I suddenly got this idea while reading Uwasaya by Hosaka Ayumu and Hasumi Natsume.
I stumbled across the reference to 'Kuchisake Onna' and one thing led to another and got me writing this! Anyway, I hope you like it~ I know I should be working on my other story but I have writer's block at the moment (only half of the next chapter done!) But I think I got a pretty good idea for continuing thanks to 'Midnight Circus' who has no idea I read her/his stories. The only problem is that means I'll have to re-write the chapter again~ I recommend 'Maybe, someday' by him/her.
Also! I will be using the terminology '_ A' for the culprit as a reference to 2 stories: 'Shinigamisama ni saigo no onegai wo' who uses 'Boy A' from the true story of 'Seito Sakakibara.'

To be clear, I wasn't sure of what category to put this in, since it was simply a 'my own time' story that I wasn't planning on posting AT ALL! The most likely category to put this story in (I thought) was BLEACH so...yeah.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Bleach or any of the other stories I mentioned above but sadly, I don't. Only this general idea and words + my own imagination.


Chapter 1: Fragile Butterfly.

It's a fine day!
People open windows~
They leave there houses
Just for a short while.

They walk by the grass
And they look at the grass.
They look at the sky,
It's going to be a fi~ne night tonight
It's going to be a fi~ne day tomorrow.

La la la la la laa da la la...

A scream echoed throughout the night, never to be heard by another. It ended in wet gurgles and choked gasps for air. Bloody smears across the walls and scarlet splatters on the paved ground in the dark, dank, damp alleyway. The young woman lay on her stomach, grasping weakly at her killer's legs. Her own legs were broken. Beaten in with a hammer. Her long, wavy blonde hair soaked in blood, a sunken hole where her skull had been bashed in. It was amazing really, how long she could live with such injuries.

Her mouth moved silently, though the gurgles still going. It seemed that she had something to say. How pitiful.

"What is that? I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that. Could you repeat?" Oh how I love to mess with them the killer thought. I know damn well what she's trying to say. And even if I didn't, I don't really care. Or rather, I doubt it would be anything useful or worth my while.

Walking around the fallen woman, the killer bent down and knelt next to the woman's side, effectively detaching her hands from the pant legs. Ear bent down to victim's mouth to hear what she was choking out with her last breaths.

"He-l-p. Pleee-p-plea-...se."

"Hmmm, I'm sorry but I don't think I can grant that wish~ `Cause, you see, that would ruin my plans. We wouldn't want to do that, now would we? Do you have any other wishes?" The blonde woman's deep violet eyes stared up at her killer. They were pretty eyes. Really pretty. They'd make a nice addition. The murderer thought.

"W...w-hy? I...I l..."

"Hmmmm? Yes? You..." but it was to late. She had died. Her body lay limp, face first on the ground, wavy blonde hair dyed scarlet in certain places strewn about her face that lay to the side. Her mouth left agape, pink tongue also red from coughed up blood. She was beautiful. Truly beautiful. It would've been better if she didn't have those damned, judging, accusing, condemning eyes! I suppose I'll have to take them won't I? Well, I suppose it won't be much trouble, as I said before, 'a nice addition...'

After placing the true deep violet eyes in a small jar, the murderer turned away from the 'masterpiece' and walked out the alleyway.
Getting on a train, heading home, the person couldn't help but think about the lovely ladie's last words and what they could've meant.

Well, it best not to dwell on these tedious situations. The woman's words were meaningless, a waste of breath and a waste of my time... She wasn't nearly as fun as I wanted her to be...oh well, maybe the next time.

The train rolled to a stop a short while later. Humming a tune of happiness that also installed fear if sung the correct way, the person walked home. Watching the other pedestrians as they walked by without a care in the world. Watching as children held hands with their parents, couples sitting on benches showing the innocent intimacy. Friends playing basketball and soccer with one another, talking on phones, interacting, laughing...the street filled with the sweet scent of cinnamon and vanilla. Someone was baking not too far away.
Pink cheery blossom petals fluttered around in the sky that was a beautiful mesh of pink, blue, orange and ….violet hues.

