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"Batchelder! Kline! Lopez!" Barked the old scientist. He wanted to know the updates of this new project.

"Yes sir?" Kline asked, chewing her pencil nervously. She was, as all scientists at the School were, scared of this old man. He had created the Erasers, after all.

"I want to see the results of your...Ah...Angel Experiment." He requested, taking a look at the three files he'd been given. Lopez and Batchelder nodded, and went to get the experiments. Kline stayed to brief the man.

"These children were grafted with two percent avian DNA. They have wings, raptor vision, hawk hearing, and they're growing up very well. Ah, here they are."

"A young female, and two males." Lopez said, his accent thick and heavy, like frosting or cream. The old man looked up expectingly, and he saw a rare sight in the School- three healthy, happy, living babies. Usually, they are stick thin, or half-morphed into turtles or something by six months. But the female Batchelder held was growing rapidly, six months old, with a tuft of dark blonde hair already, and wide, innocent brown eyes. She giggled at the old man, and reached out for his mustache.

The man jerked back. He glared accusingly at Batchelder.

"You'll train her to respect her elders, won't you Batchelder?" The younger man nodded.

"Of course, sir. Of course."

The elderly man shifted his glance to the one Lopez held in his left arm. The baby was two months old, with olive skin, black hair, and dark eyes. He was just staring calmly back at the old man, sucking his thumb. The little male tilted his head a little, as if to inspect this being, so much larger than himself. Like he was giving the same once-over the man was giving him.

"He needs some sort of reaction. Does he have emotion troubles? Not hard-wired with happiness or sadness, are you boy?" He asked, then directed his stream of words towards the baby.

"No sir, just stoic. Like a rock." Lopez explained. The old man blinked.

"I see. What of this one?" He moved on to the baby in Lopez's right arm. This one was a male, also, but a newly-born. He had pink skin, and blinked a few times, showing off pretty, sky-blue eyes. He yawned a little and smiled sleepily up at the man. The man looked in disgust at the baby- he hated children. all of them.

"Interesting. These are growing nicely, nicely. I do hope you will keep studying them."

"So- do you approve?" Batchelder pushed. The old man sat at his desk again, and weaved his fingers together thoughtfully.

"Yes." Lopez cheered. Kline spit out her pencil and said a thousand thank-you's, and Batchelder brought the children back to their dog crates.

Latching the girl in again, he looked at her.

"You'll be the best. The Maximum."

With that, he turned off the light and locked the door behind him.

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