I just thought this would be really funny. It's a Harry Potter fic. SKITTLES!

It was a dreary day outside. Sitting in the Great Hall made you feel like ice had slid down your back. You could see every single person shiver atleast once. Even the Weasley Twins were depressed. The only person who seemed to be missing was our friend, Mr. Harry Potter. Nobody could find him. As soon as Harry had seen how depressed everyone was, he had stormed out of the hall with a smirk on his face that even scared Voldemort, who was cowering in a corner.

Now, I know your wondering why everyone is so sad. Well. The main reason was the fact that Dumbledore had ... CUT HIS BEARD! The other reason was that Snape had... WASHED HIS HAIR! Oh, and a couple little Griffindors had ran away, but thats not important. SNAPE! HE WASHED HIS HAIR!

Everyone was so sad that Harry decided he had to do something to cheer them up. Now. Just so you know, Harry decided to find the little Griff's first. Then they went to the store.

"OH! Harry! Will these work?"

"Yeah! I want these Harry!"

"Perfect! Don't forget the other things on the back shelf!"

"Of course not!"

*** Back at the Castle ***

"Hey Ron? Were did Harry go?"

"I have no idea. I'm greaving over the fact that we can't make fun of Snapes hair now."

"Jezz! We need to... Oh god! Snape really washed his hair!" Everyone at the Griffindor table burst out crying.

Just then the entrance door blew open admitting three kids. Harry, and the two little Griffindors started chucking skittles and marshmellows at people.

"TASTE THE RAINBOW!" Harry shouted.

"AND THE CLOUDS!" The little boy griffindor shouted.

"AND CHEER BECAUSE SNAPES HAIR IS SLIMY!" The little griffindor girl shouted running up and dumping slime all over Snapes head. Then she ran over and put a fake purple beard on Dumbledore.

"AND DUMBLEDORE GOT HIS BEARD BACK!" They all souted together. Every single person stood up and cheered so loud little pieces of the roof started falling.


And that is the story of how Harry and two little griffindors cheered everyone up. Make sure you enjoy your skittles and marshmellows. Don't forget to throw them at people too. ENJOY! It makes you happy!