Pinkie Pie burst through the door of the art class, shocking everypony in the middle of their work.

"Hey, everypony!"

She continued to jump around to her desk, oblivious to the muttering and giggling that came from other ponies around her. Rainbow Dash followed glumly, annoyed by the other ponies. Didn't they have anything better to do than gossip, she thought to herself angrily. She stood at the same desk as Pinkie Pie, the two making a clashing image; Pinkie Pie's happiness and excitement compared to Rainbow Dash's annoyed face. The teacher smiled at them, thinking that they would look good together in different shades of blue and pink. The teacher's coat was a light peach colour, though you'd barely notice that, as she was covered with splashes of different coloured paint. Her mane was a sort of dirty blonde, and her cutie mark was, of course, a paintbrush. She smiled warmly at the class of about 20 other ponies, all locals from Ponyville, though Rainbow Dash could see none of her close friends besides Pinkie Pie.

"Hello, class! It's nice to see so many of you are excited."

With this statement, she smiled at Pinkie Pie, who gave her a large grin in return, while Rainbow Dash seemed to sink into her desk in boredom and frustration.

"The important thing you need to learn about this class is that art can be expressed in many ways. Some write songs, some preform a play, but in this lesson, we're going to be learning about..."

With that, she walked over to a covered canvas, pulled all the covering with her mouth and revealed a beautiful painting of a rose. It was greeted with gasps from the other ponies, especially Roseluck, who was there at the time, and put a hoof over her mouth to contain a squeak of joy. The teacher looked to the class and smiled once again.


Suddenly, at that very moment, a pony burst through the doors. Her orange and yellow striped and messy mane seemed to grab the entire classes eyes, along with the fact that she was late. Just about everypony in that room recognised her, including a certain cyan pony, who was bursting with excitement.

"Sorry I'm late, Miss Gogh. I was a bit too caught up in training, and I just lost track of the time."

Miss Gogh's face brightened up even more than before.

"Oh, Spitfire, I'm so glad you could join us! Class, this is Spitfire, who you've all probably heard of. She's a regular visitor to this class."

Spitfire smiled carelessly to the starstruck class.


She walked to her seat, ignoring the stares that followed her, which was at the left side of the class, far away from the ecstatic Rainbow Dash that she hadn't noticed. The teacher turned to the rest of the class and coughed slightly, getting their attention towards her and away from Spitfire.

"So, ponies, this class is more about enjoying yourself than anything else. Paint anything you want, even if it doesn't make sense! Who knows, you might discover a new hobby! Come and gather all the things you need from the front of the room. I want to see a lot of creativity going on here!"

With that, she stepped aside to let the few ponies that were still concentrating on the lesson get their canvases and such. However, over half of the class ran over to Spitfire and started questioning her, not noticing that it made her slightly uncomfortable. While Pinkie Pie bounced over to the canvases and paints, Rainbow Dash charged into the group, knocking out many unfortunate ponies that happened to get in her way. Pinkie Pie noticed this, and collected extra paints and such for her occupied friend, while Rainbow Dash had finally made her way to Spitfire.

"Hi, Miss Spitfire!"

She put on her happiest expression for Spitfire, who tried to concentrate on the cyan pegasus in front of her and get the herds of crowding ponies away from her.

"Hey...don't I know you from somewhere?"

Rainbow Dash's face seemed to brighten even more so.

"You recognise me? Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh!"

Spitfire was a tad freaked out by the pony's reaction, but then remembered who she was.

"Hey! You saved that purple pony, didn't you? And I saw you at the Galloping Gala! You've got some impressive flying skills, kid!"

Rainbow Dash thought she would burst from excitement. I'm here, she thought, talking with Spitfire, one of my all time heroes, and she thinks that I'm a good flyer! Still, she forced herself to keep cool, and managed a suitably happy expression.

"Yeah, that's me! So, anyway..."

