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Jessie was let out of the giant hug, slightly out of breath because of the lack of air when her face was pressed into the fuzz. The hugger broke the silence with "Hello, there! I'm Lotso-Huggin' Bear. But please, call me Lotso."

"Howdy there, Lotso! I'm Jessie. It sure is a pleasure to meet ya." Jessie said, shaking what she hoped was Lotso's paw. She peered through the dim light to try to see him, but all she saw was the general shape of a bear. However, she did get a strong smell of strawberries.

"Do you smell strawberries, or am I just going crazy?" Jessie asked hesitantly. "Well, of course you smell strawberries! It's me, I'm supposed to smell like them. Don't tell me you've never met a Lotso-Huggin' Bear before." "Well, I've met several teddy bears, but I never met a strawberry scented critter. That sure is something different."

"Actually, it's not. There are tons of Lotso toys sold all around the world! We even come in different colors and smells. The smells are fun for everyone, and they also help the little ones fall asleep."

"What about you, though?" Lotso asked, "Is there anything cool about you that I probably don't know exists?" He looked at Jessie, and was surprised to see a cowgirl hat in the dim light of the box. "Whoa there, Missy. Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or do you have a cowgirl hat on?" "Well, what do you think a cowgirl should wear, earmuffs?" Jessie retorted. "Have you ever heard of a pull string before?" "A what?" Lotso questioned, confused.

Jessie grabbed Lotso's paw and placed it on her back. "Feel a loop?" She asked him. "Pull it." Lotso did, and Jessie yodeled through her voice box. "Well, isn't that something?" Lotso asked.

"Actually, pull strings are pretty common. Take Chatty Cathy, Mrs. Beasley, and See n' Says for example. They've all got pull strings. Ever heard of any of them?"

"Well, Daisy's mom would call Daisy 'Cathy' when she was talking someone's ears off, maybe she got it from that." Lotso suggested. "Maybe," Jessie said, "I can't think of why she'd call her by another name, unless that was her nickname or something. I know Emily went by Em for a brief period of time."

"Who's Emily?" Lotso asked. Jessie sighed. "She was the girl who put us in this box. She was my owner." They both went limp with smiles on their faces as the box was being moved into the truck. When it was safe to come alive again, Jessie asked Lotso who Daisy was.

"She was my owner." Lotso echoed Jessie. "She lost me at a picnic and never came back." Jessie looked at him and said "I know how you feel. I was under Emily's bed for years. Emily never noticed me missing, even though I was one of her few toys." Lotso nodded and told Jessie "Daisy only had a couple toys when I was with her. She loved Lotsos, but she kept losing them, or they'd fall apart in the wash. I was her fourth Lotso, and she's probably replaced me by now."

Jessie looked at him, shocked. "And that doesn't bother you?" she asked in disbelief. "I knew it would happen sooner or later." Lotso said in a voice that implied he was talking about the weather rather than being abandoned, "You'd think it if you knew Daisy. She's an active child, and easily distracted. If you've got her attention when she's doing something else, she'll drop whatever she's holding and dash over to the fun." Lotso laughed quietly. "In the few weeks I was with her, she lost tons of things. Crayons, books, paper dolls, you name it. Once she drops it to move on to something else, she'll likely forget all about it."

"But why didn't she go back for you?" Jessie asked, appalled. To her surprise, Lotso laughed again. "Well, don't ask me why, but Daisy's parents decided the best place for a picnic was somewhere an hour away." Jessie let out a giggle and commented "That's ridiculous!" Lotso nodded and went on. "It sure is, and you know what? When she still had me, she was talking about times that she had with her other Lotso. She's gone through four already, but she doesn't know that. When she noticed one was missing, she'd probably cry for him all day long. Her parents would make some excuse for why she can't play with her Lotso that day. Then they'd buy a new one, trash the box, and give the replacement to Daisy, and she thinks it's that first Lotso. Well, what about your owner"

"Oh, Emily was wonderful! I was her best friend of years. She loved anything to do with the wild west, and she took me everywhere. There were times I'd get dirty, but since I'm part plastic, they'd have to hand wash me, so I couldn't get ripped apart in the washer. Emily was also very active, but she was very careful about always making sure I was with her. Although, there was one time she had covered me with sand in the sandbox, and her mom told her they had to go home. She was frantically searching for me, but her mom got mad and carried her to the car. The next day, she was in tears when she came to the park, and she found me outside the sandbox. I'd crawled out when she was coming so it would be easy for her to find me." Jessie paused, and then said with a laugh, "After that, though, she'd tie my pull string around her wrist whenever we were out." It was quiet in the box as the truck started moving.

They didn't say anything for a while. Finally Lotso spoke up. "Where do you think we're going?" he asked. "I don't know," Jessie replied, "But we should stick together. And I know we just met but-" she pulled her string and finished with "I'm so happy you're my friend!" Lotso smiled and said "I'm glad you're my friend, too."

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