out at the docks. No ship. No Molly. She felt a wave of disappointment hit her. "It's not there," she repeated.

"I could have stopped her…"

"How?" Angela asked incredulously.

"She had been talking about her parents lately. She was worried that they might not get their wedding invitation, so I made a comment about giving it to them herself. I didn't mean for her to take it seriously, but…"

"Gill, you couldn't possibly have been able to stop this."

"If I had just – "

"It's not your fault," Angela snapped. She felt her eyes become moist again, and she took a deep breath and blinked her eyes several times in hopes that the moist feeling would go away. She couldn't stand hearing him take the blame for all of this. She felt guilt well up inside her empty stomach as she heard him regret things that couldn't have been helped. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine.

Gill had taken a long look at Angela. He could see that this situation was hurting her inside. He remained quiet for a moment as he thought to himself about Molly, their parents, the mainland. He didn't like the idea of her seeing her parents. What if they hurt her after she was starting to get over their abandonment? Gill found himself with his fists clenched, his knuckles turning white.

Angela could see the hard face he had on now. "Gill?" she said in a careful voice.

He didn't say anything, as he was still preoccupied with his own thoughts, but when Angela called his name again, he finally looked at her. He waited for her to say something but when she didn't, he sighed roughly. "As soon as Pascal comes back, I'm going after her."

The stars in the sky were finally coming out after a long day of sitting on a ship. Molly carried her bag off the vessel and thanked Pascal for the ride.

"Whenever you decide to come back, call me up at that there shop," Pascal said, pointing his pipe at a small bait shop with green walls and a giant fish-shaped sign that read Coney's Worms. "Just tell 'em you need a boat from me to get you."

Molly walked into the town called Ruben Port with her bag, remembering when she and Angela had to pass through here to get to Castanet. She recognized the small shops and seafood restaurants. She wrinkled her nose and laughed quietly to herself. This place still smells like dead fish.

She still remembered her way to the bus station, so she decided to stop at a shop that was still open and buy a few snacks for the hour-long bus ride she was anticipating. She paid for a couple bags of chips and a bottle of soda she had never heard of before and left the shop. She stuffed the chips in her bag and opened her drink and chugged half of it down. It tasted different from other sodas she had tried before, more sweet. She liked it and started to read the label wrapped around the bottle. I should get Gill to try some of this. She frowned, remembering where she was. I hope they're not too mad at me…

She chugged the last of the soda, threw away the empty bottle, and started walking for the bus station only a few blocks away.

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