Only then did she realise that she hadn't thought of what she would say to her. Panic flooded her as she forced her lips to speak the first thing that came into her mind.

"Why's a busy and famous pony like you somewhere like here?"

Spitfire smiled.

"Oh, I always come here. Well, when I'm not training, that is. It's my place to relax, I guess."

Rainbow Dash was confused.

"'re a member of The Wonderbolts? You love flying, right?"

Spitfire chuckled in response.

"Yeah, I still love flying! I just think it's kind of...unhealthy for my whole life to be about flying. I like to occupy my time with other things."

At that time, Miss Gogh bombarded into the group.

"Everypony, calm down! Spitfire's just an ordinary pony who came here to learn. She only wants to be treated like you treat every other pony. Now, I suggest you get back to your work. That is, if you want to stay in this class."

The group quietened down at Miss Gogh's order, and started to move back to their desks, but not without a few glances at Spitfire.

"That includes you, Miss Dash."

With that, the teacher dragged Rainbow Dash back to her desk by hooking her tail into her mouth and then returned to the front of the class, where the rest of the ponies were getting their equipment.


And, with a dramatic flair, everypony began their work. While most ponies were carefully painting in light shades with paintbrushes in their mouth, Pinkie Pie was busy at work in a different manner. She stuck her hooves into the tubs of paint, spilling paint all over the desk and herself, and then shoved her hooves onto the canvas, creating a extreme mess. Spitfire was still at the right side of the class, painting large and quick strokes with her paintbrush. Rainbow Dash glanced over to her often, trying to copy all that she did. However, the paintbrush fell out of her mouth often, and she couldn't see what she was painting, so she had no clue what to do. Eventually, she gave up and started painting whatever she wanted on a new canvas in strong, clumsy strokes, accidentally poking through the canvas often. After about half an hour, Miss Gogh stopped the class with a yell.


Everypony turned to Miss Gogh, who smiled happily at the class, her attitude completely different from thirty minutes ago. Now I see why Pinkie Pie likes this class so much, thought Rainbow Dash. She and the teacher are both completely crazy!

"Now, lets see what you've all done."

Miss Gogh walked around the class, admiring everypony's paintings and telling them what they could improve on, and eventually came to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's desk. She looked at Pinkie Pie's first, which Rainbow Dash hadn't even bothered to look at, as she knew it would be a complete mess.

"Wow, Pinkie Pie! This painting is amazing!"

This attracted a bit of Rainbow Dash's attention, and when she glanced over at the painting, she was incredibly shocked by what she saw. The painting was a closeup of Rainbow Dash flying through the skies, a huge Sonic Rainboom behind her. Rainbow Dash's face seemed concentrated on the blue mass in front of her, almost not noticing the Sonic Rainboom, only focusing on her target, whatever it was. But that wasn't what had shocked Rainbow Dash. It was the quality of the painting. It wasn't anything like Miss Gogh's work, and looked very much like the work of a amateur, but the contrast of the different colours in the painting immediately caught the eye. You could see every different shade of the Sonic Rainboom, the strokes of blue that stretched across the canvas, almost coming at you. It just seemed so surreal, yet so beautiful. Rainbow Dash sat there, staring at it. But soon, she was forced to snap out of her trance by Miss Gogh, who had come to look at her painting.

"Rainbow Dash, this is great! You did a really good job!"

Rainbow Dash looked over to her painting, then at Miss Gogh, as if she was crazy. There were holes in the canvas, and clumsy splashes of blue. She had tried to do a self portrait, but it had just ended up with a messy, blue and ruined canvas.

"Are you...sure about that, Miss?"

"Of course! Don't question the skill of your work, Rainbow Dash. I can see you put a lot of effort into this."

With that, Miss Gogh walked away to the next desk. As Rainbow Dash was about to turn to Pinkie Pie to ask about her painting, she saw that she had disappeared. As she turned back, she heard her voice.

"Wow, Dashie, Miss Goo was right! This painting is really good!"

