Fear, Not Love

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Summary: Steve's "apparent death" elicits certain feelings: some strong, some not so much, some slow burning. Steve/Kono at the heart of it, but some Danny moments thrown in for good measure, as well as Lori and Chin.

A/N: A short-ish, in-between chapter. More smut, because – hmm – really? I have no valid reason. Also, apologies for taking so long, gotta love RL. She just loves butting in, doesn't she?

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I'm Gonna Need My Boxers Back Too

# # #

Kono Kalakaua's House
Kaneohe, Oahu

Kono is loath to move. Despite the sticky heat and the incredible, almost oppressive warmth of the body pressed up behind her. Steve. Spooning against her back with his arm draped heavily across her lower torso. The bed-sheet has fallen low around her waist, exposing her breasts and yet she feels anything but immodest. After all the things they did last night, covering up is the last thing on her mind right now.

What she is thinking about, is nothing short of a freak-out. Mostly it's along the lines of – holy shit, holy fucking shit. But of all the people she's worked with, within Five-0 and outside of it, falling in love with Steve was of course going to be a given. He's kind of a bad-ass and handsome to boot. Not to mention he has a good heart and is a standup, honest kind of man.

So, love.

Because yeah – that's what it is, she's in love. Maybe has been, except she just had no clue. Which sounds about right and seems to be her M.O. Because that's how Kono is, slow to believe in the good things that people like her deserve unless it's pounded into her thick head. Or, unless she's scared shit-less into realizing that she couldn't live without him.

She turns slightly to study Steve's sleeping face and feels that it's just criminal, but she has get up. Besides, she's incredibly thirsty and judging by the pale morning light creeping into her room from the window, they have to get going soon anyway. Freak out or not, she knows she doesn't regret a minute of last night and they somehow need to talk about making whatever it is between them work. Because she resolutely believes that it will and, because she wants it to.

Lifting the thin sheet from her bare form, she gently disengages herself from Steve's grasp and he just flips over, still in a deep, contented sleep. Kono suppresses a soft snort, stands and makes her way out of the bedroom. Once in the hallway she puts on the first article of clothing she finds on the floor – Steve's t-shirt. She can't resist inhaling his scent and thinks back to last night, she feels her cheeks flush and shakes her head. Today will be an interesting one, she knows. But she can't help but feel that finally allowing herself to be with Steve was worth it all the same.

Figuring she should make something for them to eat before heading in to work, Kono walks toward her kitchen and absentmindedly picks up his boxers along the way. Putting them on and rolling down the waistband so that it sits low and comfortable on her hips, she puts two pieces of bread in the toaster and gets the coffee maker going. She's about to grab a pair of mugs when she hears a phone ringing and she inadvertently jumps because she's not expecting anyone to call at five-thirty in the morning. But that's a really silly thought, they're Five-0 after all.

Kono contemplates ignoring the damn thing when she remembers what happened the last time she and Steve chose to not answer their phones. She rushes out of the kitchen and starts looking through the piles of clothes on the floor and under the cushions that have 'accidentally' fallen off of the sofa during their 'activities' last night and finally finds her phone under the coffee table. She's on her hands and knees, nervously pushing at the screen when her phone all of a sudden stops ringing.


She reads the display and discovers that it was Chin.


And she's missed the call.


"Fuck," she says sitting back on her heels as she stares at the screen. She spots Steve's phone under the sofa and grabs it to check how many calls he's missed as well and it reads something in the double digits and she groans. "Fuck," she says again.

"Hey. Kono?" Steve asks. "What's going on?"

Kono's head pops up and Steve's just standing there, at the entrance to the hallway.


Her cheeks flush again and she has to forcefully avert her gaze to focus on his face instead of his – uhm – body. He's rubbing sleep from his eyes and his hair is sticking up in odd angles and she's surprised at herself because she feels a part of her heart melting because he looks that way because of her. The bread in the toaster pops up at that moment, causing Kono to snap out of her observation and she almost resents the appliance for it's timing, except that she kind of loves toast, so she'll forgive the small hunk of metal.

They kind of stay like that for a bit, looking at each other, small smiles tugging at both of their lips. Steve in an early morning haze, not to mention the unfamiliar surroundings and the lack of clothing, which he quickly realizes Kono is wearing some part of. He likes the way she looks in his clothes.

