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Chapter 21: Returning the Favor

"Моя звезда, is this really necessary?" Ivan asked with a pout as I wrapped the piece of cloth around his eyes.

"Ho no, you don't get to complain now that the tables are turned." I countered. "You did this to me for my surprise and now I get to do the same for yours."

Ivan let out a dramatic sigh and I giggled. I finished tying the blindfold on and gave him a peck on the cheek before pulling back.

"You'll be fine." I said as I turned the key in the ignition and started my truck.

Ivan had come visited me in my home in Texas. Things were still crazy but not nearly as much as a few months ago. Progress was being made, even if it was slow. There was no meeting for Ivan to be here but we both had free time and as a result, he came to visit me. It was only for a few days but it was something. When he had told me when he was able to come I immediately began preparing for my own surprise I had for Ivan. He had been reluctant at first, but since he had done the same to me when I had been with him in Moscow I was able to use that to my advantage.

I drove us to the place I had in mind and pulled the truck off the road. I turned the truck off and opened my door.

"Give me a second," I told Ivan and got out, closing the door behind me, I went to Ivan's side and opened the door. "We're going to have to walk from here."

"And where exactly is here?" Ivan asked as I helped him out. He stumbled out as he hit the uneven ground but I kept him steady.

"Hmm, not telling." I replied cheerfully. "It's not far, though the ground is uneven. Sorry about that."

"Yes I can tell." Ivan said sarcastically.

I elbowed him gently in response. "Whatever, you're going love it, I just know it."

"As you say, моя звезда." Ivan returned.

I squeezed his hand and carefully led him through the ground. It took a few minutes because, with Ivan not being able to see, we had to go a lot slower. I didn't mind it, the pace will be worth his reaction. We finally got to where I wanted us and stopped Ivan. I reached up and placed my hands on his temples.

"Okay, keep your eyes closed for a second. I don't want the sun to blind you because your eyes have been covered this whole time." I instructed as I pulled off the blindfold.

Ivan's eyelids twitch from the light but after a few seconds I gave him the okay and he slowly blinked his eyes open. It took a couple seconds for them to focus but he looked at me, then what was behind me. His eyes instantly widened and his mouth dropped opened.

I laughed at the expression and grabbed his hand to bring him closer.

"I'm taking by your expression that you like the surprise." I asked, knowing the answer.

"Моя звезда!" Ivan breathed. "It's beautiful!"

In front of us laid an entire filed of blooming sunflowers. Some were still budding but the vast majority of them were open and facing the sky. The field went as far as the eye could see and was wide enough that it too had no end in sight. Of course, we were at the edge of the field, the road a small distance away. I had found this place while I was driving back to the city. I had never seen it before but then again, I hadn't been in this area in my human life and the sunflowers weren't in season at the time. When they were and I recognized them for what they were I knew instantly that I had to show this place to Ivan and the rest was history.

"Well, my favorites are naturally bluebonnets but I guess these are okay too." I laughed as Ivan broke away from me to get closer.

"Nyet, these are the most beautiful flower." Ivan said so matter-of-factly that I grinned.

I lingered behind him and watch him go into the field. He walked carefully as to not stomp on any of the stems, luckily there was enough room in between the flowers for him to do that easily. He seemed to be captivated by the sight around him, I used the opportunity to take my phone out and took a couple pictures. I would show them to him later, plus I wanted to always be able to remember the child-like glee on his face.

Ivan eventually came back to me and pulled me inside the field, the ends of our fingers touching. I followed willing and made sure not to step on any of the plants, it was much easier for me to do than Ivan.

We came to a stop a few meters out but Ivan didn't pull away.

"And at the center of this place is the most beautiful thing of all. You, моя звезда, my sun."

I blinked up at him in surprise. "That's why you call me that?"

Ivan nodded and intertwined our fingers, his face taking a sheepish look. "Da, you are the brightest soul I have ever seen and everyone you could've been with you choose me. And I have to say that yes, there were a couple others who wouldn't have minded if they got to know you better."

I stared at Ivan for a few moments, partly in disbelief at his words, but I also felt my cheeks heat up. I have known Ivan for about a year now and have been dating him for almost that whole length. Ever since we first met, he had captured my fascination and has been unlike anyone I had ever met, both in my human life and in the life I had now. In this life I have become friends with a variety of people, and come to love them as such.

But I could not picture myself with anyone else, not in the way I have been with Ivan. He was completely different and always was.

I squeezed Ivan's hands and smiled at him.

"There has never been anyone else. Always you. I love you, Ivan."

Ivan gained the brightest smile I have ever seen and it made my heart skip a beat.

"I love you too!"

And when he pulled me to him and bent down for a kiss, I stood on my toes to meet him halfway.

So this chapter was one of the original ideas for the story. From the very beginning, the sunflower field was a plan. Glad that it was finally made and now it's up. This is the end of the story people. I hoped you enjoyed it, it has definitely been a long run. Thank you to those who probably forgot about it in their follows, but kept up with it. See ya!