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Chapter 15 Romantic Entanglements

The days were slowly approaching the annual school's beach party, to which Padme and Satine always organised, to Dorme's hated. No Palo was joining her, because usually he was on the committee led by Padme and Satine but because of Anakin, he was out and Anakin was with Padme and her decisions:

The only good thing which came out of that was that Obi Wan would be dragged along with Anakin who would bring Siri, who had gained quite a following because of her new appearance, and therefore was able to secretly relate what went on at the meeting to Dorme and Palo, as well as how Padme, Anakin, Satine and Obi Wan acted during the meeting.

Siri was starting to fear that Padme and Anakin were pushing their two friends together to get rid of her, which she could not allow. Ever since the night at Obi Wan's house and what Siri had said to Padme, Anakin was feeling hostile to Siri and wasn't afraid to let her know it. Meanwhile, unknown to everybody else, Owen and Sola spent their time together before Sola was sent back for another semester of boarding school, and they were planning some nasty surprises for everyone.

While Padme, Anakin and their friends were all at school, Owen and Sola met up at the diner once more, to further discuss their plans to stir up troubles.

"So you're saying you still know Anakin's ex girlfriend, know what she's been doing and can bring her here?" Sola asked, seeing Owen smirked mischievously

"Yes, and I can make that it becomes really uncomfortable for him" he replied, seeing Sola looked at him, confused

"How?" she asked, feeling nervous because she remember saying how much her sister was so in love with this boy, however Owen knew of a incident involving Anakin's former girlfriend

"Apparently she's pregnant, to put Anakin a difficult position; I'll have her say it's Anakin's even though they have not been together for a long time now" he smirked as Sola bit her top lip,

"I don't know. I mean my sister is really in love and happier with Anakin, more than Palo" she informed him, however Owen just scoffed

"Yes, but I need to get my brother out of here. He doesn't belong here. I need to get him out of here before it is too late" he told her, Sola raised an eyebrow at him "And bringing his ex girlfriend is the answer to that?" she asked,

"Yes, because don't you see, she'll say to him to come and raise your baby back home with me and he'll be put in the situation and have no choice" he smirked, banging his feet in triumph on the table in front of him as Sola laughed,

"I hope you're right because I don't want to hurt my sister anymore. Although, I've done that all my life" she replied, seeing Owen waved a hand behind him,

"Then you have no problem in helping me now" he told her not seeing Sola nervously bite the top of her lip, normally she loved stirring up trouble for her sister but after what she witness with her mother at the dinner, she hated to feel more unwelcome by her sister.

That afternoon, the school's principal had given permission for Padme and Satine to borrow one of the school's ships to travel across to Naboo to scout out the country side for the annual school party, of course they had brought Anakin and Obi Wan along, Anakin insisted in flying the ship once they were on the landing platform and Obi Wan had brought Siri along, making Satine uncomfortable even more.

Now, in the middle of the lake country, Padme, Anakin, Satine, Obi Wan and Siri listened to the crisp, cool waves glide into the edge of the sand while they strolled down the beach, scouting out the perfect spot for the celebrations.

Anakin's arm holding on close to Padme's small waist as her straight, fresh, brown hair blew in the wind behind her,

"I think this year's celebrations are going to better than ever" she told the group as Satine smiled,

"I think so, because we've gotten more input" she added, meaning Anakin and Obi Wan's hints, Padme taking the hint then grinned,

"I know, Palo and his friends all want the same thing and it just doesn't work but Anakin and Obi Wan's hints were better" she went on as Siri spoke up,

"That's why they're here" she told her, smirking at Satine with the look of jealous, much, that I got to him before you causing Satine glared back,

"Of course, we always value new opinions and they really had the best ones" she argued back, and knowingly started to touch softly Obi Wan's arm, "Isn't that right, Obi Wan?" she asked, her bright eyes piercing into his's, making him shift nervously

"Yeah, of course, glad you wanted to take our advice" he replied as Anakin smiled watching his friend looking to him for help but let him have his fun, turning to Padme,

"You think you've done here?" he asked as she looked down at her long, checklist,

"Well, we still need the perfect spot but I think I've found it" she told him, looking straight ahead at a openly, large, lots of space for all the celebrations nearby, a spot she remembered from when her grandmother often used when she came here with her "Perfect!" Padme announced as Satine smiled,

"I couldn't agree more" she added as Anakin spun Padme into his grip, she stared lovingly into his bright, beautiful blue eyes as he smiled his cheekily smile, their lips touched in an all sweet, angelic kiss.

