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Chapter 1: America's Glasses Falls Off

Chaos, like always, was the only word to describe the world meeting that day. One would think that everyone would have gotten over everything, but that's countries for you. Some can hold grudges for a very long time.

Germany was yelling at everyone to quiet down. Italy hanged on his arm talking about eating pasta after the meeting was over.

Spain was attempting to cuddle with Romano, who was trying desperately to get away from him—using nails and teeth as his first method.

Russia talking cheerfully with China who showed a little reluctance towards being with the other.

France continuously groped England which in turn, earned him a punch in the face by a very red-face gentleman.

Austria and Hungary sitting next to one another talking peacefully until Prussia decided to grace them with his 'awesome' presence and tackled Austria. Hungary took her frying pan out from who knows where and smacked Prussia on the head.

Switzerland and Liechtenstein were chatting together, the older frowning like always, and the younger smiling cheerfully.

America was talking to Japan about how awesome he is while Japan just sat next to him nodding his head.

And of course poor Canada, being alone and forgotten, sat by himself with his pet polar bear who always forgot who he was.

After a while Germany had finally gotten them to settle down long enough to finish his presentation. Next Italy went up and his presentation was only about pasta.

Then Japan.

Then China.



So on, so on, so on.

Finally it was America's turn.

As he got up to walk to the podium he shot a glance towards England—who wasn't paying him any attention. Feeling a little disappointed, he mentally shook his head before continuing on with his usual 'I'm the hero' smile.

Once he got up there he started his presentation about how they should make a superhero that'll stop global warming. Obviously it was the best idea, even Japan agreed with him. He could see the Asian nation nodding a few times as he went, which hyped America up more.

Half-way through his presentation, America started getting a headache. However, it was more of an annoyance then actual pain. He choose to ignore but as time passed the pain grew more.

Suddenly while he was talking, a rather sharp pain pierced through his head. He gasped and clenched his head as the pain didn't go away instead getting sharper and more painful.

America stumbled away from the podium and almost fell to the ground. He heard the other nations stand up and come towards him but he paid them little mind still clenching his head in agony. He felt someone's cool hand touch his wrist trying but failing to pull his own hands away from his face. Not thinking clearly, he roughly pushed away the hand away. He only caught a glimpse of wide hurt emerald eyes.

After a few more endless seconds of agonizing pain it stopped all together. America let out a huge breath and took a couple deep breaths to calm down his racing heart. He stood shaking and panting for a few seconds in relief that the pain was now over. He slowly lowered his hands and glanced at the other nations who some were staring at him with curiosity while others had genuine concern.

Now that America had ceased feeling pain and was currently standing straighter, some countries went back to their seat while others stayed behind.

England being one of them.

England looked at America with a frown on his face and his eyes filled with worry.

"Are you okay America?"

America let out a shakily laugh and rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah I'm fine. No worries England."

England raised one bushy brow.

"Oh really America? Because it looked to me like—"

America cut him off by slapping him on the back (in a totally friendly way mind you).

"Hey if I said no worries then no wor—"

Just then America's glasses broke in half, sliding off his face and onto the floor. Everyone looked at the broken glasses in surprise but what happened next made them all speechless.

"Hello, America. Or should I call you big brother?" a sarcastic thick southern country accent voice said.

All nations looked up and a few feet in front of the broken glasses stood a teenage girl no more than 16 years of age. She had bronze skin, big dark chocolate brown eyes, pink full lips and brown hair so dark it looked almost black that fell just below her waist line in a braid. Her bangs cutting off just above her eyes, covering her eyebrows and forehead. She had on dark blue skinny jeans that were tucked in at the bottom by black combat boots and a brown leather belt to hold them up. She had on a black t-shirt with a blue and black plaid t-shirt over it that was tied in a knot under her breast. To top it off she wore a black cowboy hat that had a golden color star on the side.

America and all other nations stared at her gaping while she stood there with her hands resting on her waist.

After a few quite moments America cleared his throat and, still looking at the girl in awe, he spoke.

"Who are you?"

The girl smirked and let out a chuckle.

"Why can't you tell? I'm Texas of course." She replied her smirk growing.

She then did a spin and kicked America right in the jaw sending him flying and crashing on the other side of the room. He landed hard on his back which almost knocking the air out of his lungs.

"America!" some nations called out.

America ignored them and glanced at the girl who called herself Texas while rubbing his jaw.

"Why'd you do that?!" he yelled, feeling his soldier persona coming forward.

The girl laughs gleefully. She claps her hands once before holding them together against her chest.

"Don't you see?! I've finally become independent from you America! After all these years I've finally broken away." The girl—Texas—smirks. "I, Texas, the once lone star state has now become the lone star NATION!"

"H-how?" America gasped, the shock helping him push back the soldier persona.

Texas stopped smirking and her entire attitude change in a second.

"Don't you know how much Texans wanted to break away? Haven't you felt the pain of the war you've been going through these pasted years. All the deaths…" Texas's voice was crack in deep sadness and pain.

Abruptly, Texas began coughing and making choking sounds before collapsing on the floor twitching. America and some other nations went to her side. China being one of them removed her hat and rested her head in his lap so that she would be more comfortable.

"Ve what's happening?!" Italy exclaimed sounding frightened and hide behind Germany who was kneeling next to Texas, trying to figure out what the cause of her injury was.

Texas continued to cough and turned her head to the side. With one big cough, blood came out of her mouth, some of it trailing down the corner of her mouth. The nations started panicking even more. That's when China noticed that Texas was clenching her lower side.

"Quick! Lift her shirt up I think it's her lower intestines!" China demanded.

America was the one to do it and what he saw made him choke on his own salvia. Three holes with blood pouring out of them were on Texas's stomach as if she had been shot but there were no signs of the bullets. Blood was rapidly leaving her and began making a pool around her. China, making Japan take his place on supporting Texas's head, move to America's side and pushed him out of the way. China pressed his hands against the wounds, making Texas cry out in pain but he didn't lighten his pressure.

"I need something that'll help stop the bleeding. Quickly!" China ordered, focused on the girl in front of him.

"She's been shot? Yet there are no bullets? But how? That's impossible. We would have heard something." Germany demanded, he hand China a stack of towels and brought over the pitcher of water. He gave Italy one of the towels and instructed him to wet it and keep Texas cool.

Italy did as he was told, rushing to put the wet towel on Texas's forehead to wipe the sweat off.

They all heard a breathless chuckle and the nations looked down to see Texas smiling. America was kneeling by her head and was holding her hand. He hasn't felt this much panic in a long time. Texas looked up at him with sad pain filled eyes.

"Before I showed up here, America…I was human. Fighting in the war for Texas's…my independence. This was how I died. I was…shot in battle." Texas gasped out before her grip with America's hand went limp as she slipped into unconsciousness.

The room erupted in an all too different kind of chaos.

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