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Rainbow Dash walked through the doors of Sugarcube Corner and sat down at a table. The shop was closed for the night, and Rainbow Dash waited for Pinkie Pie. She soon came down the stairs, jumping as she did it. Rainbow Dash didn't worry about the safety of that, though, as she knew Pinkie Pie would be alright, as per usual.

"Hey, Dashie! Are you ready for your lesson?"

"Lets just get this over with, okay?"


With that, Pinkie Pie proceeded up the stairs, as excitable as usual, Rainbow Dash following along. She became less annoyed as she climbed the stairs, as she was more interested in where Pinkie Pie was taking her. Pinkie Pie led her into a medium-sized room with pink wallpaper with cupcakes on it, pink carpet, a pink bed and all things pink. It was so bright, it was giving Rainbow Dash a headache. Still, she thought, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. However, she was mistaken, as Pinkie Pie took paints and a canvas from that room, and walked out, much to Rainbow Dash's surprise, who hurried along after her. They eventually arrived in a bland room that nopony had never bothered to decorate; a spare room, Rainbow Dash supposed. In it, there were all kinds of things. There were toys of all kinds, pony puppets, a karaoke machine, a carved wooden sign saying 'Giggle at the ghostie!' on it, and many other things. Rainbow Dash looked at it all in wonder. She'd never seen half of these things beforehand. Pinkie Pie turned around to look at her and saw her expression of awe.

"Oh, yeah, those! They're all mine."


"Yeah. I made most of them, as well."

Rainbow Dash was even more shocked at that. Pinkie Pie picked up two puppets and started to talk for them.

"Off we go, to the Grand Galloping Gala! Oh, no! A monster!"

With that, Pinkie Pie took Gummy out of her bag and put him next to the puppets, which he towered over. He kept a blank expression as the pony puppets around him screeched in response and ran around in circles in panic. Pinkie Pie giggled at the chaos. Rainbow Dash picked up a windup toy on the ground and examined it.

"How did you have time for all this?"

Pinkie Pie looked up from her creations and turned to Rainbow Dash, then picked up Gummy, put him in her bag and trotted over to Rainbow Dash.

"I like to keep myself busy."

A small silence fell between the two ponies. Pinkie Pie noticed a sadness in Rainbow Dash, and tried to snap her out of it. She dragged her over to the painting area by her tail, which caught Rainbow Dash's attention and anger.

"Hey! Why does everypony think they can do that today?"

Rainbow Dash snatched her tail back and walked over to the desk with her head held high, much to Pinkie Pie's relief. She followed happily.

"Now, where do you want to start?"

"I don't know. I just want to be good."

"Dashie, it doesn't work like that!"

Rainbow Dash sighed and became more irritated by the second that Pinkie Pie wasn't giving her a straight answer.

"Then what is it like?"

Pinkie Pie lay a hoof on her chin and tapped it, as if in thought. Then she brightened up and went to a CD player. She took a CD out of it with her mouth and lay another in it, that happened to be on the side, out of it's case, as if it was used often. Before she played it, she turned to Rainbow Dash and spoke, suddenly looking extremely serious.

"Dashie, I want you to understand that painting isn't all strokes of colour and splashes of paint. It's something more important than that."

Rainbow Dash wanted to interrupt her and complain about what else it could possibly be about, but she could see that Pinkie Pie wanted to speak, and felt something inside her that told her that this was important, and she should let her say her part. So, Rainbow Dash stayed silent, and Pinkie Pie carried on.

"It's about expressing things you can't say to ponies in real life. It's about expressing those feelings that we all feel but are too afraid to talk about. It's about all those things and more."

And with that, Pinkie Pie pressed the play button on the recording.

(Starry Starry Night- Don McLean plays)

Rainbow Dash had never heard anything like it before. It was calming, yet it captured the attention of everypony that was lucky enough to hear it. It told the story of an artist that Rainbow Dash didn't know, and probably never would, and yet she felt as if she knew him personally. Pinkie Pie slowly made her way over to Rainbow Dash as she listened to it, until she was sitting right next to her, gently placing her hoof over her own. Rainbow Dash thought of many things as the lyrics went on.

"Look out on a summer's day,"

She thought of herself napping on a cloud in the heat of the sun, and could almost feel the rays aganist her at that moment.

"Catch the breeze and the winter chills,"

She felt the cold of winter hit her as the sun in her mind faded away, and a breeze as chilling as night itself gave her shivers. A breeze that wasn't there. Pinkie Pie saw this, and cuddled closer to her, a worried look in her eyes as Rainbow Dash slowly closed her eyes, feeling the music envelope her.

"Now I understand, what you tried to say to me, and how you suffered for your sanity, and how you tried to set them free."