While back over on Courscant, it was coming up to late in the afternoon and Jaina couldn't just wait to go home-her father had been trying to talk to her all day but she would purposely avoid him and Jobal, who was also spending her time in her office.

They were trying to talk to her about what had happened however Jaina but she would have no part of it and now it seems that Jobal was becoming so hard to talk to at home, for unknown to Jain, her old friend Ruwee was stopping by Jaina's office to talk and ask for help.

He felt comfortable with Jaina because of their history and previous relationship together. That particular afternoon, Ruwee came to visit her, it was serious.

Jaina sat at her large, wooden, oak desk, her hair fell down her face, as she read through her files and sorted out the scenarios before her, she was so caught up in her work, she was startled by the small knock at her door, looking up, she smiled politely before getting up,

"Ruwee, what brings you here this late in the afternoon?" she asked, moving over to greet him, with a friendly embrace,

"Just thought I pop in" he simply replied, before going on, "I actually have a problem that I can't talk to Jobal about because she doesn't want to talk about work" he explained, as Jaina moved away, indicating for him to take a seat, before he continued on

"I've been having problems with certain clients at work and now they're trying to frame me for some corrupt business deal unless I give them the money" he informed her, seeing her flinch,

"Ruwee! How could this happen? I thought you knew not to let this happen!" she exclaimed "What about your Jobal or Padme and Sola?" she asked as he leaned back, avoiding her sweet, concerned eyes,

"I know, I didn't have a choice. They entered a deal, got into trouble and now looking to frame me" he replied watching Jaina raise a hand to gentle begin to massage her temples, she sighed,

"How much money do you need?" she asked as he gritted his teeth,

"Two thousand credits" as Jaina leapt to her feet, she definitely felt a headache coming on

"Two thousands dollars!" she exclaimed, "Ruwee, this is insane! If Jobal found out…" she was cut off, by Ruwee who was quick to his feet, to calm her down

"No!" he exclaimed "She couldn't find out, neither can the girls" he begged as Jaina moved over to the glass window,

"I don't know, I mean Qui Gon will be angry and upset" she warns him confessing "I mean, I was upset when he brought Anakin home behind my back and now I'm doing the same thing" she replied, as Ruwee moved behind her,

"I can't be framed. I don't want this to happen. I will pay you back I promise. Please" he pleaded as she turned to face him,

"Alright, because we've known each other for a long time and I do remember how Obi Wan and Padme were once close friends" she reminded him adding "And I trust you, please don't let happen again" she told him, as she moved over to her small desk drawers and pulled out her, navy blue check book.

Unaware of her husband's work troubles, Jobal was slowly making her way up her steep, wide, concrete driveway when she saw a sight she didn't expect to see, her daughter, giggling and arms around Anakin sharing a nice, sweet, summery kiss before she darted inside leaving Anakin to descend the stairs as she was getting out.

How she despised what her daughter was becoming, she had to do something, whether she loved him or not and with a bright, cheerful smile to her face, she spoke,

"Anakin! I see that you have quite an influence on Padme" she noted, seeing Anakin turn back to face her,

"What?" he asked blankly as she edged closer to him, her cold, dark eyes piercing through his's,

"Before you came here, Padme was a good, well behaved student who had a high status at school with a very charming boyfriend, then you show up and change her ways, by having her cheat on Palo and sneaking out with you, which I am fearful that she is going to get hurt" she explained to him however Anakin was prepared with a response

"I would never want to see her hurt!" Anakin shot back as she laughed,

"Don't start with me" she warned him continuing on "Now I am offering you a warning: stay away from my daughter or I will take action, including sending you back to where you came from or sending her off to boarding school like her sister" she hissed as Anakin glared back,

"You can't control anyone! Even if you are her mother; Padme knows what she wants and can make her own decisions" he replied as Jobal ascended the stairs,

"Don't tell me what she can do. I am her mother, something you don't have around here. Just stay away from her" she warned, storming up the narrow, concrete steps, leaving Anakin to move off to head off back home. He would not take that-he was allowed to do what he wants and didn't care what happens.

