Ways to Break the Internet

Chapter 9

Author's Note: I love how Matt Bomer came out; he didn't bring mention to the fact that he's gay. He just thanked his family and I thank if Darren really was gay or were to come out, he would do something like that. So, That's how the idea was born. Also, if anyone has any other ways Criss-Colfer could come out and potentially break the internet, I would love to hear them.

2nd Author's Note: I didn't want to steal Matt's speech exactly although I did draw inspiration from it of course. I didn't think Matt's award would fit for Darren though it possibly could. Anyways, Please be sure to check out Matt Bomer's real speech here: watch?v=SpXHJFVnW8Q

9. Darren thanks his family years down the road. (2028)

"I have learned so much and it has really opened my eyes to true equality. We have come a long way but we still have far to go. Nevertheless, I am very proud to accept this award and I will strive to work even harder in the future so we can all enjoy equality no matter the gender, age, sexuality, race, religion, nationality, etc. Most of all, I would like to thank my wonderfully amazing family; Chris, Cory, and Belle. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love and support is. You will always be my finest accomplishment. Thank you and have a good night." Darren says as he takes the trophy from the podium from where he had laid it earlier, lifts it up in the air and smiles at the camera. He knew there would be a lot of questions, announcements, and clarifications in the upcoming days. But, For now, he was just relieved that he could speak what was on his mind honestly. He loved his family more than anything and he hated having to keep them a secret.

Later that night at a house near Los Angeles

"Dar, I love you but couldn't you wait until we had discussed this a bit more. We agreed that you would wait until next month to come out. You didn't want to distract away from the premiere of your movie, remember. But no, you always have to be impulsive don't you?" Chris Colfer asked his husband of nearly twelve years. Darren was still acting; he now had a steady gig in a popular TV show along with occasionally starring in a movie. He had become a really popular activist and spokesperson on equality. Chris on the other hand had almost completely withdrew from the Hollywood scene. His children books, The Land of Stories had been made into popular movie series, which had then inspired a TV show based on those books. He chose to pursue his writing full time, every few years or so, he would be in a Broadway play. He loved singing too much to leave it fully behind.

"I just don't care anymore. I just didn't want it to be a big deal. My sexuality is not what defines me; my family and what I do and the way I act defines me. Anyway, the people who are most important to us already know; our families, closest friends, our agents. I just wanted the whole world to know that I have the most wonderful family." Darren said as he put his arms around his husband to lean up to kiss him. After all these years together, Darren had gotten used to their slight height difference and now he never failed to use it to his advantage. He loved being able to pull his husband down to him, it still thrilled him everytime he kissed him. After so long, he could actually kiss his husband in public, go to events all together as a family. It was so freeing finally being out all the way.

"But, Honestly, I should have come out sooner. What kind of father keeps his own kids a secret?" Darren questioned his husband.

"Darren Everett Criss, you love our kids more than anything. Everyone close to us knows that. You are a wonderful father, an awesome protector and defender. We kept our kids happy, safe, and out of the public eye, which is exactly what we wanted." Chris reassured his husband.

"Come on, let's go check on the kids then we can go to bed. We can have our own private celebration, then tomorrow we can take the family out for a nice breakfast. You have no plans tomorrow and I just have a meeting with the producers of the show late tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, we can be alone with just our family with no extras. We haven't been able to do that before." Chris told his husband as Darren wrapped his arm around him and led him down the hall. They paused at the lightning bolt covered door seeing their son, 7 year old Cory Charles Criss-Colfer passed out on his bed snoring with his glasses eschewed and clutching a worn copy of a Harry Potter novel. Darren went into his room to turn off his reading light, take off his glasses, cover him up; it was an action he did frequently both with his husband and son. They paused to watch their almost 5 year old princess, Arabelle Hannah Criss-Colfer sleep peacefully in the princess room across the hall. In the nursery next door to their own room, their newly adopted daughter, 11 month old Maggie Karen Criss-Colfer lay sleeping peacefully, clutching a well worn superhero bear. Darren felt happy, free, and loved surrounded by his family. He just hoped that his coming out wouldn't break the internet.