Rainbow Dash turned to where the voice was coming from to see that Pinkie Pie was on the other side of her, stretching her neck to look at her painting.

"What are you, crazy? It's hideous!"

Pinkie Pie tutted and shook her head.

"Now, now, Dashie. As Miss Goo always says 'Don't question the skill of your work'!"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, right. There's no skill here! Besides, isn't her name Miss Gogh?"

"Yeah, but I just call her Miss Goo. It just sounds nicer, y'know? Oh! Anyway, I've got something for you!"

With that, she bounced to her side of the desk and took her canvas over to Rainbow Dash in her mouth, then dropped it on the table.

"There you go, Dashie!"

Rainbow Dash looked at the painting in shock, then at the smiling Pinkie Pie. It was the painting of Rainbow Dash that Miss Gogh had liked so much.

"Pinkie Pie, I can't accept this. It's way too good! I'll probably just break it or something!"

"What? I've given one to everypony, I can't leave you out!"

"You've given a picture of me to everypony? Why?"

"No, silly! I've been going to this painting class for ages, and I really liked it, so I decided I'd paint a separate painting of everypony, and give it to them! You're the last one to get yours, but I brought you along with me, so you could talk to Spitfire! I knew it was a good idea!"

With that, she started jumping up and down like a hyperactive filly, giggling as she did so. Rainbow Dash, however, was furious.

"Pinkie Pie! If you had told me that Spitfire was going to be here, I would have had time to get ready! I didn't even get to ask her any questions about flying! Oh, she probably thinks I'm an idiot!"

With that, she slammed her head into the desk in frustration, almost hitting the canvas. Pinkie Pie became concerned for her friend, and therefore stopped bouncing and tried to think about a way to make her happy again. Then, suddenly, she had an idea.

"Hey, Dashie!"

Rainbow Dash turned her head towards Pinkie Pie, the very image of annoyance.

"What is it now, Pinkie?"

"Well, you said you didn't like your painting, so I thought maybe if I taught you how to paint like me, you and Spitfire would have something else to talk about, and then you'd get on really well, and then she'd like you so well that you'd get to join The Wonderbolts!"

With that, Pinkie Pie made a dramatic flair and waited for Rainbow Dash's opinion, who had been listening and became more positive with every word, and had slowly raised her head from the desk. She grabbed Pinkie Pie and hugged her.

"You're a genius!"

"No, I'm not, silly! I'm Pinkie Pie! Pin-kie."

She said the last word slowly, and poked Rainbow Dash's forehead lightly with her hoof while she said it. Just then, the moment was interrupted by Miss Gogh.

"Spitfire, you did incredibly, as usual."

With that, everypony, including Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, went over to Spitfire's desk to see what Miss Gogh was talking about. Spitfire had painted the entire class. The colours were amazing, the brush techniques were perfect. It looked so lifelike that everypony around her gasped at its beauty and pointed out where they were. Spitfire turned towards Miss Gogh and smiled.

"You all seemed so happy to see me that I thought I'd return the favour. I hope you all like it!"

They all gave her encouragement and talked about how great it was, so much so that Miss Gogh felt it was only necessary to put it at the front of the class, much to Spitfire's joy, and everypony else's. After the class was over, they all came out chattering and laughing amongst each other, having had a great time. Pinkie Pie was also as excitable as usual, talking to Rainbow Dash, who wasn't responding. From the moment she'd seen herself in Spitfire's painting, her heart was pounding. She felt touched at the fact that Spitfire would include her in one of her hobbies, and proceeded to follow her with her eyes as she flew away, even when she was out of sight. Pinkie Pie carried the painting of Rainbow Dash in her bag, next to a expressionless Gummy, who's head still stuck out of the bag. Rainbow Dash turned to Pinkie Pie in desperation.

"Pinkie Pie, you just gotta teach me how to paint! I need to talk to Spitfire again!"

With that outburst, Pinkie Pie only smiled in return and spoke her confirmation.