A kid, not watching where he was going, bumped into the stranger, falling to the ground. The ball he'd been holding rolling down the green hill into the sparkling silvery water.

"A-Ah! My ball!" the boy cried; his bright green eyes shining with fresh tears. His mother was running towards them.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching him properly, I hope nothing bad happened? Michael! What were you thinking? You could've been hit by a car!" Oh, if she only knew that there were worse things out there than being 'hit by a car.'

"Apologize." the mother scolded her son.

"B-but...my ball!" the boy pointed towards the ravine.

"I'll get you a new one. Apologize."

"S-sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going. I should have paid more attention." the boy said quietly. That ball must've been important to him.

"Oh! No, no. It's partially my fault! I wasn't paying close attention to my surroundings~ I'm just glad that you didn't get hurt. A car could've been passing by you know." the stranger said.

"Y-yeah." the boy wasn't paying attention, he was looking over at the place where his ball had been carried away by the current of the water.

"Hey! What's this behind your ear?" the stranger reached behind the kids ear like in the magic tricks grandfathers and magicians showed others.

"W-why, it's a— I don't believe this! A soccer ball was behind there! You've got some lucky ears."

the boy gasped in surprise and unconcealed glee.

"How'd you do that!" he asked. The murderer—and now magician— whispered in response.

"A magician never reveals his secrets~" holding their index finger to their lips and winking.

"Tell you what though, if you promise to pay more attention to where you are, I'll give you that ball."

"R-really!" the young boy asked.

"Mhm. But only if you promise, okay? And, of course, if your mom says alright."

The child looked to his mother.

"Mom? Pleaaase?" he begged. His mother looked over at the 'magician' and then back at her son. She let out a puff of her breath before answering.

"Why not?"

"YAYYY~!" the kid bounced up and down with joy.

"I promise that I will most definitely watch where I'm going from now on." he said, his right hand placed over his heart.

"Okay then. Here you go." Placing the ball in the kids hands.

"Thanks!" the kid said and walked away, ball hugged tightly to his chest as if he were afraid it would grow legs and run away.

"Thank you. You're very kind." the mother said.

"Not at all. I couldn't bear to see him leave with such a sad look on his face." The mother smiled and turned away. Taking her son gently by the hand, the two walked away. Heading home. The stranger thought. Well, it was getting late.

Humans are so gullible, they'll believe any face that a neighbor or friend portrays. To believe a mask so readily and to see only the surface of a person is just stupid. And that's exactly why they die so easily. They're too trusting.

The killer thought back to the last murder committed by them.

They're so fragile and useless; like a butterfly that only has one wing. Was it so wrong to put such miserable creatures out of their misery? Certainly not. I am doing them a favor by bringing them eternal peace...it really is a fine day outside. I love that song.

The stranger hummed once again, walking down the now darkening road to their home. They'd have to place the eyes inside formaldehyde when they got there. Didn't want such pretty things going to waste.

It's a fine day!
People open windows~
They leave there houses
Just for a short while.

They walk by the grass
And they look at the grass.
They look at the sky,
It's going to be a fi~ne night tonight
It's going to be a fi~ne day tomorrow.

La la la la la laa da la la...

…...indeed it would.


A/N: Ahhh~ kinda morbid I know. Still, I thought it was pretty good! It's kind of funny `cause, I think people must've noticed but...I tried my damnedest to try to keep the identity and gender of the killer a secret! It's a LOT harder than I thought it would be...especially when I'm so tired but can't sleep and it's 1:30 in the morning. School wares you out guys~!

If people are wondering what the name of the song is, it's 'It's a Fine Day' by Jane and Barton. I was used in a Japanese commercial in the ….. 80's? Or 60's...can't remember. Anywho, it was used for a Kleenex commercial and the commercial was deemed as 'cursed' because of the song. I recommend you find the actual story! XD It's a nice laugh~ though don't read it while reading a professionals scary story...extra creepiness added onto it~

I've read a LOT of Japanese urban legends today and am thinking of creating more horror stories... Some will be funny and some will...well, not be (like this one!) Well, thanks guys for sticking through until the end of the chapter. So, please tell me, to continue or to not continue? That is my question.