Siri had headed straight over to the diner to inform Dorme of what had happened on Naboo earlier. As she listened to Siri's recount, Dorme couldn't help but laugh at what had happened earlier with Obi Wan, Satine, Anakin and Padme,

"You really made her jealous? Are you sure?" Dorme asked, trying to contain her laughter, seeing her friend nod

"Her eyes were lit with jealously, at seeing my hands all over Obi Wan" Siri replied, "Although, I think they're working against it" she added as Dorme looked at her,

"What do you mean?" she asked, before Siri explained further

"When I arrive to every meeting, Padme is at the front, Anakin is next to her, then Obi Wan and then instead of Satine being on the other side, she's on the other side of Obi Wan!" she exclaimed in anger "Meaning I'm stuck next to someone else" she went on, as Dorme looked over at her now, angry friend,

"That is not good, because Satine always excluded herself from Obi Wan, even while he kept pursuing her, all the time" she groaned, looking out over the city,

"No, it isn't and I can clearly tell, although he denies it, that Anakin hates me especially after what I said to Padme, who by the way, has her family going off the rocks" she smirked as Dorme, clearly now interested more, leaned further up,

"Do tell" she spoke up, as Siri turned around to face her,

"Okay, but keep this some of it is rumours" she pointed out "I heard that her mother is cheating on her father, who is having work problems affecting their home life, her sister is here on holidays from boarding school, talking with Anakin's brother and I heard that Palo, her boyfriend, is cheating on Padme all over the place because of her "friendship" with Anakin" she explained as Dorme motioned for her to go on,

"With who?" she asked, "Most of the girls at school including Rabe, Eirtae and Sache" she giggled as Dorme laughed,

"Oh my god, really?" she asked, this was music to Dorme's ears

"From what I heard" Siri told her as Dorme reached for her drink,

"She's going to fall about and soon she will no longer be the Queen of Orange County High" she assured Siri who went back to resuming her meal.

Meanwhile Obi Wan was taking some time off by playing some interactive games when Anakin stormed through the double front doors, showing him that something was on his mind, deciding to find out, he got up and headed out to follow him,

"Hey, Anakin, you alright?" he asked, once he entered the pool house as Anakin turned around, kicking the corner of his bed,

"I just got threatened by Padme's mom" he blurted out tossing more items around as Obi Wan just stood there,

"Was not expecting that" he joked, although he hated to admit it but he was starting to remember his father's early warnings

"Why?" he asked, "What did she say and how did she threaten you?" he added seeing Anakin shrug

"I don't know, something about Padme's better off without like she was and she will step in if I don't stop seeing her, by sending back to where I came from or Padme to boarding school!" he scoffs as Obi Wan, still in shock, added,

"What are you going to do? Are you going to stop seeing her?" he asked as Anakin shook his head,

"No, I love her. I'm not letting her mother stop me" he assured him as Obi wan laughed,

"You're brave, because once Jobal Naberrie sets her warning to someone, she usually doesn't stop until they are complete" he informed him as Anakin laughed,

"I've handle people worse than her. She doesn't scare me" he laughed as Obi Wan laughed more,

"She scares most people here every day" as Anakin smirked, ignoring Obi Wan last remark

"You'll see. She won't stop us from being together" he assured him. Tatooine was full of low lives he had survived from; he knew how to handle her.

Padme softly ran the brush through her thick, glossy hair, still thinking about Anakin, his hands against her waist, his lips against her soft, small ones and his light, baby blue eyes staring into her lovely, brown eyes, she missed him every minute she wasn't with him

She ran the brush through her hair, her hair once more lost in thought; she almost didn't hear the door knocking until the voice entered her thoughts,

"Padme, it's me, can you open up. We need to talk" came her mother's voice as Padme placed the brush down and moved over to the door,

"Nice to see you home earlier, for a change" her mother smiled as Padme smiled,

"The principal allowed us to leave school earlier so we can head over to Naboo and then we finished early and we got back to Courscant within the hour" she replied as Jobal brushed past her,

"Honey, I need to speak to you. It's serious, because of what's being happening recently" she smiled,

"Okay, what's wrong?" she asked, taking a seat on her bed as her mother went on

"This boy, Anakin, honey, you shouldn't be with him. You've changed and you can't. You need to go back with Palo because Anakin will lead you down a bad path" she commented as Padme satthere, gob smacked,

"What! How can you say that? You don't even know him. He makes me feel comfortable and truly in love!" she argued back as Jobal stood firm,

"He is too wild and we don't even know much about his past and I am telling him like I told him-you are NEVER seeing each other again because if you do, I will send you to boarding school with Sola or he will go back where he came from" she snapped back

Padme sat firm opposite her mother, ready to snap back

"You can't do that!" raging on "I am going to keep seeing him because despite what you say, Anakin is not who you think he is, just because he came here without a family" she snapped back, as Jobal stormed through the door,

"You can say all you want but I will do what I must whether or not, your father approves or not" she finishing the door abruptly behind her, as Padme, almost overcome with all kinds of emotions, reached for her comm,

"Satine, I need to speak to you now. Please come over quickly" she told her, burying her head into her pillow, letting the tears fall.

