The trees were silent in the picturesque park and it was still too early for anyone to be there, save for a lone soul sitting by the crystal clear azure pond. The trees surrounding the pond had little birds of various species ruffling their wings and singing for the lucky few who were awake to listen to their tune. The grass, christened with soft dew droplets, was lit up by the early morning light as it trickled across the ground.

The boy ruffled his hand through his blond locks, leaning back onto the hill behind him. He pondered why he didn't come to the park more often; the peace and beauty at this time of day was almost unmatched. A miniature green frog with inquiring eyes leapt from the pond and onto his chest, wetting his white t-shirt. He smiled, greeting it with a soft stroke using the back of his hand. "What do you think I should do?" he asked, his tones soothing despite his internal turmoil.

With a croak, the frog leapt from his stomach and left abruptly, diving into the water without leaving a trace of its presence. Resting his head back, he rubbed his temples with his fingers. How was it that he was running away but he hadn't moved a step? He had never wanted to do all this; he just enjoyed music, and enjoyed writing songs. Why did he have to deal with all the fans, groupies, band members and the press?

Admittedly, he was just being lazy and avoiding a commitment to practice for the big gig later but he couldn't help but wonder how important it actually was. Didn't people say that art was a thing of passion and not something to be analysed or sold? Well, he liked to think they did because it was he was thinking right now and he'd prefer not to be all alone. At least, not like a time like this.

His phone vibrated. Looking up into the branches above his head, he watched the birds frying about freely and wished he could join them. It buzzed again so he withdrew it and moved to throw it into the pond. He paused when he saw the name on the phone. "Sora…" Clenching his teeth and furrowing his brow, he held the phone out, frozen. "Dammit." He flipped the small silver device open and read the text message.

Matt where are you!? Everyone is worried. I know we've had our fights but as your friend I want you to go and fulfil your commitments. You wanted to do this so I helped you and I lost out on being with Tai for you. Please Matt. I love you

He was lying to himself. That wasn't how it ended.

Please Matt. I love your music and so many others do.

He mouthed the words solemnly. "Why do I never get the one girl I actually want?" He roared in anger and hurled the phone into the pond. Pausing, he watched the phone sink and felt like crap but he wasn't prepared to admit it. "I'd rather be lazy all day than work anyway." Grabbing a blade of grass, he placed it into his mouth like he'd seen on TV and fell back onto the grass. He was not going to work today.

I wrote this at a time in my life when I was struggling to remember why I loved writing. I wanted to study the character Matt for this purpose and I hope I did him justice in my self-indulgence.