She thought of Pinkie Pie, and her eyes opened as she looked down at the pink pony, who lay her head on her shoulder, staring out into space as she thought to herself. It was then that Rainbow Dash thought she understood Pinkie Pie more than she ever had before. She wasn't crazy; if anything, she made more sense than most ponies do at times.

"They would not listen, they did not know how. Perhaps they'll listen now..."

She thought of herself, and how she'd been so quick to criticise her friend earlier. She should have listened to her. She had all the answers to all of Rainbow Dash's questions, and she'd never even noticed before. She felt a tear slip down her cheek, and realised she was crying. She wiped it away quickly, so Pinkie Pie wouldn't notice. The song ended sooner than Rainbow Dash had wanted it to, but when it did, the first thing she did was nuzzle herself in Pinkie Pie's hair, much to her surprise, and then much to her joy. Gummy, however, broke the moment by climbing up into Pinkie Pie's hair and biting Rainbow Dash's cheek. It didn't hurt her, of course, but she wasn't all too pleased with it either, and moved away from Pinkie Pie and tried to swat him off.

"Urrr! Get off me! Stupid thing!"

Pinkie Pie giggled and pulled him off, then stuffed him in her bag.

"Silly Dashie, he's not a 'thing'! He's a baby alligator!"

Rainbow Dash rubbed a red part on her cheek where the alligator had bit her.

"I don't care what he is! Why did he do that?"

"Oh, I think my little Gummy's jealous!"

With that, Gummy popped his head out of the bag, hissed at the injured, light blue pony, which was quite unlike him, and jumped back into the bag. The sadness that Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had shared in that moment less than a few minutes ago had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. However, it seemed that the pair were closer because of it, which was shown when Rainbow Dash reached up a hoof to stroke the sore part on her face, but was stopped by Pinkie Pie, who kissed her on the sore cheek lightly, much to Rainbow Dash's surprise. Soon, her whole face was red with embarrassment, making Pinkie Pie giggle.

"You look funny, Dashie!"

"Hey! Are we going to start the painting lessons or what?"

Pinkie Pie grinned.


With that, Pinkie Pie raced over to the CD player. Before Rainbow Dash could ask her what she was doing, she'd already grabbed a specific CD and stuck it in the machine. After that, she turned to Rainbow Dash, her grin as wide as ever.

"Dashie, we're gonna paint the town red!"

(Cabaret- Louis Armstrong plays)

Rainbow Dash had a million questions racing through her mind. What were these songs? What pony sung them? Why did they sound so...alien? And what did the phrase 'paint the town red' even mean? However, instead of asking any of those, she only smiled at her friend, and turned to the canvas as Pinkie Pie jumped up next to her and the music continued to play. Pinkie Pie taught Rainbow Dash many techniques. She taught her about shades of colour, she taught her how not to get paint all over everything. However, when Rainbow Dash asked her why she didn't use those techniques, she just smiled and told her friend that it was 'more fun the Pinkie way'. They carried on throughout the night as every jazz song Pinkie Pie had ever known played on that machine and though Rainbow Dash should have been tired and grumpy, she wasn't. For once in her life, she loved doing something that wasn't flying. It made her feel...like a new pegasus. Though she hadn't understood Spitfire before, she did now. There's more to life than what you're good at. Exploring new worlds and new arts are all a part of life, otherwise you're not really living. Those were the most important things that Pinkie Pie had taught her that night, even though she didn't speak them. Even when it was early morning and Mr and Mrs Cake had awoken and started their work, the pair stayed in the large basement-like room. The couple didn't mind, however, and liked the fact that Pinkie Pie was having fun. Sometimes they would hear them practicing their painting skills, but at other times, they would dance together, sing together and laugh together. Though it wasn't technically so, Pinkie Pie secretly believed that this was the best party she'd ever thrown. Once the afternoon came, they both seemed to realise what time it was, and Pinkie Pie left for her work shift, and Rainbow Dash left to take a nap for the rest of the day. However, before they said goodbye, they exchanged paintings; Rainbow Dash took Pinkie Pie's painting of her, which she had done earlier, though she had been too busy with Spitfire to care too much about it then, and Pinkie Pie took a painting from Rainbow Dash. Later that night, when Pinkie Pie was asleep, Mr and Mrs Cake couldn't keep their curiosity inside much longer, and peeped into her room in the hope of finding out what the painting was. They smiled at each other when they saw that Pinkie Pie had already framed the painting. It was of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie dancing together, laughing and grinning as musical notes came from the machine in the corner that Pinkie Pie had turned up with one day. The happy couple kissed each other gently, and then made their way out of Pinkie Pie's room, for a night of peaceful rest, pleasing dreams and happy memories.