Star Wars/The O.C Crossover

"Living In Orange County"

Star Wars is owned by George Lucas. The O.C is owned by Josh Schwartz. I own nothing except my creative storyline


Anakin Skywalker as Ryan Atwood-Anakin comes from the planet Tatooine where he was known to the local criminal groups for ruining their businesses, stealing and gambling their money. Along with his brother Owen, Anakin never backed away from a challenge. When he is thrown into the chaos and privileged life of Courscant's high society, he's gonna discover he can learn to make something of his life other than stealing through the guidance of his guardian Qui Gon Jinn and his father.

Padme Amidala as Marissa Cooper-Padme Amidala has grown up living in luxury on Courscant with her parents and younger sister. She was once friends with Obi Wan Kenobi-Jinn till she went to high school, becoming one of the most popular girls in school and a new best friend Satine Kryze. She has a charming handsome boyfriend Palo and prides herself on success and popularity. When she meets Anakin Skywalker, she'll realize she's only seen one side to life. When she falls in love with Anakin, it will cause conflict between her and her parents, especially her mother.

Obi Wan Kenobi as Seth Cohen-Far from the popular crowd, Obi Wan Kenobi Jinn has only a small group of friends, his games and a crush on Satine, though he wouldn't dare confront her about it. He's fine with going through high school as the awkward guy knowing he'll be successful one day. When he meets Anakin, he feels that his social life could change through his new friend who will become like a brother to him. However, he is ready for the danger that Anakin brings with him?

Satine Kryze as Summer Roberts: Satine is all about looks, beauty and being popular. She loves being best friends with Padme knowing her social status rises as well. She refuses to acknowledge Obi Wan's existence, insisting she's too good for him. She acts rude and snobbish because she hides her own insecurities about her family life. When she finds Padme falling for Anakin, she wants to protect her friend but at the time, will she lower her expectations down to make new friends including a chance at real love when someone she never expected to?

Qui Gon Jinn as Sandy Cohen: Qui Gon is a high powered successful lawyer, who owns a luxury apartment with his wife Jaina and son Obi Wan. He is appointed legal guardian of Anakin Skywalker, taking him from Tatooine to his apartment on Courscant. He has no idea the conflicts he is going to cause by taking Anakin under his wing and protection. Though he is determined to show he has strong relationships with Jaina and Obi Wan. He wants to treat Anakin like his second son showing him what a real loving family is like.

Jaina Jinn as Kristen Cohen: Jaina is the loving wife of Qui Gon Jinn and mother of Obi Wan. Her father is a wealthy successful business owner so Jaina has always grown up around the suburb. She is at first, against her husband's decision to become guardian to Anakin because she isn't comfortable with having rough youths in her house but she learns to treat him like she does Obi Wan because she will soon have bigger family problems affecting the relationship she shares with her father

Ruwee Naberrie as Jimmy Cooper: Ruwee is the husband of Jobal Naberrie. He works in financial sector while trying to provide the life his family deserves. When he makes some wrong money choices, he keeps it hidden from Jobal and the girls turning to his old friend and past girlfriend Jaina Jinn. While he disapproves of Jobal insisting their daughters follow her example and life, he isn't against Padme's desires to date Anakin, but will his secret be revealed?

Jobal Naberrie as Julie Cooper: The wife of Ruwee, Jobal prides herself on ensuring Padme and Sola have the best they could ask for because she didn't have the wealthy life she does now. She loves Jobal but when Padme starts breaking her rules and seeing Anakin, the strain is put on her relationship with Ruwee because he doesn't see what's wrong with Padme seeing Anakin. She begins to seduce Padme's boyfriend Palo then Jaina's father to achieve power and status even more. Will it last?

Sola Naberrie as Kaitlin Cooper: Padme's younger sister and youngest daughter of Ruwee and Jobal. She is spoilt rotten and spends most of the year at boarding school on the planet Naboo. She loves a chance to stir up trouble for her sister. When she meets Anakin's brother Owen, is it a partnership that will spell doom for her sister?

Siri Tachi as Anna Stern: Siri is an old childhood friend of Obi Wan and has had a crush on him for a long time but moved back home to be with her parents. A lot of her interests, are similar to Obi Wan's and in a way, she is his dream girl if he can stop being so hooked on Satine. Her return makes Satine worried she'll lose Obi Wan and make Obi Wan wonder if Siri is the right girl for him after all

Palo as Luke Ward: Palo is the guy all the guys want to be and all the girls want to date. He is charming, smart and handsome but has a jealous side particularly emerging when Anakin makes himself known in Padme's life. He can't see himself becoming friends with Anakin even though it will make him see Padme more. He feels by cheating on Padme with her mother, he'll crush her like she has him, will he learn or continue to see the world from one side only?

Owen Lars as Trey Atwood: The trouble making older brother of Anakin. He abandoned his brother on the night they attempted to steal a wealthy speeder and got Anakin arrested. He knows Anakin doesn't want to be in Orange County even though he hides it well, not believing he has changed. He wants to take his brother away so will a partnership with Sola help him get his brother back?

Shmi Skywalker as Dawn Atwood: The mother of Anakin and Owen. She left her first husband, their father, when they were both little, leaving both boys to raise each other and delve into a life of crime behind her back. The morning after Anakin is arrest, Owen is long gone and Shmi, feels like she can't handle who Anakin has become. Her current boyfriend hates her son and suggests to kicking Anakin out and succeeds. Will Shmi know what it is like to be a real mother and have her sons love her?

Dorme as Taylor Townsend: Dorme is currently a friend of Siri's and wishes to knock Padme off her place as most popular girl and take her place. She sees Anakin as a threat seeing that he is becoming known through the school because of Padme. She wants to know what it is like to be cool and make her mother happy. She decides to convince her friend Siri to help her bring down Padme Naberrie once and for all. She'll make friends and she'll make enemies but will she learn what really matters


The sun, the money, the gossip and the life of wealthy upper class families living in one of Courscant's popular suburbs, Orange County. Parties, romances, laughter, idle gossip, nothing could change this lifestyle….or can it?

Enter Anakin Skywalker, a troubled youth from Tatooine. His mother abandoned him recently along with his brother and he's taken in by his guardian Qui Gon Jinn, his wife Jaina and their son Obi Wan. He doesn't shy away from trouble especially after he falls for the beautiful Padme Naberrie, one of the most popular girls in the town if he can get her away from her controlling boyfriend Palo. Then there's the best friend Satine who wants to remain popular with Padme and not become a loser while trying to shrug off Padme's mother Jobal who only wants what is best for Padme and in her eyes doesn't include Anakin.

Family, friends, fights, romance and laughter are all combined together in this exciting story "Living in Orange County"