He gave a soft moan, and moved his arms around Alexander's shoulders. The tongue in his mouth, the hands on his body, it was so perfectly debouched it took his breath away completely.

They parted lips, and Alexander took in Daniel's cherry-red face and glazed eyes. Ah yes, how wonderfully his plan had worked. He doubted the man would disobey even the most demented of his commands now. A perfect, willing slave.

He gave a harsh squeeze to the lad's backside, and smirked at the twitch it caused between his legs. Leaning in, he licked and bit at his neck, hearing Daniel's breathing quicken.

"I can make you feel things you've never dreamed." He muttered against the soft flesh, and Daniel practically quivered with desire. "But you have to say you'll let me." Another nip, pulling the brunette's shirt collar down to reach his collarbone.

"Mmph…" Daniel was lost in the feelings, not allowing himself to worry about anything else besides pleasure. If it meant Hell, then so be it. He nodded. "Y-yes Alexander, anything, please."

That deep laugh again, and his shirt was pulled from him as he was turned and pushed down onto the bed, his back pressing against the mattress. Alexander hovered over him, petting down his naked chest and leading his hand down down down…

He pulled the pants off Daniel's waist, causing the man to try and cover himself. But Alexander wouldn't let him, and pushed Daniel's hands away with his own, a lustful tilt to his lips.

"Ah!" Daniel gasped sharply, hips jerking as the Baron grabbed him mercilessly and began to stroke up and down his stiff erection. He covered his mouth, eyes shut tightly as that hand moved on him, not doing much to stifle his noises. It was so… so good! He could barely think, opening his legs a little more to the Baron.

"Isn't it good, Daniel?" he felt breath on his neck again, and moaned a little louder. "This feeling, isn't it worth it?" Faster now, and Daniel whimpered, clutching the blanket beneath him.

Yes, yes it was so good, so worth it! He'd never felt anything so amazing. He felt so hot, sweat creating a fine sheen over his skin and chest rising and falling with his gasps.

"Ooh, Alexander~" He whined, feeling himself come close to the edge. It was too soon, he didn't want this pleasure to end yet, wanted to feel it, draw it out until it became almost painful. Alexander seemed to know what he was thinking, and bit harshly at his chest.

"Go ahead, come. I want to see it."

That was all he needed, and he screamed as he felt himself release, hot and thick over the Baron's hand. His vision was white, pure ecstasy, and he felt the tremors of his glorious orgasm run through him for several minutes.

When he calmed down enough to open his eyes and steady his rapid breathing, he looked at Alexander's smug expression with a newly devout mind. This man was everything now, his savior, his friend, his protector and lover. He hadn't shared anything like that with anyone in his life before, this was going to be a first in more ways than one, and that thought excited him.

Alexander leaned down, kissing Daniel once more and moving himself closer to the lad, waist between the younger's legs. Daniel let him, closing his eyes and kissing back passionately.

"Daniel," Alexander breathed over Daniel's lips, and slipping a wet hand down between the Englishman's legs. "Share yourself with me."

And Daniel would, oh God, he would.

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