Hello! This is my first story involving Skeeter, but not my first newsies story :) Just a heads up, if you're wondering why Emma and Race don't know each other, even though Skeeter and Race grew up together, she doesn't visit Emma much and usually goes without Race. Also, I am planning to have Skeeter tell Race her real name at the end of the story, so any suggestions? Please review but don't be mean, just constructive! Happy writings!

~EG Winston

General P.O.V.

"You cheat! How'd youse beat me!" Kid shouted.

Skeeter just grinned, "Kid, don't get upset that you stink at poker and got beat by a goil, it ain't my fault you ain't go no poker face". Kid scowled and walked over to Bumlets and Specs.

Race smiled at her, "You always gots to push people's buttons don't youse."

"You know it, Race". Race and Skeeter split their earnings, an old habit from when they were kids.

"Heya Race? Can I ask youse somethin' now that we'se alone?" Skeeter asked, she wasn't sure how Race would take this.

"Yeah?" he replied. She sighed, "You know me sister, in Brooklyn, Emma?" Race nodded and she continued, "I haven't seen her in awhile and I was goin' to pay her a visit this afternoon. Will you come with me? Please?"

Race looked at her, Brooklyn was dangerous. Manhattan and Brooklyn were on good terms, but newsies don't travel in others territory, it just led to trouble. Especially if that trouble's name was Spot Conlon.

"I dunno, Skeets" he said, using her pet name, "Brooklyn, it ain't the nicest place these days. How bout we just play another round a' poker, maybe I'll let you win." This was a lie of course, Race and Skeeter had been taught poker by an older newsie who had left years before and no one was ever sure who would win when they played.

Skeeter shook her head, her long red hair falling out of its loose braid. "You cain Race, I'm goin' with or without youse" Race jumped up, Skeeter may be tough, but she was still a goil. If she went to Brooklyn by herself, Jack would kill him!

Race grimaced, he didn't really have a choice "Fine Skeets. Just this once I'll let you have your way"

Skeeter grinned, her white teeth shining, "I always get my way, Race" She bounced out the door and Race followed her, cursing her enticing looks and wittiness.

Skeeter's P.O.V.

I don't like to take advantage of Race, he's my best friend. We came to the newsies at the same time and had grown up together. We were inseparable and so alike that Specs called us the old married couple. I gave him a shiner for that but it was true.

"Heya Race, hows Sheepshead for tomorrow? I'm goin with Mickey-Day, I got a real hot tip on the 4th"

Race smiled, "No, dollface, it's gonna be Majesty, I have a feelin' about this one, he'll rub the rest in the dirt"

I hit him on the arm, "Call me Dollface again and I'll rub you in the dirt" he smiled his Italian smirk. Gosh almighty I loved his smile.

Wait, what am I saying! This is Race here, the annoying, scrappy Italian almost brother of mine, he ain't cute! I gotta stop thinkin' like this.

We walked along, talking about which horses were goin' to make us filthy rich, richer than Pullitzer himself when Race stopped abruptly at the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Put you hair under your cap, Skeets" I looked at him, I don't like bein' bossed around. Then again, I'm usually the bossy one. He saw my face, "I just don't want you gettin…. Hoit…. Because some scabbah takes a fancy to youse"

I nodded and tucked my long red hair up. He smiled at me,

"Don't worry, your eyes are still greener than a leprachaun's hat or some other Irish crap you talks about" I laughed,

"Comin' from pasta boy or whatever else those Italians are known for, I think I'm fine, thanks" This was our ongoing joke. I was Irish, through and through and he was the most Italian kid I've ever met.

Knock knock knock

"Who is it?" Emma's voice cried out timidly. I winked at Race and answered in a deep male tone,

"Sergeant Muldoon, open up or I'll break it down!" I hear her panicked footsteps and the door opened up.

"Skeeter!" She cried out, realizing it was me, "You sí-diabhal [she-devil]" She cursed at me in Irish.

I grinned back at her, "Sorry, Emma, I couldn't resist!"

She threw her head back and laughed, "Come in, come in! Who is this fine young man?" she said, upon seeing Race, "Are you Skeeter's man? I always thought she needed one why when she was-"

"Emma!" I cried out, blushing furiously. Race was embarrassed too by the looks of him.

"Emma, this is my good friend, Racetrack Higgins"

"Call me Race ma'am" He said with a flourish of his cap.

Emma laughed, "Welcome, Race, to this humble adobe of mine" A wail sounded from the next room and Emma excused herself to go tend to Mary-Grace.

I looked around my sister's tiny apartment. It was actually quite nice, but it was cramped. I walked over to the kitchen and saw a picture of our family-our old family-hanging on the wall. Mam, Papa, Emma and I were all there, smiling. Like nothing in the world would ever tear us apart.

"Your sister" Race started, walking up behind me, interrupting me from my painful memories "She looks jis' like youse, Skeeter"

"She does" I agreed, "Though considering that she's older, I think it's I look jis' like her"

Race laughed.

Knock Knock Knock

"I'll get it!" I shouted to Emma. I opened the door and faced my sister's husband, Paul.

"Heya Kid!" He shouted, embracing me in a bear hug, "I didn't know you were visiting! I would have called the cops to arrest you!"

I laughed, Paul was a big guy. He was intimidating to those who didn't know him, but to me, he was just a large guy with a larger heart.

"Heya Paul!" I laughed, "Mind lettin' me go, I'se afraid I'se is suffocatin'"

He roared with laughter and set me down. He noticed Race, standing awkwardly in the back of their kitchen and walked towards him.

I know, I know, an awkward place to cut off (it's 3 pages on my word doc) and it's been kind of slow so far. Never fear! I shall probably repost within a day. Also, to keep you interested, Spot will be making an appearance as well as some others. Write any characters or suggestions that you want to appear! Be back soon!

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