Anakin and Obi Wan had decided to just get out of the house for the rest of the afternoon, riding onto the long, wooden docks by the spaceport, which adjourned the shopping market unfortunately they were not counting on Palo and his friends hanging around there

Hoping, they would avoid them; they were wrong, because Palo and his friends saw them approaching and fastly made their way over to them, smirking, Palo snorted,

"Well, look who's decided to step away from their protective zone. Has Padme left you already?" he laughed as Obi Wan looked over at Anakin, who only stared back at Palo,

"No, in fact, I was just talking to her and she was telling me how I'm a much better kisser than anyone else she's kissed" he smirked as Palo began to clench his fist,

"You are going to regret saying that" he snarled as Obi Wan spoke up, trying to stop a potential fight

"We didn't mean to get on your nerves here, we'll just go" he told them, starting to lead Anakin away from the group however Palo shot back, eager to test Anakin's buttons

"Shut up, geek!" he snapped, moving forward to shove Obi Wan causing to Anakin turn around and back towards him

"That was uncalled for" he told him, Palo scoffed getting right in Anakin's face

"What are you going to do? Huh, what are you going to do?" he tormented him, continuing to push him further and further, edging closer to Anakin, "You know you don't belong here and she's out of your league" he went on, as Obi Wan hit back,

"You shouldn't say that. You don't want to make him angry" he told him as Palo laughed,

"He can't hit me because Padme wouldn't like that, she's whipping him" he snapped back, continuing to push them back, until Anakin had had enough and launched himself at Palo, tackling him to the crowd, viciously punching him as the others jumped to the rescue, turning the confrontation nasty.

Hanging out a nearby jewellery store, where Padme had told Satine everything her mother had done and how she was nearly threatening her; they was distracted by a loud commotion and their eyes widened in horror,

"Oh no, it's starting again" Satine muttered as Padme shook her head,

"Why does he always do this?" she asked as Satine laughed,

"Because he wants you and he can't stand Anakin. Have you seen his hateful looks?" she asked her, before running over to the fight,

"Palo!" she screamed, "Stop this!" she screamed once more as Anakin spotted her and pushed him off of him, and Palo stood back. Palo now had sported sharp cuts and spits on his lips and a bruised eye as Anakin had nasty gashes to his side of his face,

"Padme, he started it! He just lunged at me!" Palo told her as she rolled her eyes,

"You're such a jerk. I know you started it" she told him, "Leave now" she ordered him, watching him sly away with his friends, she slowly stroked Anakin's arm, before touching his face,

"I can't believe he would do this again" she told him as he tried a half smile,

"I know but at least you're here" he smiled, as she lowered her head, with a sigh

"Despite my mother warnings" she told him, only seeing him smirk before pulling her in a strong grip and then a kiss as Satine and Obi Wan looked on before she turned to him,

"You seem to cop a lot of bruises too" she told him, slowly touching his face, as he teased,

"This is a different, sweet side to you" as she laughed, "I still care" she told him, as he smiled at her. However, none of the four friends realised that they were being watched.

"I can't believe that he would do that. He said he loved me!" Siri exclaimed not too far away from where it was happening as Dorme admired the necklace in her hands

"I told you" she simply replied grinning "That's why I had Palo staged that fight. You said they would be down here and then they show up" she told her as Siri stared harder,

"It's just, I can't believe it. I actually liked him" she confessed as Dorme laughed,

"Don't worry. Soon it will seem like the tables will turn and they are going down" she assured, looking back as Anakin, Padme, Obi Wan and Satine slowly moved past their location, through the marketplace towards the medical centre. Dorme was convinced Padme's time in the spotlight was over and Satine was going down with her, for hurting her friend

[Next time: Jaina is divided between her loyalties to her husband and to her close friend when she overhears one of his conversations between him and a client, Dorme ups the antics on her plans to destroy Padme and Satine however how will she react when she discovers Sola and Owen have beaten her to it? And while Padme and Anakin continue to ignore her mother's warnings, how does Anakin react when his ex girlfriend arrives with a huge surprise!