A Woman Like Me

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Courtney's POV

Tomorrow is the night of the school talent show and I'm having trouble finding a song to sing. This song can't just be a regular song, the song that I'm looking for needs to FIT ME. Which is hard because well? I'm different from most girls but still the same, sort of.

Courtney sighs, thinking to herself 'I'll just try tomorrow maybe the girls know a song.'

Courtney shuts her laptop and places it on her beside table, she crawls under her pouffy gold comforter, and then turns off her lamp. She falls into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Courtney wakes up and hops into the shower. She lets the lukewarm water hit her face, she sighs in contentment. After about five minutes Courtney saunters into her room and takes a look inside of her closet at the selection of clothes it has to offer. She decides to grab a pair of dark denim jeggings, a frilly white camisole top, a gray and purple striped loose shirt, and the classic pair of sandal wedges.

She looks at her reflection in the mirror and smiles confidently at here appearance, except maybe her hair could use a touch up and she could use a little lip gloss. Courtney runs over to her vanity and grabs a hair brush and throughly but gently brushes her mocha brown locks. She puts a beautiful sparkly gold clip in her hair to compliment her hair's color and she grabs her tube of Chocolate colored lip gloss and squeezes and smoothes it over her nude lips. She hops back over to the mirror and blows a kiss at herself and wishes her reflection would wink at her like reflections do in the cartoons. She retrieves her laptop from its natural habitat (her bedside table) and grabs her laptop case and grabs her backpack and throws it over her shoulder and walks out of her natural habitat.

Courtney walks by her mom while heading towards the kitchen and says "Hola, madre,"taking in consideration that she should at else try to learn how to speak to her mother in her native language.

Her mother replied back with "Buenos dais, hija" "Que.?" said daughter responds to her Hispanic mother, only knowing the meaning of the word she just said and the one beforehand. "I said Good morning daughter," her mother softly smiles. "Oh, I missed up again, UHHH!" Courtney said as she went inside the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice and a glass from a cabinet. "At least you are trying, replied Courtney's mother,"because I don't know any other biracial teenagers that are trying to connect with their Hispanic heritage." Courtney's mother aka Darlene rose up from her chair and walked over to her daughter and patted her back as she drunk her OJ. Courtney spluttered and started coughing, Darlene giggled, while her teenage daughter shot her a death glare. "Oh, come oh Courtney you can't use that move on me , because it's one of my own," she said beaming with pride. Courtney still with her death glare on gazed at her mother who basically looked like an older her except with light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a beauty mark under her left eye also she wore red lipstick and wore a simple red shirt with a black vest and khaki pants with black strap heels.

Courtney admired her mother because she saw where she got her confidence from and vice versa with her mother because she saw it in her daughter. Courtney couldn't help but smile at her lovely mother. She sighs then walks over to her mother and hugs her but apparently Courtney was so happy that she ran into her mother instead of walked and she knocked her down. Her mother looked at her shocked while Courtney backed away with a nervous smile afraid of what would happen next instead Darlene laughed hysterically. Courtney was relieved that she wasn't going to die, well not today. Darlene looked at her daughter for a moment then said "Courtney, I think you might want to look at the time", so she did and realized that if stayed with her mother any longer that she would be late. Courtney replied to that statement by saying "Adios madre", her madre waved back not wanting to waste any more of her daughter's precious time. Courtney closed the door to her house and walked over to her Gold Honda Accord, oh how she loved the color gold, unlocked the door and sat down in the driver's seat. Soon she would now be on her way to her hectic high school.

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