It had been a week since Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash had had their special moment, and they had grown closer ever since. Ponies commented on how, beforehand, Rainbow Dash was best friends with Pinkie Pie, but she also seemed annoyed by her hyperactivity most of the time. However, nowadays, when Pinkie Pie acted out of turn, Rainbow Dash would laugh along. Nopony other than themselves and Mr and Mrs Cake are sure what happened to change the pegasus's attitude towards her friend, but they all took it as a positive change. However, another change that was more controversial was the fact that Rainbow Dash was flying a lot less than usual. She still flew often, but didn't seem half as obsessed with technique as she had been before. Only a week ago, it was all that mattered to the pony. They wondered at how such a large change could be made in such a short time. Other pegasus ponies didn't agree with the change, and thought that Rainbow Dash was only being lazy. However, close friends of her encouraged her to do what she wanted. Though different ponies had different attitudes, it seems that almost all changes are met with controversy. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash started hanging out more often, usually in the basement in Sugarcube Corner, practising painting. Few ponies believed this, though, and rumours spread like wildfire. Neither of the two ponies cared much about them, though, as they knew that their intentions were innocent, and were more concerned with developing their talents than anything else. After days of practising, they went back to Miss Gogh's painting class, and accompanied each other there, giggling and laughing to each other on their way there, like two school fillies. Once they entered the room, they quietened down as everypony, including themselves, sat at their desk. Miss Gogh looked towards the class, smiling as she did so.

"Class, a week ago, I saw you all paint for the first time. I hope that the words I said to you then will have an affect on your painting, and that you've improved."

Ponies started to look at each other worriedly and muttered to each other, except for Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who turned towards each other, smiled knowingly, and then turned back to the teacher, who had raised a hoof in silence to the other ponies, who fell silent in response.

"However, it's alright if you haven't. This class isn't a school. There's no homework or deadlines. I want this to be a creative space. So, no pressure."

With that, she smiled, and turned towards yet another covered canvas.

"Today, we're going to be painting..."

She grabbed the sheet with her mouth and pulled it off, revealing a painting of Miss Cheerilee.

"Our best friend!"

Excited chatter flooded across the classroom as everypony got started. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash turned to each other, Rainbow Dash looking at her knowingly and Pinkie Pie smiling back with her usual simple demeanour, but also understood what Rainbow Dash was trying to tell her. They all began to paint. Miss Gogh looked at her class from the front of the room, pleased with their progress and enthusiasm, and herself for having come up with the fun idea. However, one special Pegasus sat at the back of the class, embracing the gloom around her, looking down at the ground, and occasionally glancing at the blank canvas, as if it was a burden. Miss Gogh moved from her position at the front, trotting down to Spitfire's desk.

"Spitfire, is anything wrong?"

Spitfire snapped out of her haze of depression and looked up at the teacher, grinning.

"Nah, I'm fine, Miss."

Miss Gogh narrowed her eyes, raised an eyebrow to her and tapped her hoof expectedly, all signs of suspicion.


Spitfire tried to style it out, but failed, and looked down at the ground once again.

"Well, the thing is, Miss, I don't really have a best friend. Sure, I've got members of the Wonderbolts, but I want to seem like there's more to my life than that. So far…"

She turned to the empty canvas, which seemed to stare back at her with a certain expectancy, and a need to be filled with colours and shades of light. She sighed.

"There's not much else."

Miss Gogh looked down at her most loyal student and smiled, then placed a comforting hoof on her shoulder.

"Spitfire, you don't need to feel pressured to be something you're not. Everypony respects and adores you for who you are. You should feel proud to be a Wonderbolt."

None of this seemed to improve Spitfire's attitude.

"However, if you're really sure that you want to start making a life outside of your training, I'll agree that it's a positive thing, and support you with it, the way that a friend would. So, in that way, I guess it would make sense if you painted me."

Spitfire looked up at her favourite teacher, smiling, her wings fluttering lightly in happiness.



"Alright! Let's paint!"

With that, Spitfire went to work, and a happy Miss Gogh went back to her place in front of the class, pleased that she had helped her newfound friend. With that, Miss Gogh got to work on her own painting.

After about half an hour, Miss Gogh repeated the actions she went through last lesson.


The class stopped painting, and one pony even fell over, rubbing his horn where he fell as a few other ponies giggled at him as he blushed. Miss Gogh ignored this and carried on with her lesson.

"Now, lets see how all of you have done."

She wandered around the class, talking to everypony about their paintings, until she came to Spitfire. Everypony was interested in what her painting would be. It could have been Soarin', Fleetfoot, or even Rapidfire, who doesn't appear for public performances as much as the others. However, when Spitfire revealed her painting of Miss Gogh, everypony was surprised, except for Miss Gogh herself, of course. She only turned to her friend and smiled.

"Thank you, Spitfire! Well, I've done a painting for you!"

With that, Miss Gogh trotted to the front of the class and unveiled her new painting of Spitfire. However, it wasn't just one image. In one corner, Spitfire was flying through the sky with The Wonderbolts. In another, she was covered in paint and painting a picture of herself. In another corner, she was at a party, and in the other, she was socializing with friends.

"I like to think this one captures all the different elements of you."

Miss Gogh smiled at Spitfire, who was so touched that tears began to form in her eyes. She wiped them away, hoping nopony would see, but Miss Gogh did see, and only smiled at her once more, then returned to her lesson, so nopony would put too much attention and pressure on the pegasus. She continued through the class as Spitfire calmed down, until she eventually came to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, who had painted each other.

"Well, Pinkie Pie, as per usual, this is very good wo-"

She stopped short as she glanced at Rainbow Dash's painting, then began to stare at it in shock. It was better than before. Extremely better. The colours and shades seemed accurate, the brightness of the image of Pinkie Pie's happy face capturing her true positive attitude. Pinkie Pie's expression of happiness in the painting seemed to make all who viewed it happy as well. Miss Gogh smiled at it, brightened up by it.

"Amazing work, Rainbow Dash!"

She continued to the other ponies, an extra spring in her step, glad that she had started this class in the first place. Rainbow Dash turned to Pinkie Pie and smiled.

"Pinkie Pie, I want you to have this painting."

Pinkie Pie gasped dramatically.

"Really? YAY! I was hoping you would say that, but I wasn't sure, so I just had to wait, and I was really worried that I was going to paint you and that I'd paint Applejack and it would be really awkward, but now, it's great!"

She jumped up and down happily, the painting of herself already gently placed next to Gummy in her bag. Rainbow Dash shook her head at her hyperactive friend and smiled, then kissed her on the head gently, causing her to stop jumping up and down, but then she giggled, and pounced on Rainbow Dash, hugging her tightly.


Pinkie Pie let go.

"Oh, sorry, Dashie. Still, Goo was right! The painting is great! Still, I wouldn't expect less from my little Dashie, would I?"

She nudged her playfully, then carried on chattering as the class packed up for the end. Rainbow Dash had completely forgot about Spitfire until then. She looked towards her, only to see her talking with the teacher and laughing. She smiled, and looked down at Pinkie Pie, who continued to jump up and down out of the doorway. She then followed Pinkie Pie. I can meet Spitfire anytime, she thought to herself. Pinkie Pie's special.

Well, that's the end of A True Artist! This was more friendship-based than romance-based, but I plan to write up a RainbowDashxPinkiePie fanfic very soon. :3 Anyway, please review, and I take requests. I hope you enjoyed this! :D