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The moment the door slammed shut, Jessie and Lotso both sprang up. Jessie dusted herself off, and Lotso hurried over to her. "Well, that girl, Annika, did make a good villain." Jessie noted. "Almost too good." Lotso added, and they both laughed. Jessie looked around the room and commented "Pretty boring room, huh?" Lotso nodded and said "Obviously, Annika's grandma needs some help with decorating." That caused them both to giggle.

Jessie walked over to the dresser and started opening drawers. Seeing Lotso's curious look, she told him that they were all empty. Evidently the only personal items Annika had were her backpack, the clothes she wore at the moment, and her two new toys.

"Pretty unfair, how she lost everything in one fire." Jessie said sympathetically. Lotso put in "I sort of know how she feels, though. She lost her whole world in a fire, I lost mine when Daisy left me." He looked a little sad, so Jessie gave him what he liked best- a hug.

He perked up a little at this, and Jessie asked, "Is Annika anything like Daisy?" Lotso shook his head, and said "Apart from having blonde hair, they're completely different. Daisy didn't really tell stories with her toys, and she definitely was never the villain." Jessie nodded and told Lotso that Emily never really acted out stories with her toys either. They heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and they rushed back to where Annika had put them.

Annika rushed in the room, slamming the door behind her. She went strait to Jessie and, wearing her evil villain look, informed her "All right, cowgirl. You're gonna give us some answers."

She tried to get Jessie to sit unaided, but Jessie just fell back down. Sighing, she let Jessie stay lying on the floor as she grabbed Lotso. She walked back to Jessie, picked her up, and dropped her on a pillow on the floor. She pretended to lock Jessie's wrists and ankles in place, and said to Lotso "I'll let you do the honors."

She switched to Lotso's voice and told Jessie that providing information would be much less painful for her. This doesn't sound good, Jessie thought. "All right, what did you do with the cookies?" Annika-Lotso demanded. Annika made no move to act for Jessie, and after a couple seconds, she repeated as Lotso "Cowgirl, what did you do with the cookies?" Again, she left Jessie alone. "You had your chance, cowgirl." Annika-Lotso snarled, "Let's see if this will loosen your tongue."

Jessie was not looking forward to whatever was coming, and was surprised when Annika still didn't move to touch her. Instead, she brought Lotso close to Jessie and rubbed his arm against Jessie's armpit. "Tickle Torture!" Annika-Lotso cackled, and Annika-Jessie shrieked with laughter. "Where did you put the cookies?" Annika-Lotso questioned, but Annika-Jessie was too busy guffawing. Annika had Lotso tickle Jessie for a couple minutes before she gasped as Jessie "I hid them in the pantry!" Annika stopped having Lotso tickle Jessie, and said in her villain voice "Excellent!" She "unlocked" Jessie from the pillow, and rushed downstairs, appearing half a minute later with her hands full of cookies. "Don't tell anyone." she told the toys before eating them. Once she finished, she was about to start playing again when someone called her name from downstairs. Annika sighed when her parents told her it was bedtime. She reluctantly got in bed and hugged and kissed her parents goodnight. Once the lights were turned off and she was alone, she got up and crept to where Jessie and Lotso were. She picked her toys up and brought them back to bed. "You guys are gonna stick with me, right?" She asked them, as if they had a choice. Even if they did, though, they wouldn't have even thought of leaving her. Annika told them that her house had burned down when she was at school, so none of her toys had survived, and she was left with her most boring possessions- clothes and school stuff.

She fell asleep hugging her new toys. Jessie and Lotso slept better than they had in weeks, happy to be in a child's arms.

In the middle of the night, though, Jessie fell out of bed. Her hat flew off and skidded to a halt, stopping under the nightstand. Jessie, however, didn't see this, and was annoyed that she lost her hat. Annika woke up long enough to fetch Jessie from the floor and bring her back to bed.

When morning arrived, Annika awoke and jokingly asked her toys if they slept well, not knowing that they could sleep at all. She asked Jessie where her hat was, and started looking for it. After five minutes of frantic searching, she found it and placed it back on Jessie's head. After eating breakfast Annika started a new game.

She pretended to capture Jessie and Lotso, stuffing them in a pillowcase. She then announced "You guys are going to the dungeon." She pulled them back out and added "But I don't know what to use for the dungeon." She thought about it, and after a minute said "Okay, I know where the dungeon is!" She shoved them back in the pillowcase and carried it off somewhere.

By the sound of it, Annika was going downstairs, and when she pulled them out of the pillowcase, they were in what appeared to be a basement, though it was too dark to really tell. Annika flipped on the lights and announced "You guys have fun in here."

She dropped them on the floor, ran up the stairs, and pretended to leave and lock them in. She came back down and grabbed her toys. "What does this person have against us?" Annika-Jessie wondered. "We're her arch enemies, remember?" Annika-Lotso reminded Jessie. She had them walk up to the door, and made it seem like they couldn't open it.

"Great." Annika-Jessie said sarcastically, "Now were stuck in Lava cave." Annika tried to make a sound like bubbling lava, but it sounded more like she was spitting out toothpaste. "The lava's getting closer!" Annika-Lotso yelped, trying to climb higher, but there was no where to go, and Annika made her bubbling sounds get louder, so the imaginary lava got higher and higher. Annika had Jessie cast around for something to get them out of this mess, and saw a single nail in the wall. "Over there!" Annika-Jessie shouted, and Lotso and Jessie were swept towards it, Jessie reached out and...

Annika was snapped rudely back into reality by her mom calling her. Still holding her toys, she ran into the kitchen and asked, a bit annoyed "What?"

"We're going to look at houses." Her mom replied. "Do you want to come?" Annika happily exclaimed "Yes!" as she put on her shoes. She ran out to the car, still clutching her toys. Her parents got in and they started to drive.