Dedicated to all my friends and family and especially to

J.E. Magic, thanks for making me write ;)

Skeeter awoke with a start.

She looked around room noticing that it was daytime now.

"Glad youse finally up!"

Skeeter looked in the corner at the source of the childish voice.

"Yeah! We thought you was going to sleep forever like one a does princesses that Specs talks about fore we goes to sleep!"

"Yeah, the one with the glass shoe or the long hair or the apple one!"

"Stupid, the apple was poison! You mean the 7 dwarves princess!"

Tinker and Tumbler ran from the corner where they had been sitting and jumped onto the bunk bed.

Skeeter smiled and tried to make room for the bouncing boys.

"I'm no princess Tum, and you know dat"

"You're a princess to us" murmured Tink, blushing.

Skeeter smiled at the bashful boy.

"What time is it?" she asked, suddenly realizing she might have slept for a long time

Tink picked at the holes in the bedspread and refused to answer.

"We can't tell time yet, Skeeter" Tum said, not as ashamed as Tinker.

"Well how many suns have risen since I've come back" Skeeter said forcefully, trying to get the boys to answer

Tumbler thought about it for a moment,

"About three suns."

"Yeah" Tinker piped, "Three suns. So it's been three days, right Skeeter?"

Mind racing, Skeeter forgot to answer Tinker.

Three days! I've been unconscious for three days! Anything could have happened in that time! Not that I didn't trust Race and Jack, I trust them whole heartedly. But sometimes, like most newsboys, they let their pride and anger make their decisions rather than their common sense.

"Where are Jack and Race" she said, her voice cracking in an effort to not show the boys how concerned she was for what the newsboys have been doing while she was asleep.

"Skeeter it's daytime, they're out sellin! Don't you know that?" Tum said, giving her a confused look.

"Yeah but the pape bell has only rung once, a long time ago. They're probably eatin lunch now." Tink added

"Well then," said Skeeter as she swung her feet out of bed and onto the rough wooden floor, "Let's go find them!"