It's Kono that moves first, feeling a dull ache forming in her bum knee due to her position on the floor and she holds up the phones and smirks as she moves to get up.

"Oh," Steve says, immediately understanding. He shakes his head as he steps around the sofa to stand in front of her. He takes his phone and looks at the display and arches a brow, then he takes her phone, reads the screen and snorts. "We're kind of screwed aren't we?" he asks, though he's smiling crookedly.

"Yeah. Danny and Chin are having conniptions right about now," Kono says as she watches Steve put the phones down onto the edge of the sofa. "I guess we should get ready," she says as if she can no longer delay the inevitable.

Steve catches on and is admittedly a little reluctant to get going as well, especially with the way she looks right now. But he really just wants to reassure her. "Hmm. It'll be fine, you know that right," he says, meaning it.

"Yeah. I know," she responds, leaning forward slightly as Steve's arms encircle her waist, pulling her closer. He's turning them and taking all of her weight until he falls into a seated position onto her sofa, with Kono in his lap. He's smiling as Kono laughs softly and then kisses her, long, lazy and simmering with possession.

She can feel him stir again through the thin cloth of his boxers and she grins into his mouth, undulating her hips slightly and eliciting a low groan from Steve. He wraps his arms around her tighter and mumbles something about needing his t-shirt back. His hands are lifting his shirt up and off of her and causes them to break apart momentarily before Steve's lips quickly find their way to back to hers, then behind her ear and down to her neck. Kono is biting the inside of her cheek and letting her eyes drift shut at the sensations threatening to overwhelm her when she notices that Steve's lips have stopped working their magic and she has no choice but to open her eyes and look at him.

"I'm gonna need my boxers back too," Steve says, suggestively, his eyes focused on her mouth and her lips.

Kono grins again, this time bigger. "You're going to have to take them yourself," she says in a breathy whisper.

Steve's eyes shoot back to hers as she stands and darts to the dresser to pull out another condom. When she gets back to him, he helps her shed his boxers and Kono takes in the sight of him. He's so eager already and so is she, if the dampness she feels between her legs is any indication. She straddles Steve's sitting form and sheaths him so quickly with the condom that he jumps and she has to smirk at how sensitive he is.

There's a flicker of competitiveness in Steve's eyes as his hands move from her thighs up to her hips to grip and guide her onto him just as quickly and she gasps in surprise. Steve watches as Kono's eyes roll back and he just wants to thrust his hips forward and release himself but she reaches out to steady him with a firm grip on his shoulders.

"Why don't you let me do all the work?" Kono asks, her voice low as she gulps. "After all," she says, smiling wickedly. "You had a really busy night." Kono punctuates her last statement with a purposeful rock of her hips and this time it's Steve's eyes that roll back as he nods in acquiescence.

Kono watches as Steve lets his head drop onto the back of the sofa and she begins to set a pace that quickens almost immediately. Fuck her self control right now. She squeezes her eyes shut as she grabs onto his shoulders and she continues to crash her hips onto his. She feels his warm lips on her neck again, his teeth nipping lightly at the sensitive spot behind her ear and – shit, fuck, fuck. "Unh, God, Steve," she moans breathlessly as she comes, dragging the tips of her fingers across the nape of his neck.

Steve stills and Kono realizes that he hasn't joined her yet. When she leans back and opens her eyes, Steve's hooded gaze is so intense and hot – and not the heated, pissed off kind of 'hot'. More like the wrecked and ruined, for her and only her, kind. He's leaning backward slightly as he wraps his arms tighter around her causing her to arch against him. He's panting raggedly, and then she feels him thrust upward and her breath catches and she wonders what the fuck is he actually doing to her? And once again, she's on that precipice, teetering so precariously to the edge.

"Oh God," Kono says as she wraps her arms around his neck. And Steve starts to push up into her, setting a rhythm that has her instantly breathless all over again. She's gasping, her thighs are burning, quivering with each shove that when Steve finally comes, grunting from the exertion, Kono comes again and finds herself actually grunting along with him. Screw being ladylike. It all feels too good to worry about propriety. Then again, fucking Steve, who happens to also be her boss, is a middle-fingered salute to propriety, thank you very much.

# # #

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